Star of Hate.

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Do you want me to love you?. I cant offer you love, ive already depleted it. But i can give you all my hate.
I will think about you everyday, i will help you, so i can crush you later. Let us grow together so that we can defeat anyone but ourselves. I will let you hate me. Let me hate you. With all my heart. (OC X Simca.)

Chapter 3: Star Girl and Migratory Bird.

And then... it happened.

Japan, August 20XX. Sleeping Forest´s Trophaeum.

"Wow, that´s a pretty long fall."


Rei and Leon are staring at the botomless hole that is the Trophaeum. They are gonna raid it with the help of half the sleeping forest. The bad part is that the don´t know that the other half will be opposing them. Besides them, Spitfire gives Leon a shoulder pad.

"You can still back off, you know. I´ve watched you Leon, you are pretty good but this is another level."

Leon smiles weakly.

"If we get that thing out of there, the gravity children will be free to do whatever they wish. Aren´t you?."

Spitfire can´t negate the truth. He just nods.

"Then we will help you. For Simca´s sake."

Spitfire turns around and whispers.

"Simca, you are setting up a damn good boy."

Above them, Sora Takeuchi jumps into the tower.

"Let´s go. The Sky regalia is as good as ours."

And with that the entire team follows him.

It was a sad day.... the worst.

Twenty minutes later, Simca goes to the elected battlefield. Lot of bodies lie scatered around. In just twenty minutes the match between the best of the best is defined, funny thing that so much talent is lost in just that time.

Simca gasps in horror. She first sees Spitfire. His legs and ankles are broken, in his feet no regalia can be seen. Dontores has his complete equipment destroyed. Sora´s legs lay in an imposible angle.

The migratory bird keeps walking in the remmants of the battle. She hears a faint sound to her left. There is Rika Nomayano, her gaze is blank and she seems in shock. She must have gotten here after the match, too. Besides her Simca sees what seems to be a bag in the floor.


She speeds towards him. Is true that she set up him to be hurt in a whim after seeing his new girlfriend. But Kilik´s wrath was beyond her comprehension.

"Leon, Leon."

The guy seemed uncouncious, with some bruises but nonetheless in pretty good shape compared with the others. However, near him is a trail of blood, Simca´s gaze follows it towards its source.


As if summoned from another world, Rei turns her blank gaze towards Simca, following her voice. Her crimson hair makes it looks like her head is bleeding, too.

"So... hello there,"

The blonde speeds up and goes to the red head.

"Oh, my god Rei....."

Simca studies carefully the wounds. None of the styles she knows about could do such a great wound, not even Kilik´s Gem road.


Rei coughs some blood.

"What happened?. What you wanted i guess. We were beated easily. I managed to save him with my Star´s road, but it was too much for me...."

"But... who.."

Rei voice seems to fade away.

"Listen. Protect him, ok?. I don´t know why you did this to us..."

She moves her hand slowly towards her face, where Simca´s tears are beginning to fall.

"But i see you repent. I forgive you.... Please do this as a favor.. make him move on... help. hi...m"

Rei´s heartbeats finally stops. Simca, out of shock, doesn´t move until a while later. She squeezes Rei´s hand.

"Is a promise. I´ll be indebted to you until i make him happy."

You took it so badly. Didn´t spoke to me for three months. If i were the same whimsical girl as before i would just left you alone forever. But know a promise was bounding me.

Then, you finally spoke. Without even seeing me...

Japan, December, 24th 20XX


His words echoed in the empty room. Scaring Simca. She turned to him.

"I´m so sorry. I..."

He closed his eyes. And leaned dangerously close to her.

"I asked why, Simca. Never asked it before did I?"

"You just came out of nowhere with her.. i just..."

His voice was calm and collected, but it was frightening her.

"Why Simca?. NO excuses. Why did you did it?"

Simca analized herself, deep inside. And finally the answer came to her.

"Because i wanted you to love.... me."

He answered with a sad voice.

"Do you want me to love you?."

The girl just lowered her gaze, listening to her sentence.

"I can´t offer you love. I´ve already depleted it."

He raised her chin, softly as if out of concern for her.

" But i can give you all my hate, Simca."

Fire was sparking in his eyes. She was holding back her tears. He continued.

"I will think about you everyday, i will help you."

He kissed her, fiercely.

"So i can crush you later."

He standed up.

"Let us grow together, grow stronger so that we can defeat anyone but ourselves. Then, i will kill you."

He turned his back on her, towards his door.

"I will let you hate me if you want. At least let me hate you, with all my heart. You owe me that much"

Then he opened the door of his bedroom. With a cofident tone and a smile he finished.

"That´s my promise to you Simca."

He turned to her. With that bright smile that he has to hide his true feelings.

"Come, i´m sure you hadn´t eat anything today. I´ll make some pizza, i know you love it."

She just couldn´t answer back. She followed him downstairs. He added with a eerie cheerfull voice

"Then I guess you want to stay here for Christmas Eve. Sorry i don´t have any gift for you. But tomorrow i´ll buy anything you like...."

She bits her lips.

Leon... Please, forgive me.

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