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Happily Ever After

Inuyasha hurried down the hallway. Tetsusaiga bumped his leg with every quick step, as if speeding him along. The half-demon was dressed in white and gold finery, made from silks imported from the mainland. A large dog was depicted on the back, staring off into the distance. Inuyasha didn't much care for what was on his body, but instead the mate he had waiting in his chambers.

He threw open the sliding door, and asked "Do you need anything? I've got about an hour before the next meeting, so I've got time."

Sesshomaru sighed from the bed, sitting upright with his legs laid out in front. His hair was flipped over a shoulder, and his hands held a scroll pertaining to the meeting happening in about an hour.

The laid up lord looked over at his mate in exasperation, ""Inuyasha, I am fine. Just because I am on bed rest does not mean that you need to trouble yourself every minute over my well being." He rubbed the very large belly protruding from his body, "Besides, you know this is simply a precaution."

Inuyasha sighed, "Yeah, I know." He walked over to sit beside his mate. "Man, I never realized how worrying it is to be on the other side of this thing." He waved a hand over the protrusion.

Sesshomaru gave him a small smile, "Yes, well, I never realized how tiring it can be to simply breathe when there's another being inside you." He gently rubbed his hand again over the belly, "But I can also feel the rewards."

Inuyasha grinned from ear to ear, "Yeah, it's somethin' ain't it?"

Suddenly, Jaken burst his way inside, "My lord, forgive me!" He bowed to Inuyasha, "The Wolf Clan leader just bypassed security and is heading for our main house as we speak-!"

Inuyasha chuckled, "Yeah, that sounds like Kouga's style." He smirked, "It's alright." He cracked his claws, "I'll take care of 'im."

Sesshomaru gave him a deadpanned look, "While you're playing, please keep in mind that our gardens have only recently been redone because of you."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "Jeez, one fight with a dignitary and you won't let it go."

Sesshomaru glared, "He was a dragon demon with a thousand years of history in mortal combat. Forgive me for thinking you should have been a little more tactful when dealing with him."

Inuyasha flinched, "Yeah, well, he complimented me on my style and said I had potential. We also got the treaty for the next two thousand years, so what are ya complainin' about?"

Sesshomaru sighed, "Just play nice."

Inuyasha stuck his tongue out, "Fine." He left the chambers, closing the door quietly behind him. He looked down at Jaken who had followed him out. "Keep an eye on 'im for me. He's too stubborn for his own good."

Jaken snorted, "And you're not?"

Inuyasha smirked, "Who me? Of course not." And with that, he turned around to run towards the courtyard.

When he got there, Kouga had just bound into the clearing. "Hey, muttface! Long time no see."

"Who are you callin' a muttface, wolfbreath?"

Clash! Bang! SMASH!

Sesshomaru sighed in his bed, "Jaken, call the ground crew and tell them to be prepared for yet another remodel of our courtyard."

Jaken tried not to smile, and failed a little. "Yes, m'lord."

Sesshomaru just shook his head and went back to reading the scroll. Honestly, it wasn't worth even reading over. Kouga had just made up some excuse to come over and spar. Something about getting some supplies which the wolf knew damn well Sesshomaru already had in route to the northern mountain caves.

The demon flinched a little as his pup decided to kick his ribcage. "Now, now, just because your father has decided to play that does not mean you must then follow suit." He tried to be as stern as possible, but it was hard when he already loved the tiny life inside of him so much.

Sesshomaru leaned his head back against the headrest. He mumbled to himself, "Not much longer, now."

"Until what, Papa?" A voice piped up from the floor.

Sesshomaru looked down to see his first born boy staring up at him, "Until your sibling decides to enter the world."

Kyoya sighed, "Will I have to like this one?"

Sesshomaru picked up his son, "I'm afraid so." He set the boy in front of him, "Trust me, disliking a sibling is far too much work."

"What do you mean?" Kyoya was thoroughly confused, "You and Daddy love each other."

Sesshomaru nodded his head, "Yes, now, but it was not always this way."

Kyoya titled his head to the side, "Then…what was it like?"

Sesshomaru paused to think about it. He rubbed his belly as he said, "It was not a good relationship we had as siblings. As a matter of fact, I hurt him pretty bad once or twice." Sesshomaru looked away, out the window. "But that was a long time ago."

