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"What is it you wished to talk about, Hiashi-san?"asked Fugaku, curiously, wondering what his business rival and good friend could possibly want. "Well, Fugaku-san, it has come to my attention that our business' have been at each other's throats for awhile now."said the pale-eyed Hyuuga, motioning for Fugaku to sit in the chair across from him. Fugaku acknowledged this with a nod. "Quite true."he said. Hiashi continued. "So, I think we should put an end to this fued by connecting our corporations." The eldest Uchiha tilted his head to the side, confusion evident on his face. "How do you propose we accomplish that, Hiashi-san?" The Hyuuga smirked, saying,"By connecting our families."

One week later

Hinata was in her favorite spot in the garden; the rose bushes. She loved their sweet scent and the way their petals floated gracefully to the ground, only to be swept away by Naruto, the gardener's son(and the other reason she enjoyed this part of the garden). "Oh, Hinata-chan, I nearly forgot! Master Hiashi wanted to see you in his study as soon as possible."said Naruto, straightening out his shirt after sweeping away some of the blood-red petals. "Th-thank you, N-Naruto-kun. I-I'll go and s-see him now."said the Hyuuga hieress, standing up from the bench she had been sitting on. "See you later, Hina-chan!"he said, turning around to tend to some of the roses. If only I could be one of the roses he tends to so delicately...thought Hinata, as she made her way, slowly, to her father's study.

Itachi Uchiha, oldest son of billionaire, Fugaku Uchiha, looked around lazily at the few pieces of art showcased in Hiashi Hyuuga's study. This man could really use a better art dealer, he thought, staring at a portrait of what seemed to be the very room they were in now. Itachi Uchiha, with his degrees in physics and biogenetics, was not someone you would think to have an interest in art. What most people don't know is that he was an excellent painter and painting was the only thing that had brought a smile to his lips ever since his mother had passed away when he was ten. Thinking about his mother always made Itachi's heart ache, so he returned his attention to the reason he was sitting in this horribly unoriginal room.

"Have you told Hinata-san about the arrangement, Hiashi-san?"asked Fugaku, sitting in the chair directly in front of Hiashi. "No, not yet. I haven't had the time. I assume that Itachi-san already knows, though?"asked Hiashi, turning his gaze to the Uchiha genius. Despite all of the awards and commendations Itachi had recieved, Hiashi was still not happy about marrying off his oldest daughter just yet, even though it was his idea. "Yes, he knows already. He has no problem with marrying Hinata-san, but are you sure about this, Hiashi-san? She's only seventeen, after all."said Fugaku, his onyx eyes staring at his long-time friend. Hiashi didn't answer immediately. After a moment of deep thought, he said,"Yes, i'm positive. In order to insure the future of our companies, we must join them together." What he didn't say was that it was really to insure the future of Hyuuga corp. At the hands of Itachi, the Uchiha corp. would have a long life, but Hinata, the rightful heir to the presidency of the Hyuuga corp., was too soft for big business. Oh, Hizashi, if only you had been born first. Your son, Neji, would have made a much better president then Hinata could.thought Hiashi, thinking about his twin brother, who had died three years earlier, leaving his son, Neji, to take care of the branch company he had left behind in America. "Well, as long as your sure, Hiashi-san."said Fugaku, leaning back in his chair.


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