Star of Hate.

Disclaimer: Dont own Air Gear, but im gathering money to do so someday.

Do you want me to love you?. I cant offer you love, ive already depleted it. But i can give you all my hate.
I will think about you everyday, i will help you, so i can crush you later. Let us grow together so that we can defeat anyone but ourselves. I will let you hate me.Let me hate you. With all my heart. (OC X Simca.)

Chapter 1: Bubblegum Crisis.

Simca, the migratory bird, is scared.

As she walks down the streets in this rainy day, totally dressed in black, she cant help but shiver at what comes next: The Grand Scale Torunament. The tournament to reach the sky and its symbol: The sky regalia.

"All the trees entwine their arms and stretch towards the sky;
Gathering the leaves, it devours the light."

She is scared, because the best of the best will be there, fighting for their ideals. The Kings will confront their roads in a cataclismic crash. And she, will be there, completely hopeless.

Is true that, as the leader of Genesis, she is in great part responsible for what comes next. But she is no king, merely a steward, and she has no road, at least no proper one. She has always been a supportive character, never taking the lead, never taking a path, as the migratory bird the lightweight wings, no past, no future, no responsabilities is a must, at least in the surface.

"The darkness of the forest deepens.
The hunter does not see the eyes and fangs of beasts lurking in the darkness."

But in order to conquer her dreams, she needs strenght. She really believes that she found the new king in him.


But he still doesnt understand, as everyone has been deceiving him, even herself. But she needs him. In order to break the wall, in order to penetrate the forest, she needs his wind. Only his wind may break the thorns that blockade her path. Sadly, it has come to this, a confrontation when everyone should be together, after all everyone is family, the outcasts, the gravity Children.

"Tonight, the hunter will be hunted:"

Everything is wrong. Everything is wrong since that night. When the forest atacked the forest, when brothers and sisters fought to death, for a first time. Even this stupid rain shouldnt be here. That night was raining, too. In order to penetrate the darkness, to get away from the forest, she needs him. With her hand in her heart she whispers to herself, crying.

-"Crow-Kun, wont you help me a little, please... Help me."

"This is the Sleeping Forest."

But as her tears go to the ground she notices it: bubbles. Totally surprised, she cant do anything but stare at the seven figures, who look down at her. She cant do anything but tremble and think desperately.

-"Indeed im weak."

Up there, the Crazy Apple looks at her with a mix of rage, compasion and pain.

-"A Swallow can only fly because of its lightweight wings. Thus, if those wings get wet in the rain, it cannot fly." She moves her hand and concludes. "Sayonara, migratory bird."

Om, the water queen, begins.As the bubblegum crisis is activate simca can only reach her hand out, praying for someone to catch it.

The Crow??. Ikki?... She thinks that she saw him like a mirage, briefly. But then she focuses again , as she is not falling anymore, somneone is holding her.


She whispers weakly. Then as he nods, she smiles and closes her eyes.

-"...What took you so long."

As Simca faints away. He shoots a stare at Ringo Nomayano, the Thorn queen.

-" I cannot allow this, Crazy Apple. As the leader of Antares, GenesisĀ“ royal guard, i cannot allow you to harm her." Then he whispers to himself." Only i can do it."

Ringo speaks back, still with that look, the hatefull yet sad look she had before.

-" Is for her own good, Star Knight. She is not ready for what comes next"

-" I think thats for her to decide, isnt it?."

This time Ringo allows a sad smile.

-"She was crying out of desperation when we atacked. She is no warrior. And you cant protect her, by the way."

He takes Simca with both his arms, raising her, and stands up. With a face of circunstances he retorts.

-" Even if i cant, i must try."

This time, Mikan Nomayano rises an Eyebrow.

-" Leon, you know what we are. You know you stand no chance, no more than her, at least."

This time Leon smiles handsomely.

-" But thats precisely what the Stars Road is for Mikan."

With that a bright spark comes from his ATĀ“s, blinding everyone. When they regain vision, Leon is no more. Ringo smiles.

-"The star road. A road when the user takes all the lights to him in order to protect the ones he cares in the shadows."

Then she closes her eyes, and says slowly, as if remembering.

-"Come, come see the stars and forget about the children in earth."

Om gets closer.

-"What shall we do? Chase after him? He wont get too far."

Ringo dismisses the question.

-" Our job is done. He couldnt deflect all the bubbles, Simca is disabled, at least for now."

Om objects.

-" But she can be up in two or three months. She may participate in the clash."

This time Mikan punches Om softly in the arm.

-" Only if she decides it. As for me..." she adds in a low voice. "... I would like it."

Ringo says:

-"This migratory bird has always had an star to guide her in her night flights... Lets see if its light can trasspass the forest."

She said that in hope that it can be true. That way, maybe she can get out of the forest, too. She jumps to the building to her right,and with that the sleeping forest disperses.