Kyoya shrugged, "Well, Daddy forgave you, and you're in love now, so I guess it doesn't really matter." Kyoya fiddled with a bit of something on the blanket.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes. "Actually," he cupped his son's chin up to look at him straight in the eyes, "it matters very much, Kyoya." He gently rubbed his thumb along his son's jaw, "You're Daddy didn't have to forgive me. He had every right to deny me. And if he had, we wouldn't have had you, or your sister, or this one." He motioned to his large bump.

The corners of Sesshomaru's mouth lifted, "But he did. It's because he forgave me we ended up loving each other so much and had such precious treasures for pups."

Kyoya stared at Sesshomaru, "Oh…" He looked down, "I think I get it."

Sesshomaru gently patted his head, "One day, I will tell you all the stories, but not today." He set the scroll from Kouga aside, "Today, you need to go to your lessons."

"Aw, but Papa-!"

"Kyoya, you're already behind. You need to catch up." Seeshomaru barked out for Jaken, "Please, behave for Papa."

"Alright," the little boy pouted. He slunk off after the green imp.

Sesshomaru rubbed a hand over his belly again. At first, the idea of being pregnant had made Sesshomaru livid with rage. His pride just could not take the idea of stepping down a Lord for even a day. For eight months? Out of the question.

However, Inuyasha had put his foot down, demanding that Sesshomaru give him the title. Sesshomaru refused, so Inuyasha did what he did best: ignored all the rules that said he couldn't and did it anyway. Sesshomaru began walking into meetings to find his mate already there, talking with representatives from various villages. Sesshomaru never said anything in public, but the private blowouts were quite extreme.

Sesshomaru cringed, recalling one event in bitter clarity.

"Sesshomaru you're being an idiot!" Inuyasha shouted.

They were in the courtyard. Sesshomaru had decimated the flowers and a few trees with his poison whip. Inuyasha had refused to hit him, scared that one scratch would hurt the unborn pup.

Sesshomaru panted in exertion, "Do you have any idea how important that meeting was? If one single slip up had occurred we would have lost lands necessary to our rule! You brainless half breed!"

Inuyasha had flinched at the insult, one Sesshomaru hadn't used in years. Immediately, Sesshomaru felt the twinge of remorse. His pride, his thrice damned pride, refused to bow down to his reason. Instead of apologizing, Sesshomaru simply sneered, "You can't even comprehend what it takes to be a ruler. You're not trained for it, you're ill equipped, so leave my rule to me."

Somehow, through all the stabbing insults, Inuyasha quipped back, "And what will happen then when you're gone?"

Taken aback, Sesshomaru could only ask, "What do you mean?"

Inuyasha looked away, "What will happen if you're suddenly gone?" He waved in the general direction of Sesshomaru's stomach, "What will happen to our children? They're not ready to take over a kingdom. They're just kids."

Sesshomaru thought about it, "I suppose I would have to leave…" He fell silent and pondered the problem. Actually, who could he leave behind? Certainly not one of his power hungry advisors, they'd destroy what Inutaishou and Sesshomaru had fought so hard to create. There was no other family, except possibly Sesshomaru's mother, but she made it clear she never wanted to return to the Western Lands ever again.

Sesshomaru opened his mouth, then clacked it shut. Gritting his teeth, he spat out, "I would have to leave you."

Inuyasha hesitantly walked up to his mate, knowing that the demon didn't like to be proven wrong. "I was homeless after my mother died. People can be very cruel when they think you're vulnerable."

Sesshomaru flinched. The guilt grew, and even his pride had to concede that he was in part to blame for Inuyasha's horrible past. "You would be there. You are strong." Sesshomaru sighed, "Our children would have you."

"Maybe." Inuyasha said as he finally got close enough to touch, but didn't just to be safe. "But I'll be uselessly there. You're right, I don't know how to operate a kingdom so I need to learn. You need to teach me."

Sesshomaru looked into his mate's eyes. He saw the stark honesty in the golden orbs, and the aching need to protect the family he loved. Sesshomaru sighed, releasing his anger, his pride, and his own stubborn idiocy.

"You're right." As much as he hated to admit it, "We will begin your training immediately."

Sesshomaru came back to the present as the loud commotion in the courtyard came to a climax. The demon lord heard Kouga curse up a storm and his mate laughing. Inuyasha must've won then. Sesshomaru stretched out in his bed.

Jaken came in a few seconds later, "My lord, the, uh, meeting has drawn to a close."

"So I heard." Sesshomaru moved over to the side of the bed, "I sincerely hope we'll be able to reconstruct everything before the festivities."

"Oh, bah!" Jaken waved a hand dismissively, "Our people have gotten so used to these things by now. It'll be fixed within the week."

