Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Going to Konoha and the Hokage… YIKES

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The sun shone threw the window of the hotel room, "Oh just a few more minutes you stupid sun…" Sakura grumbled and rolled over before remembering what Kakashi said.

"On second thought thank you for waking me up mister sun." She said jumping out of bed and running into the bathroom grabbing some of her new clothes on the way.

"Time for a nice warm shower." She said hoping into the shower and quickly washing up. Once she was done her shower and dressed in a light green top and some red shorts she brushed her hair and teeth then quickly went out of her room to pack up her stuff so she was ready to go.

knock knock

"It's open!" She shouted as she finished putting all of her stuff into the bag she had.

"Oh good your awake." Kakashi said as he walked in and watched her finish packing. "Well when your ready to leave just tell me we will go down for some breakfast then head off to Konoha it is only around a two-three hour trip." He said. Sakura nodded.

"Okay well I'm ready now all I have to do is pay for my stay and then I will be good to go." Sakura said happily. 'Well at least I've made a friend… although I do miss Kimmi-kun and the others.' Sakura thought. 'Don't worry Sakura-chan we will get to see them again.' Inner Sakura said. 'Thanks inner now let's get going.' She thought and pushed inner Sakura to the back of her mind before she could say something.

"Kakashi-san lets go get some food I'm really hungry." Sakura said as she noticed a small Dango stand.

"Okay let's go eat over there until my team comes out." Kakashi said smiling with his eye.

"YAY!" Sakura shouted, and ran over to the stand to order her Dango. "Sooo good!" She cheered as she watched Kakashi and the rest of his team talking about something. 'I'll get Kakashi san and his team some food too!' she thought and quickly got some more Dango and started walking over to Kakashi.

"Why are we letting a little girl come back with us to Konoha? She could be a threat." One said. Sakura frowned.

"Yeah what if she's a ninja in a henge?" Another asked. Sakura glared.

"You shouldn't let somebody you just met come with us Kakashi-san. You don't even know if she could be lying to you." The first one said. Sakura's glare intensified.

"You should just ditch her before she notices us." The other said. Sakura's eye twitched.

"She would get to Konoha any way she is enrolling in the academy. Why would a already skilled ninja want to do that no less buy some clothes that are the size of her body?" Kakashi asked noticing her. "And besides you wouldn't be able to ditch her because she is right behind you." He continued in his casual voice.

The other ANBU spun around to see Sakura standing there with a very mad look. "Oh umm we were just joking…" The first one said looking at her with a apologetic look. Sakura glared at them.

"I was going to give you this food but now… I won't." Sakura said and walked away with the food.

"Told you she was nice and innocent." Kakashi said and followed after Sakura.

"Dang we missed out on free food and now we won't even get to eat." One said and then they quickly followed after Kakashi and Sakura who were walking and eating.

"So Kakashi-san will I have to go see the Hokage to enroll?" Sakura asked.

"Yes Sakura you will and please just call me Kakashi." Kakashi said politely.

"Ok Kakashi I will." She said and then looked around. "Wow I never noticed but we are already out of the village." Sakura said looking at the trees.

"yes and if we want to reach Konoha in two or three hours we will have to go fast so get on." Kakashi said and pulled Sakura onto his back.

"Weee!" Sakura said as they tree hoped in the direction of Konoha.

Kakashi chuckled at what she said. "Having fun?" he asked as the gates to Konoha appeared.

Sakura stared in awe at the huge gates. "Yeah and wow…" she said still staring at the gates.

"Open the gates!" Kakashi shouted and watched Sakura stare at the gates more as they opened.

"Wow." Was she managed to say before she noticed Kakashi and the other ANBU walking through the gate. "HEY WAIT FOR ME!" She shouted and ran up to them.

Kakashi laughed at Sakura, as she hadn't even noticed they had started into the village without her. "You want me to take you to the Hokage tower or do you want to try and find it for your self?" Kakashi asked.

"I think I will try and find it myself." Sakura said as she walked away from the ANBU looking around with a look of awe on her face.

"She interesting." One of them said.

"yea I guess she isn't that bad." The other said they all nodded in agreement then disappeared to the Hokage tower.

"This is amazing." Sakura said to herself then stopped when she heard some girls screaming something… or somebody's name. "Oh no not the fangirls." She thought remembering the fangirls Kimmimaro had in Sound. "Wonder who is being chased?" She asked herself and listened closely.

"SASUKE-KUN!! ITACHI-KUN!!" The fangirls screamed as two boys ran around the corner.

'That's the one I'm suppose to watch.' Sakura thought watching Sasuke and Itachi get closer.

"SASUKE-KUN!! ITACHI-KUN!!" The fangirls screamed again and soon Sakura found herself running away.

"AHHH I'M GOING TO BE STEPED ON!!" She screamed and ran for her life running around the corner. Itachi and Sasuke running right behind her. 'AHHH THEY ARE RUNNING RIGHT BEHIND ME?!' She screamed in her mind and ran around another corner and into the market place. "I'm safe." She sighed only to be grabbed by Itachi and Sasuke into a dark alley.

"Don't say anything." Itachi whispered into her ear. "They saw you so they will go after you." Itachi continued he and Sasuke backing further into the dark alley.

"TMAEKEL YKOIJ IJLKM KLJION MILI INKES." Sakura growled threw Itachi's hand.

"What?" Sasuke asked. Itachi took his hand off of her mouth.

"I said take you hand off my mouth." She hissed quietly as she saw the stamped of fangirl run by the entrance of the alley.

