A/N: In celebration of FINALLY getting Nabari no Ou as an archive, I made this pretty much on the spot. Based heavily off the song 'Prayer' by Hayley Westenra, aka the most soothing song in the world. Set in (?) chapter 50. (WHY DOESN'T THAT CHAPTER LEAVE ME ALONE?!)


By Hearii

It was like choking.

Miharu stared blankly at the snow beneath his legs, dotted with red patches. There was nothing cold about it, instead something very numbing as if all his concentration was focused on his constricting throat. He clutched his arms tighter to his chest, begging for warmth to replace feeling of falling. The dark fabric was already losing its heat.

The wind blew, but it did not bite at his skin. It rustled the leaves above him, stirred the snow beneath him, but left Miharu untouched and unaffected. The sound never reached his ears. Perhaps it was because he wanted everything to stay the same – no, go back, so then he may have made it in time – and the world had suddenly decided to put him at rest for just a moment. Inside, though, that couldn't happen. Miharu was choking, stomach sinking, head spinning and he didn't know how to stop. Maybe… maybe if he let go of…

Miharu clutched the coat tighter. It was nearly cold.


It wasn't until he felt the snow burning coldly on his cheek that Miharu registered he had fallen over and was eye level with the blood that was seeping into the snow.

Miharu felt left behind. Tears, both fresh and old, dully stung on his cheeks. His throat hurt. He couldn't breath. Something deep in the back of his mind nagged at him to sleep and someone would watch over him peacefully… that everything would be okay when he woke up and he wouldn't be disoriented or despaired and…

And Yoite…


Against his own accord, his eyelids lowered slightly. The fingers that held onto the coat loosened. New tears fell lightly against the snow. A wave of tiredness washed over him.

Whatever was fogged in the corner of his mind assured him one thing.

Everything will be fixed.

Miharu fell asleep to the peaceful thought that when he woke up Yoite would be back.

Everything will be fixed.