Sesshomaru wasn't sure how to feel about that. Proud or sheepish? Sesshomaru decided to just go get something to eat. He was starving.

As he walked into the hall, he heard the sounds of Kouga and Inuyasha finally settling down to talk. He heard the murmurings of Kouga relaying some information to his friend, and the half demon responded with actual attentiveness. Sesshomaru made a mental note to ask what they were discussing. If Inuyasha thought it was important, then he would need to know about it too.

Jaken followed behind, "The ambassadors from the mainland have requested an audience with the, ahem, 'true lord' of the lands. Inuyasha said that he'd take care of it. I think it's only fair to warn you, my lord, he was cracking his claws as he said that."

Sesshomaru resisted the urge to roll his eyes, "Tell him just to say I'm indisposed. If they won't accept that, then tell him to simply cut them out of the trade agreements with the Dutch."

"As you wish, my lord." Jaken looked around, "My lord, where are we going?"

"Hopefully, away from you. You're dismissed, Jaken." Sesshomaru ignored Jaken's sulking departure.

As he neared the kitchens, various servants paused to bow before their Lord. Kiki, one of his favorite chefs, already had a snack ready for his arrival. Sesshomaru could never quite figure out how she always knew when a craving attacked him, but he just explained it away with the common "owl demons" stereotype. They always know, they just do, and don't ask questions.

Just as Sesshomaru sat down to eat, Inuyasha walked up to join him. Sesshomaru arched an elegant brow in his direction. Inuyasha merely smirked and shrugged.

Kiki rolled her eyes at the couple's silent communication.

Finally, Inuyasha said, "So, Kouga found out something interesting on his way over."

"Oh?" Sesshomaru sipped on some tea. "And what would that be?"

"Just an ogre demon causing some havoc. He thinks I should be the one to take care of it, since I'm the Lord right now." Inuyasha sat, seemingly waiting.

Sesshomaru simply stared back, "Are you asking for my permission?"

"Well, I mean, is it alright?" Inuyasha asked, "Because I'm not sure what constitutes a Lord stepping in to solve these kinds of things. I'd normally just go off and hack the things head off and be back in time for dinner."

Sesshomaru nodded, "Do just that. Threats must not be allowed to continue on the lands. It's our responsibility to take them out. Besides, if Kouga brought it to your attention, I would imagine it's something serious." Sesshomaru nibbled on a bit of bread, "Also, a Lord never asks for permission to do anything."

"Bullshit!" Inuyasha pointed accusingly at him, "You ask my permission for stuff all the time!"

"Yes, well, officially the Lord answers to no one." Sesshomaru smirked, "I just happen to have a mate who's not afraid to leave for weeks at a time if he's a little upset over my decisions."

"Damn straight." Inuyasha huffed, "Can't let you think you have the run of the place."

Sesshomaru shook his head, "Honestly, what was I thinking? I could've had a docile, patient, submissive, little mate and instead I chose wildfire."

"Not my fault you've got good taste." Inuyasha smirked, "Admit it, you wanted me for my body."


Kiki exploded, "Will you two quit flirting all over my precious space? At this rate I won't be able to walk in here without feeling violated!"

Inuyasha stuck out his tongue at her, "Spoil sport." He got up, "Although, I guess I should get going." He turned to Sesshomaru, "See you at dinner."

Sesshomaru waved him away, "Be gone with you."

"Gee, I feel so loved." Inuyasha walked towards the door.

Sesshomaru, not one to let the last word slip away, shouted over his shoulder, "You'd better. Your blasted spawn is in my stomach!"

Kiki threw up her arms, "That's it. I'm leaving." She turned around and stomped away into the kitchen.

Several hours later after dinner, Sesshomaru began to worry. He had tucked their children into bed, finished off some reports, and even managed to take a few hours nap. When Sesshomaru awoke due to a particularly painful kick to his ribcage, Inuyasha was still not there.

The demon started pacing in the vast bedchamber. He knew Inuyasha could handle himself in combat, but what if he was in trouble? Should he send help? No, it would look bad if he looked like he had to save Inuyasha from a fight. Still, what if he didn't act and Inuyasha…? Sesshomaru stilled his pacing.

Somehow it never occurred to Sesshomaru that Inuyasha could die from a fight. After all they'd been through, it seemed laughable, but now the possibility reared up to taunt the silver haired man. Sesshomaru rubbed his bulging stomach. Could he handle that? Inuyasha's death?

Before he could answer himself, Jaken had slid open his bedroom door, "My lord! Inuyasha is in battle!"

