Author's note : Hi thanks for reading. Hope you like it. This story follows on from chosen but Buffy saves Spikes. Also the town doesn't collapse.

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"I love you", standing holding his hand, Buffy whispered the words brokenly to Spike. Trust her to wait till now, he thought. Typical Slayer no sense of danger. Either that or she was deliberately ignoring his combustion process. Whatever you do you can't let her die. Not again.

"No you don't... but thanks for saying it".

Wanker. You great pillocking poof. Finally tells you and you have to go and get soppy by dying.

Trying to gaze at her and remember every final detail, Spike allowed her to keep hold of his hand.


Cutting her off he went on,

"Please Buffy run... go... get of here".

Suddenly, the ground rumbled and shook knocking the Slayer off her feet. Standing quickly she ran back to Spike and grasped his hand again. Her brain was reliving every moment they had been through,


"Saturday... I kill you"

"I love you"

"You'll never be friends"

"I love you"

"I may be Love's bitch but at least I'm man enough to admit it"

"I love you"

"A truce, a deal"

"I love you"

"All I'm asking for is a crumb"

"I love you"

"I know I'm not a man, but you..."

"I love you"

"Till the end of the world"

"I love you"

"Hundred forty seven days yesterday... uh... hundred forty eight today. 'Cept today doesn't count, does it?"

"I love you"

"To be a kind of man... Can we rest... Buffy can we rest"

"I love you"

"You need to kill me"

"I love you"

"Your one hell of a women... you're the one Buffy"

"Buffy... I love you".


The sound of a cry brought Buffy from her reverie. Spike was now unfrozen and bent over clutching his stomach. Letting go of his hand Buffy bent, grabbed the amulet, and pulled using her other hand to tug on his arm for leverage.

Spike glanced up at the feel of something pulling and watched in awe as Buffy's hand glowed from where it clutched the amulet. After a mere minute of pulling, the chain snapped. Turning sharply she threw it straight into the core of the hell-mouth. Suddenly the ground stopped shaking and a bang could be heard from below... then nothing.

Hearing a thump from behind Buffy turned back sharply. When she had thrown the amulet her other hand had let go of Spike. Obviously she had been holding him up more then she realised.

Kneeling down she wiped a stray curl off his forehead. At least he wasn't dust. That's a good thing... right... she thought, moving her other hand to stroke his cheek.

She had come so close to losing him... Spike... her strength; The man who she knew owned more of her heart then she wanted to admit... but it was over now. This war that had, had such a heavy price was over. Now she could live. Feeling her spirits lift a bit she glanced back down at his face. Now she could rest... now they could rest.

Spike woke up to the feel of someone's hand on his cheek. Not that he minded... but then again it depended on who's hand it was. Memories rushed back to him and he gasped. A rush of air filled his lungs, and his heart beat. Wait a minute, that's not right, he thought.

Seeing that Spike was trying to sit up, Buffy guided him with her hands on his arms. Looking at him sweating she put her hand on his forehead. He was burning up. Vampire's don't burn up, that she knew. Gazing into his eyes filled with confusion, she moved her hand down to his chest. Thump Thump Thump.

Okay, that is definitely odd. Oh my god. Spike. Buffy's suddenly flew through the thoughts of Spike as human. A human Spike who she was in love with. She had got her reward that was for certain. The real question was did he want this reward.

"Erm Spike, not to panic you but... I think your alive."

"Yeah Pet... I kind of got that impression myself. What with the whole breathing thing and all".

Seeing that he hadn't lost his sense of humour, Buffy smiled; the first real smile in ages. Glad he had succeeded in lighting the mood Spike continued,

"erm Buffy... as much as I love being on the floor in your arms, would you mind helping me up".

Hearing his request Buffy stood and grabbing both of his hands she pulled him to his feet. Standing there she didn't let go when he tried to reclaim them.


"No you listen, first we are getting out of here. Then we are going to find out what the hell happened to you. We are the going to talk. And I mean talk, really... with no running involved."

Smiling at her orders Spike nodded, "Okay Pet, I'm all yours".

"Yeah I know Spike. I'm all yours too."

Reaching up on her tiptoes she kissed him. It was short but held the promise of more to come. Breaking away Buffy chuckled at the look on Spike's face. Amazed, could have described it. Still laughing she turned to leave. Looking back over her shoulder at Spike she said, "are you coming."

Starting up the stairs she stopped again.

"Oh and another thing Spike. Next time I tell you I love you, if you deny it I'll kill won't need a bloody amulet to do it".

Hearing her laugh fade as she left Spike shook his head. That girl really was going to be the death of him. Feeling his heart beating he ran after her. After all now he had one up on Peaches. Plus, if his suspicions were right he also now had the girl.

Reaching the top step he found Buffy laying face down on the floor. She was right in front of the door leading out. Looking through the glass he could see the horrified faces of the Scoobies as they watched their fallen leader.