Epiloque – The wolf

Epiloque – The wolf

The candlelight was painting bizarre shades on the stone walls.
Paralysed by excitement and fear nobody had moved when Remus transformed under unbelievable pain.
Their every heartbeat was thumping loudly in their ears when the wolf stared at them.

The wolf was confused. This was not his usual prison. It seemed weaker but was so much more powerful. And there were humans with him!
Something was stirring in him, something told him they were not prey, he shouldn't hurt them. They belonged to him were his pack now.

He looked at them with his yellow eyes.
The males were presenting their throats. They had accepted him as their leader. The young female was looking him straight in the eyes. The wolf smelled her. The female was carrying a young one! Prongs cup! The wolf yelped. His pack would grow soon.

Lily touched the fur of the werewolf. No human alive had ever done that. The tension lifted and the friends began talking.

The voices brought Remus into the wolves' consciousness.
He understood that it had worked. His energy had grown already and he was completely sure now that his friends would never leave him.
They hadn't only set their life on the line tonight but also the life of the child.
For Remus this was the greatest proof of their friendship.

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