Sesshomaru remained calm, "I'm well aware he went off after some ogre. How is he faring?"

"Ogre? My Lord, it's an army of ogres!" Jaken panicked, "It's over thousands to one!"

Sesshomaru felt his teeth clench, but otherwise his face remained impassive, "I see. Have Ah-Un prepared for departure."

"M-My lord! You can't be serious! In your condition?" Jaken screeched, "No! Lord Inuyasha would surely behead me."

"I will deal with him." Sesshomaru walked over to his closet, "I can't send anyone else. If word travels that I've sent help, this will be seen as a failure for Inuyasha. I won't risk his honor."

"But, sir, your child!" Jaken scrambled around to find the correct obi for Sesshomaru's attire.

"I will not go into battle." Sesshomaru put on his shirt, "If Inuyasha should fall, I will take him back home and then…"

Sesshomaru's eyes pulsed red, "I will send my army to avenge him."

Sesshomaru had never moved so fast in his life. Tensaiga shook the whole way there, no doubt being called by all the dead. Sesshomaru refused to think about Inuyasha being one of them. Instead, he concentrated solely on flying the two headed dragon towards his mate.

When he arrived, most of the ogres had been slain. Inuyasha was bruised and bloody, facing off against a massive ogre, probably the father of all the others. The ogre swiped at Inuyasha, and Inuyasha merely hopped up the arm with Tetsusaiga unsheathed.

"Wind Scar!"

Half the ogre disintegrated into pieces, only to reform in the next instant. The ogre chuckled darkly, "Give it up, halfbreed! You cannot defeat me!" The ogre slobbered out his words, "I am invincible!"

Inuyasha had plopped back down to the ground, "Doubt it! I managed to kill all your little friends, after all." He smirked, "Besides, you're just another ugly, big mouthed bastard that doesn't know when to quit!"

Inuyasha waited for it. Sure enough, the ogre opened its mouth, preparing to shoot out a beam of energy.

Inuyasha put Tetsusaiga out front and center, "Bring it on!"

The ogre's beam shot out, and Inuyasha gathered energy around his sword. "Backlash Wave!" A swirl of energy surrounded Inuyasha and the ogre.

Sesshomaru lost sight of his mate completely. He called out, "Inuyasha!" He clenched onto Tensaiga, "Answer me! INUYASHA!" Why wouldn't the damn sword stop shaking?

Suddenly, the energy swirled up, and burst into the air. A flash of blinding light later, the field was empty.

Sesshomaru felt his breath catch in his throat. Forcing down his fear, he searched all around. "He can't be gone." He wouldn't believe it. He clenched the sword with an iron grip, but it wouldn't stop shaking. "No."

Suddenly, a red mound of ogre body was moved. Sesshomaru took out his sword, ready to fight-.

"Whew!" Inuyasha clambered out from underneath the dead weight. "The bigger they are and all that." The half demon sheathed Tetsusaiga, "Gonna have to clean…" He looked down at himself, "everything."

Sesshomaru's mind stopped working. Inuyasha stood victorious, with blood dripping slowly down his revealed, toned chest. His silver locks shone in the moonlight, dazzling. The demon felt his hormornes, already out of whack, go into hyper-mode.

He sighed, "Oh well." He looked up, finally noticing his shocked mate staring at him. "Oh, hey, what are you-?"

He didn't get the chance to finish the sentence. Sesshomaru had sheathed his sword, leapt the distance between them, and kissed Inuyasha passionately on the lips. Inuyasha had been too surprised to react.

When Sesshomaru pulled away, he said, "Inuyasha." He kissed his mate again and again, "I need you."

Inuyasha just stared at him like he was crazy, "Sesshomaru, I can't, you're kind of-."

Sesshomaru shook his head, "I'm craving for you, aching for you."

Inuyasha tried valiantly to ignore the fact his mate was clawing down his chest, nibbling at his neck, and pretty much undressing him all at the same time.

"Uh," Inuyasha tried to grasp why he shouldn't, "You know you were kind of pissed about me doing you last time."

Sesshomaru growled, "Fine!" He stared into his captive's eyes, "Then I'll have you."

Inuyasha shivered, "This fight's really got you that riled up, huh?"

"You have no idea." Sesshomaru attacked his mate's lips again. He nipped, licked, and sucked away all of Inuyasha's doubts expertly.

Inuyasha managed to finally gasp out, "Okay, yeah, let's just get off the battlefield, alright?"

Sesshomaru smirked, "Gladly." He put them both into his orb of light, and they shot off towards the forest.

