Sasu x Saku

The Mission

Summery: Well this is my first story so I'm not really good at this but it basically starts from the beginning and goes into the shippuden but I changed it and made a few of the characters. OC R&R!!


Thinking- 'meow'

Inner Sakura- meow

Now on with the story!!

It all started the day we were put on three man teams the first time I actually thought this mission would be fun but then again I could be wrong. Said Inner Sakura. But I was right we did have fun and now here it is from the beginning. Why don't we start from when we were sent to Konoha?

A little 6 year old Haruno Sakura walked down the narrow hallways of the sound base. "What do you want you old snake?" Sakura asked. "That's no way to treat your master!" shouted Kabuto. "No no that's fine Kabuto-kun she knows she can be as rude as she wants because of her bloodline." Kabuto glared at Sakura. "It's still no way to treat her master." Kabuto grumbled. "Now lets get on with why you're here shall we?" questioned Orochimaru. Yes!! Now tell me why I'm here." Hissed Sakura. Dirty no good snake teme he's going to pay for making us get up at 5:00 in the morning. If I could take over that pedophiles head would be hanging on my wall. 'now now Inner you know how much I would love to see that but still we have to do this.' Sakura said to her Inner. 'but that's not half as bad as what I would do.' Oh that's evil outer now lets get this over with so we can pack our bag's and leave. Said inner. 'fine fine.' "So Sakura you will be going to Konoha to watch my new body Uchiha Sasuke." Orochimaru ordered. "Fine with me." ' at least I don't have to be around this hell hole anymore.' Sakura thought "how long will it take?" "Oh I'd say the rest of your life." YES FREEDOM!! FINALLY NO MORE LISTENING TO THAT DIRTY OLD SNAKE!! YAYZ! So Sakura ran to her room and started packing all her stuff except her clothes she would buy some in Fire Country. So she ran out to start her mission and a new life.

Chapter End

Hi peoples if you read this Fic and didn't like it don't be mean It's my first so don't be mean. OH yea if u have any names for the fic tell me cause I can't think of one.