"Oh sorry." Itachi said quietly. "Now who are you I haven't seen anybody around here with pink hair." Itachi said looking at her quizzically.

"I'm Sakura Haruno and I am from a small village and I came to enroll at the academy." Sakura said as they looked out of the alley.

"Well it's nice to meet you and are you heading to the Hokage Tower?" Itachi asked.

"Yep." Sakura said smiling at them.

"The Hokage Tower is just down there at the end of the street you can't miss it. It is the biggest building here." Itachi said, Sakura nodded.

"Thanks." Sakura said and ran off down the street. "They seem nice." Sakura said to herself and walked into the Hokage tower. She was about to go up the stairs when Kakashi and his team walked down. "Kakashi!" Sakura said smiling at him.

"Sakura it's good to see you again I told the Hokage that there was a girl that was wanting to enroll in the academy so you can go right in." Kakashi said. Sakura nodded and ran up the stairs to the big oak door and knocked.

"Enter." A gruff voice said threw the door. Sakura pushed the door open.

"Aa you must be the girl Kakashi was talking about." The Hokage said.

"Hai." Sakura said.

"Well then here is the sheet you need to fill out and then I will give it to Iruka and you will begin the academy tomorrow." He said. "Oh do you have a place to stay?" he asked looking her over.

"No sir but I wouldn't mind a small apartment." Sakura said.

"Well then I will talk to the owner of the apartments across the street and you will have a nice apartment by tonight." The hokage said.

"Thanks you Hokage-sama." Sakura said bowing to the hokage. 'I actually don't mind bowing to the hokage he is so nice and unlike Orochimaru.' Sakura thought as she stood up straight again. "So you will call me here when you have gotten me my apartment?" She asked. He nodded

"You may leave now." He said taking her form as she left.

Once outside the tower Sakura started to wonder around and ended up at Ichiraku Ramen. "Well I am hungry." Sakura said and walked in to see a boy being bullied by some older people.

"Your so pathetic you monster!" One hissed and hit the boy.

"Just get out of the village and die you freak!" another said and was about to kick the boy when Sakura stepped in.

"You should pick on somebody your own size and age." Sakura said and glared at them.

"Oh a little girl sticking up for the monster? Well then I guess you deserve a beating too!" the first boy said and was about to hit her when she punched him in the stomach.

"My daddy was a ninja and he taught me how to defend myself so I would advise you get you ass kicked." Sakura said glaring menacingly at them. They shuddered and ran off. "You okay?" Sakura asked knelling down in front of the boy.

He nodded. "Who are you?" he asked in a shaky voice.

"I'm Sakura Haruno. And you are?" she asked putting her hand out.

The boy flinched, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki." He said shaking her hand.

"You want to have some Ramen with me?" Sakura asked pulling out some money.

Naruto nodded furiously. "YES, YES, YES! I LOVE RAMEN!" he cheered and climbed onto the seat the owner of the stand smiled.

"You want your usual?" He asked. Naruto nodded again. "And you little miss?" He asked.

"I'll have some spicy beef ramen please." Sakura said. The man nodded and quickly gave them their ramen. Sakura smiled as she watched Naruto down 6 bowls while she just finished her first. "You know you are going to get sick if you eat all that Naruto-kun." Sakura said smiling at him.

Naruto stopped eating immediately as he heard her call him Naruto-kun. "You called me Naruto-kun." He said in amazement. Sakura nodded.

"Yeah you got a problem with it?" She asked Naruto just shook his head and then finished his Ramen.

"I haven't seen you around here before are you new?" Naruto asked as they walked around the village.

"Yeah I just got here today… I'm enrolling in the academy and I will start tomorrow." Sakura said. "That reminds me I should head to the Hokage tower I have to see if Hokage- sama has got me an apartment yet." Sakura said.

"Can I come Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Sure." Sakura replied and then quickly started running toward the tower. "Catch me if you can!" She shouted.

"HEY NO FAIR!" He shouted and ran after her.

When they reached the Hokage tower they ran up the stairs and Knocked on the door.

"Come in." The Hokage's voice said threw the door.

When they came in Sakura stared in shock at who she was seeing. "You again!" She said pointing at Sasuke and Itachi, not noticing two other people in the room.

"Sasuke, Itachi… Would you care to introduce us?" a monotone voice said.

Sakura looked shocked as she noticed a guy that looked very ugly yet it seemed Sasuke and Itachi respected him. 'is that their dad?! Wow he's ugly.' She thought then looked at the other person. 'how is that possible the mother is so beautiful yet the dad is so, so ugly.' She thought.

"Okaa-san, Tou-san this is Sakura Haruno… we met her when we were being chased by the fangirls." Itachi said. Their Okaa-san started to giggle at that.

"Well it is nice to meet you Sakura-san." Their mother said. Their father just nodded.

"Well Sakura I have your apartment. Here is your key and the number." The Hokage said handing the key to Sakura.

Sakura smiled. "Well um see you tomorrow I guess." Sakura said as she and Naruto quickly left the tower.

"WOW Sakura-chan you met the Uchiha's and practically walked right in on them having a meeting and still survived… You're my hero!" Naruto said and hugged Sakura.

"It wasn't that big of a deal Naruto." Sakura said as she walked into the apartment building and up the stairs. "Well this is my stop see you tomorrow Naruto." Sakura said.

"Wow Sakura-chan! My apartment is only two more floors up!" Naruto shouted. "Night Sakura-chan!" He said and ran up to his apartment.

"My new life starts in the morning." Sakura murmured to her self and

quickly unpacked her stuff and changed into her pj's and went to bed.