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"Oh no. No, no, no! You are NOT gonna get away with that!"

"Come oooon... it's not that bad, Chouji! Shikamaru did it..."

"Only because you forced me-"



Shikamaru watched with slight interest as his good friend Ino chased his BEST friend Chouji. He was always surprised at how well the heavy boy could run, keeping out of Ino's grip for a long while. But he knew it was over when Chouji accidently dropped his chips, and made the mistake of going back for them.


Ino yelled, pouncing ontop of the larger teen and making him fall onto his chips. In her hand was a needle, which she held menacingly.


The afore mentioned boy wasn't entirely sure he wanted to be a part of this, but did it anyways, performing his family's special technique and 'capturing' Chouji's shadow.

"S-Shika... come on..."

The large teen was begging, eyes flashing back and forth from Ino to the other boy. He got no response, but instead let out a yelp of pain."


"Oh shut up, you big baby. It didn't hurt that bad."

Chouji pouted and rubbed his ears with the gentlest of motions. When he pulled his hands away, you could see they were slightly red. And in the lobes on both ears, were silver hoops, just like the ones Shikamaru and Ino both wore.

"Tell me again why I had to do this, Ino."

The boy grumbled, as Shikamaru handed him a fresh bag of chips to distract him from the soreness.

"Because, it signifies our team. It brings us closer, don't you think?"

It seemed like she actually believed it, a smile on her face. Shikamaru snorted and gave her a look.

"I'd expect to hear something like that from Sakura."

And with that, Chouji got the role of watching his friends chase each other, laughing and munching on a bag of chips. The soreness had faded.

It's nothing big, but whatever. They really do have the same earrings, I love it!!