Inuyasha discovered he'd missed having Sesshomaru inside him. As the demon took him from behind, Inuyasha could only trash in moaning ecstasy. Inuyasha's pants served as a poor blanket for his hands and knees. His shirt, in tatters, fell to each side of him. Sesshomaru's claws marks still burned wonderfully down his back.

Inuyasha pushed back with each thrust. He desperately wanted to touch his aching cock, but Sesshomaru would bite down hard on his neck when he tried. The half demon felt his lover's hard shaft pumping in and out of him with precision. Sesshomaru was hitting his spot dead on every time. After years upon years of being together, Sesshomaru knew all the right angles to make his mate scream.

Inuyasha panted out, "Ses-sho-maru!" He fought to keep his control, "I'm getting very close, so please-!" He gasped when he felt the demon pull out completely.

Growling in rage, Inuyasha whirled around-.

To see Sesshomaru bent over and waiting.

Inuyasha stared at him, "You sneaky son of a-." His cock bobbed up and down, reminding him of its present predicament. "I'm going to get you back for this…somehow."

Sesshomaru smirked as his mate leaned over, "Just fuck me already."

Inuyasha pushed himself deep inside, "Oh, such bad language!" He thrust slowly in and out, "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"No, I kiss you." Sesshomaru let out little slight gasps with each thrust, "And it's your fault."

"Uh-huh, sure it is." Inuyasha quickened his pace, "Give me another reason to spank you."

Sesshomaru growled, "Fuck."

Inuyasha almost exploded right then and there, "You asked for it."

His hips snapped to meet the demon's bare ass. Their skin slapped together over and over. Inuyasha brought a hand down three times on the left cheek. Sesshomaru snarled, but didn't buck his mate off. Taking it as a good sign, Inuyasha timed his other smacks with his erratic pumps.

Sesshomaru gave Inuyasha a cold glare over his shoulder, "Is that the best you can give me?"

Inuyasha bit at the nape of his mate's neck, hitting the mating mark dead on. Sesshomaru cried out in surprise. The pain, the pleasure, the torture, the bliss, it all spiraled together. Inuyasha let out primal grunts upon his skin, intensifying all the sensations.

Sesshomaru felt his seed burst from his body, splattering the forest floor below. Inuyasha put in a few more good thrusts before he stilled his cock deep inside to let his mate take all of his release. They stayed there, enjoying the feeling of their bodies entwined and knowing the road to this moment had not been easy.

Gently, Inuyasha slid out and flopped onto his side. Sesshomaru stretched out beside him. They turned to each other and smiled.

Inuyasha spoke first, "We haven't really let loose in a while, huh?"

Sesshomaru shook his head, "I think I missed it."

"Yeah, me too." Inuyasha shrugged, "But what can ya do when you've got two kids?"

Sesshomaru nodded his head, "Indeed." He curled up to rest, "I suppose we can simply sleep here until morning."

"Yeah, like old times." Inuyasha sighed, "Goodnight."


When Sesshomaru woke up in the morning, he noted the distinctly wet feeling between his legs. At first, he dismissed it, thinking it was merely the production of him and Inuyasha fucking. But then, as he became more aware, Sesshomaru realized his stomach was clenching rather consistently. Snapping awake with realization, Sesshomaru turned to his mate.

Inuyasha appeared to have just woken up as well, "Hello gorgeous-."

"Inuyasha, I believe I am in labor."

Inuyasha stared at him.

One second later, Inuyasha moved. As if by magic, the half demon had his pants on, Ah-Un ready to go, and Sesshomaru flung over his shoulder. The half demon ignored the complaints from his mate about, "treating me like a thrice damned female!"

Inuyasha merely shouted back as he hopped on the dragon, "We'll be home real quick! Focus on your breathing!"

"I cannot breathe when you have cut off my air supply!" Sesshomaru growled out, "I still say this is impossible!"

Inuyasha held onto his mate tightly as they soared into the sky, "Do me a favor and tell that to the bulge in your belly!"

Sesshomaru felt like sleeping for the rest of eternity. He knew births were hard, but he still had no idea they were exhausting in all aspects, not just physical. As Inuyasha held their youngest son against his chest- gently telling the tiny baby he was in for an interesting "Birds and the Bees" story when he grew up- the demon lord found himself oddly at peace. He loved his mate, he had three children to his name, and a kingdom that would live on long after he was gone. Sesshomaru smiled.

It wasn't perfect, but it was theirs. That was more than enough.

The End (for real this time! I swear)