I decided to do a little bonus chapter just because it popped into my head, enjoy. The normal story will return when Chrona gets her little hinny back in the damn manga.


The leader of Shibusen walked the halls of his school, an air of whimsy in stark contrast to his usual proud and serious nature. It wasn't that the world was any more symmetrical then it usually was, he had grown to accept that as he grew older (though it didn't stop him from trying) but something that even he thought was more important.

White banners and decorations hung from the ceilings and stairwells, flowers of black and white bloomed in every corner, and the students were assisting the teachers with more. It was obvious to anyone that walked in there that something was afoot, something wonderful.

And it was something wonderful, something that when he walked these same halls he would have never predicted but he couldn't have been happier. Tomorrow was his wedding day, even thought he hadn't proposed that long ago the wait had been painful. And he was marring Chrona, the last person he expected to become the love of his life. Tomorrow she would be his forever, he wanted nothing more.

He waved to one of his students, they had decided to move the event to the school because they needed a place that could fit all of Chrona's students, not a one wanted to miss it and she never had the heart to tell anyone no. The kids had really taken to her since she started to teach, probably because of her kind heart and childlike nature, she could relate to them being confused or scared. They were all so excited about the wedding too.

He got a few comments from them on his mode of dress, it was embarrassing but he had been excited about next day and was already wearing his suit, if anything to fit the rest of the festiveness. It must look a lot different than his jacket and mask to the students. It almost made him laugh. Right now he was searching for his future bride, mostly to see how she was doing, if she was able to deal with all that was going on, and perhaps a little bit to show his suit and see her expression. When he finally reached her door he was about to knock but decided it might be more fun to surprise her.

Turning the knob as quietly as he could he entered her dorm room, which she had occupied for a few years now, but not for much longer, and was about to bid greetings to his future bride but the site before him shut him down cold.

It seems Chrona was excited about the upcoming event as well, because she was standing in front of a mirror, dressed in her wedding dress and veil. He had always thought she looked lovely in white, but now in shining lace and flowing silk, she could have made angels jealous. It was a conservative, of course, but still form fitting as she always wore, and now that her form wasn't the thin one she had in childhood, he felt his face heat up as the white defined her new curves against the gray background. Heaven forbid there had been better lighting or he might have collapsed at the site.

Chrona's face turned a dark crimson when she realized he had seen her, contrasting with the white ribbons that held her veil. She squeaked, looking around as if she might find something to hide behind, upon finding nothing, she could only look at him in embarrassment.

"I-I-Maka left it here and-and I just want t-t-to see how it looked and-"

"You look so beautiful…"

That caught her off guard and only made her blush more, covering her mouth and staring at the floor, to embarrassed to speak any more.

Her shyness made him chuckle, she had gained so much confidence as she grew it was cute to see the familiar flush on her face. Stepping close he led her gaze back up to his own with a gentle hand, giving her a smile so that his confidence might be transferred to her. She smiled shyly and giggled when he laid a small kiss on her forehead.

"I know how you feel, I couldn't wait either." They both smiled as he took her hands in his, giving them a gentle squeeze. "I imagine you're excited about tomorrow then?"

"Yes." She squeaked, "M-mostly."

He blinked, backing away and giving her a look of concern. "Mostly? Something worrying you?"

She blushed again, looking away to the side, "I-Its nothing… just… Maka was telling me about the ceremony so I-I'll know how to deal with it but… she told me what happens after and…"

"Ah, the wedding night."

"I know you told me about that sort of thing and we decided to wait… but…"

"You don't want to Hun? If you're not ready yet I'll happily-"

"No! No, that's not it… I-I'm worried I won't know what to do… or won't be good… and…"

He leaned in to nuzzle her cheek, he could hear tears on the edge of her voice. "Shh, those things don't matter, what matters is who you do it with, and I would never want to share it with anyone but you…"

She made a small noise of enjoyment at the contact and moved as close to him as she could, he wanted nothing more than to make all her fears go away, holding her tight he wanted to protect her from the world. There were no more hard memories, not more hurt, they were going to start a new life together and there would be nothing but happiness for her now, he would make sure of it.

"I know i-it will be nice but… I'm still nervous…"

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

Chrona began to fidget, looking back and forth from him to the floor, "W-w-well m-maybe… if it wasn't the first time… m-maybe we shouldn't have waited so long…"

Kid blinked, a small flush coming over his face when he realized what she was unable to ask for. Still, the sight of her in that dress he would have said yes to just about anything. Wrapping his arm around her thin waist he pulled her closer and laid a small kiss just where her skin hid itself away under white lace on her neck. His other hand undid a few of the buttons that traveled down the curve of her chest. Crona shook slightly from nervousness but didn't pull away.

"K-Kid?" she stuttered softly as he kissed the exposed skin, slowly pushing her back onto the bed that she would only have for one more night. When he pulled away to meet her eyes they had never shined like they did at that moment. "A-are we…?"

"I love you Chrona…" he whispered for only her to hear, even though they were alone. "I would do anything for you…"

Her shaking hands pulled his jacket from his shoulders, "I-I love you too Kid… I-I'm j-j-" her nervous stutters were halted when he laid his lips on her own, as he pulled away he could tell every last bit of her nervousness had melted away.

"I'm going you show you how much I love you." He leaned down to gently kiss her chest, she let off a soft moan.

"K-Kid…" she purred, the moon up above watched through the small window up above, smiling a bigger smile than usual, shining mood lighting down on them into the night.


"Chrona!" Maka pounded on the door, it was the girl's wedding day, she told her to get a good night sleep so she wouldn't have to wake her, they had a lot of work to do. "Chrona! Come on, time to get married!"

Finally there was shuffling inside and she heard the doorknob turn. When she backed away to let it open the wrong person came out.

Kid stumbled through the large door, still buttoning up his jacket, his hair sticking out in every direction and not wearing any socks in his shoes.

"Kid-kun… What were you…?"

"Sorry Maka, no time to talk, getting married today!" He laughed and began sprinting down the hallway.

"WAIT! Some of your buttons are in the wrong holes, they're not symmetrical!"

Just before he came to a corner he swung around and smiled at her, "I know~!" and then he was gone.

Maka could only stand there and blink, then the person she had expected stepped out, dressed only in the sheet from her bed, her hair in as much disarray as the other. The blonde looked at her for a moment, up and down, and then just gave her a grunt and a glare.

"Chrona… did you do what I think you did?"

The girl just smiled, "It's cute how he still thinks I'm as shy and innocent as I was when I was younger."

Though she wasn't happy with the situation Maka couldn't help but laugh, Chrona laughed too.

"Bad girl!" she scolded as she pushed her sheet garbed friend back into the room, "Honestly, you're turning out just like your mother! Now get your sexy little hinny in there!"

Crona giggled, just like the sun above.

Later that day they both said I do and exchanged rings, one for both hands for symmetry and they kissed, marking the beginning of their lives together. There was never a more absolutely perfect day in the Shinigami's entire life.