A/N: This is a follow on to Love Or Loveless. I know it's been a long time since I wrote Love Or Loveless, but someone asked for a sequel, and I said I'd write one, so I am writing one.

Threats and Protection
Chapter 1:

The Doctor stood back from the screen on the TARDIS's controls. Rose recognised the look on his face, it was one she hadn't seen so obviously since…since Voldemort had threatened to kill her. It was fear.

'Doctor what's wrong?' She asked.

He didn't answer her. He didn't move at all. He stayed staring towards the TARDIS's screen.

Rose wasn't sure he had heard her. Whether he was ever aware of where he was. She was sure that whatever he had seen on the screen had scared him so much he was frozen.

'Doctor?' She repeated. This time her voice sounded scared. 'What's wrong?'

She walked over to the TARDIS screen to see if she could work out what was wrong, but what was on the screen was in Gallifreyan writing.

'Doctor?' She said again, and when he didn't answer this time, she shook him gently.

'Rose' He looked at her like he was surprised to see her there. His eyes alert with fear.

'Doctor what's wrong?' Rose asked.

The Doctor looked right at her. 'I have to hide you' was all he said.

'Why?' She asked.

The Doctor didn't answer, he just started moving around the TARDIS setting it to take them somewhere.

'Doctor?' Rose tried to keep up with him, though it was like he was walking around in circle. When she managed to get in front of him she placed her hands on his arms to stop him. 'Tell me what's going on? Please'

'He wants to kill you' He replied.

'Who…' Rose started to ask then realised. 'L…Lord…'Rose couldn't finished, and she didn't need to because the Doctor just nodded gravely. 'He wants me dead?' Rose said when she was able to speak again.

'He wants to hurt me' The Doctor said. 'And he knows hurting you would be the easiest way to'

Rose didn't know what to say, but the Doctor could tell from her face that she was terrified.

'I won't let him hurt you' He promised and held Rose close in a hug. 'I promise you, I'll never let anyone hurt you. Especially not him. Never'

'I know' Rose whispered, and she did know. But when you had a known and feared killer wants your blood it's hard to believe you're truly safe. Then again she trusted the Doctor with her life - literally. 'W…Wha…What are you going to do'

'I'm going to take you do Hogwarts' The Doctor replied and started