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The drive to the restaurant was...uneventful. There wasn't much talk between the two couples(mostly just Sasuke saying that Itachi was going the wrong way). Upon arriving at the restaurant, Itachi, being the gentleman that he was, opened the passenger side door for Hinata, receiving a shy smile as thanks. The place that Ino had decided the date should be, was a popular French restaurant called "Eiffel". Hinata had never been there, having never had a reason to go out. Sasuke and Ino on the other hand... "Ah, Sasuke-san! Ino-san! It's great to see you again!"said the grey pony tailed waiter. "No, it's great to see YOU again, Kabuto-san!"said Ino, happily. She was apparently good friends with him. Sasuke looked angry. "Just take us to our seats already, Kabuto."said Sasuke, leaving out the honorific to show insult. "Right away, Sasuke-san."said Kabuto, choosing to ignore his lack of an honorific.

Once they were seated, Kabuto left to retrieve their drinks. This led them into another awkward silence. "So, Hina-chan, how do you like this place?"asked Ino, trying to make light conversation. "Um, i-it's nice."she replied. Ino nodded her head. "Yeah, me and Sasuke come here a lot. We're practically family!"she said, looking to Sasuke for confirmation. "Don't look at me. I hate it here. You're the one who always forces me to come."he said, twirling the menu in his hand. "Ah, but hate is a sure sign of family! You know you love the food! Oh, Kabuto-san, you brought the drinks!"said Ino, looking at the waiter who appeared out of nowhere behind Sasuke. "Yes, Ino-san. Water for Sasuke-san. Red wine for Itachi-san. Sweet tea for Hinata-san, and white wine for you, Ino-san."he said, passing the drinks to each person in turn. Kabuto left and a French waiter came to take their order. Itachi went first, asking for the salmon. Sasuke asked for the steak. Ino asked for the duck, and Hinata..."Um, well, i-i'm not s-sure what any o-of this is..." The menu was written in French, which everyone at the table could speak...except for Hinata. "What do you like to eat, Hinata-san?"asked Itachi, noticing the language barrier between Hinata and the menu. "Ch-chicken, but this m-menu has no p-pictures."she said. Itachi nodded and then ordered her the chicken in French. "Th-thank you, Itachi-san."she said, smiling shyly at him again. "No problem, Hinata-san." Well, maybe he isn't that bad a guy, thought Hinata, looking at Itachi out of the corner of her eye. The inner Ino smirked, as if she knew Hinata's thought just by the way she had looked at Itachi. Yes! My plan is working!she thought, glancing at Itachi to try and discern what he was thinking, but before she got the chance, she noticed someone appear behind Sasuke; a person she really didn't want to see.

"Hello, Ino-pig."said Sakura, glaring at her long-time rival. "What the hell are you doing here, Billboard Brow??"Ino nearly yelled, making Hinata jump in the seat next to Ino. Sakura smirked and pulled the person behind her foreward, the guy that Itachi didn't want to see: Naruto. "What? Can't Naruto-kun and I come to a romantic restaurant for a date?"she asked, coiling her arms around Naruto's bicep. "Heheh, hey Sasuke-teme, Itachi-san, Ino-chan, and Hinata-chan. Isn't it great!? Sakura-chan finally said she would go out with me!"he said, smiling broadly. Hinata was nearly in tears. "Um, th-that's gr-great, Na-Naruto-kun. I-if yo-you'll excuse m-me, I-I think I-I n-need some f-fresh a-air."she said, standing up and walking towards the exit. Once she was gone, Itachi stood up quickly, and said,"I think i'm going to go and check on her." Before he got outside, he heard Sasuke say, "Man, your a dobe, Naruto."

Once outside, Itachi looked around for Hinata and spotted her sitting on a bench. Sitting down next to her, he noticed that she was crying. "Hinata-san, are you alright?"he asked, knowing the answer already. "N-no."she managed to say before her tears became too much for her, and she started sobbing loudly. Itachi, unsure as to how you calm a crying woman, embraced her and let her cry into his chest. He rubbed her back, gently, and whispered reassurances into her ear(mostly of how he would kill Naruto, but...). After awhile, her tears grew fainter until they finally stopped, allowing her to talk again. She looked up at Itachi and whispered,"Th-thank you for holding me, Itachi-san." He smiled at her, and said,"No problem, Hina-chan. If...If I said I really liked you, Hina-chan, what would you say?" She leaned into his chest for a moment, then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said,"I'd say I feel the same way about you...Ita-kun." She didn't stutter at all while saying that, and even gave him a new nickname. "I'm glad that you do. So then...you don't mind being my fiance'?"he asked. She smiled and kissed him on the lips. "Not at all."she said.


HA, THE END! Just kidding, there's a sequel. And it has, dun-du-du-dun, SAI! Yep, the guy that creeps everybody out! Well, looks like Itachi might have some competition, what with Sai having known Hinata longer and Hinata's father starting to think that he shouldn't force her to marry anyone. Who will Hinata choose?? Her fiance' or her old friend?? All that and more in "The Rose's Choices"! First chappie will be up tomorrow, no matter how long it takes me to write it, since tomorrow is a Friday and I won't have to go to sleep early! YIPPIE! PS: The next story will probably have more chapters then this one, oh, and if anyone has a better name then "The Rose's Thorn", please let me use it!! The original story fit with this title, but I changed it before I posted it on here and now it makes NO SENSE!! Thank you, and good night! :)