New Megaman Battle Network

A complete reimagining of the universe and stories of Megaman Battle Network.

Story 1: New Origins

Chapter 1: First Impressions

The sun shone bright over the metropolis of Den City, capital of the nation of Electopia. Downtown, the air was filled with the sounds of children, as numerous public schools let out at the same time. Running out into downtown, they crowded buses or cable cars in a rush to get themselves home, as the buses drew up to Internet-controlled traffic lights.

Nearly every element of this city, like most cities in the world, was connected to its computerized counterpart, Den Net City. In the year of 2084, most of the world was controlled by computer, and almost every computerized device was linked together by the massive Net. Governments controlled it, scientists developed it, businesses depended on it, and children were taught how to use it in schools.

It was from one such school that three young children were returning home, traveling by cable car to their home suburb of ACDC. One of these three children was particularly excited, as he had received some rather exciting news earlier that day.

"Really? Your own custom Navi?"

Lan nodded, restless in his seat and eager to get home. "Yep! Dad's making it for me and everything! It'll be the best ever!"

Mayl smiled as Lan Hikari, an 11-year-old, spiky brown-haired boy, talked excitedly about his new Net Navigator program, an avatar with which he could surf the Net. Mayl Sakurai, a red-haired, outgoing girl of the same age and height, had been his friend since childhood.

"...and on top of that, I asked Dad if he would be really strong, and he said I wouldn't even have to worry about battles anymore!" Lan finished.

"Ha!" laughed a voice from the cable car row in front of them; Dex Oyama, a tall, stout, darker-skinned boy sat up and turned around to face Lan. "You'll have reason to worry if you try to put any Navi up against my Gutsman! He's not been beaten yet, y'know!"

Lan stuck out his tongue. "We'll see who's laughing after tomorrow, pal! Which of us is the better Operator?" Mayl giggled as the two engaged in a boasting match, one that came to a quick halt as the cable car came to a stop.

"Whoa!" Dex panicked, grabbing onto his seat tight. "What's going on? We run out of gas?"

Lan sit back and sighed. "No, dummy, it's a cable car, remember? It must be another random blackout."

"They've been happening all over the city," Mayl continued, looking outside and seeing several stores without power. She then leaned in, as if she was telling a grand secret. "You know what I heard? I heard that it's actually the work of World Three!"

"World Three? You mean that Net terrorist group?" Lan inquired. Mayl nodded.

"Nah, that's just rumors," Dex said dismissively. "World Three's really powerful, aren't they? If they really wanted to do damage, they'd do something bigger... like blow something up."

Mayl leaned back. "I guess so... that seems more like their style, doesn't it?"

Lan started to reply, but the lights suddenly came back on and the cable car resumed moving, which was met by mild applause from the car patrons. Lan, Mayl and Dex continued their World Three conversation all the way to Lan and Mayl's stop, where they parted ways and went to their individual houses.

"Hey, Mom! Is Dad home yet?" Lan called into the house, tossing his backpack to the side. Lan's mother, Haruka, laughed lightly.

"You know he's not, dear. He always works later on weekdays," she replied from the kitchen, where she was working on Lan's favorite dish, curry rice. "You'll probably have your new present in a few hours, just wait."

Lan sighed and nodded, heading into the family room to watch TV and wait agitatedly.

Eight hours later, Lan was still without his custom Navi.

At 6 pm, his father had come home from work; upon entering his house, he was immediately accosted by Lan, who was eager to see his new gift. Unfortunately, he was made to wait a little longer, as his father, Yuichiro, told him that this Navi was very elaborate and would have a long install time on his Personal Terminal, or PET. Despite instantly running upstairs and starting the install program, by bedtime it still had not installed itself fully. Somewhat disappointed, Lan resigned himself to checking out the Navi in the morning and had climbed into bed, which is where he found himself when he was woken up at 1 am.

A loud beeping shook him out of a deep sleep, which was followed by a computerized voice. "Megaman installation complete." He looked over toward his PET, yawning, where he saw a blue custom Navi of some sort looking out of the screen, apparently inspecting Lan's room.

His exhaustion gone, Lan leapt out of bed and headed for his PET, picking it up and looking inside, which gave the Navi quite a jolt.

"Awesome! Are you my new Navi?" Lan inquired excitedly, as the Navi collected itself and looked back at his new owner.

"Ah, you must be Lan." He smiled and waved. "Hi! I'm Megaman!"

Expecting to see Lan waving back, he was surprised to find Lan looking him up and down. "Doesn't look real Mega to me..."

Megaman blinked. "Huh? What do you mean?"

Lan sit back, a bit disappointed. "Well, when dad told me my Navi was real strong, I was expecting something... y'know, bigger, stronger-looking... but you just look like me if I put a blue suit on."

"Ah... so you're worried about that..." Megaman mused, before flexing a bicep. "Well, you don't need to! I'm plenty strong!"

Lan smiled a bit. "Think you're strong enough to take on Dex's Gutsman?"

"I don't know who he is, but I'll do my best!"

Lan sighed and nodded, picking up his PET. "So what else can you do? You can surf the Net and set calendars and all that, right?"

Megaman nodded. "Yep! I can do anything any other Navi could,don't worry."

"Can you do my homework for me?"

"I can, but I won't," Megaman laughed.

Lan sighed again, his fatigue returning as his excitement wore off. "You're my dad's work, alright..." He yawned big. "Well, we'll see what you can do tomorrow, it's late..." He put the PET back in its charger and headed to his bed, getting tucked in.

"Goodnight, Lan!" Megaman said cheerfully. Lan looked over and saw Megaman smiling wide, almost hopefully wide. Lan smiled a bit himself; Megaman seemed really eager to be liked.

"G'night, Megaman," Lan got out, before closing his eyes and going back to sleep.

The next day, after school, Lan found himself walking with his PET toward the local arcade.

"So, Gutsman's his name?" Megaman inquired from within the PET.

"Mhmm," Lan replied. "He's huge, really strong. He hasn't lost a match yet; Dex has beaten all the other kids at school." He looked down at Megaman concernedly. "You really think you can beat him?"

"Well, I've never fought any other custom Navis, but I know I'm really strong," Megaman replied. "I'll do my best to take him down!"

Lan sighed, not exactly reassured, as a thunderclap sounded overhead. Lan looked up to see a heavy rain begin.

"Oh man, not now... we're nowhere near the arcade!" He looked around and entered the first door he saw, entering a large, gray, nondescript building and then slumping against the door. "We'll just have to wait here until the rain passes."

Megaman looked around to see what he could. "Where are we? It looks like some kind of utility building."

"It's the electric plant," Lan replied, looking around a little himself. "They've been having problems here, too... buncha random blackouts around to-"

As if to drive the point home, the lights went out right at that instant, and Lan slapped his forehead. "Great... what else could go wrong today?"

BOOM! A mild explosion made the floor shake, and Lan yelped and toppled over, losing his balance.

"What the heck was that?" inquired Megaman, as Lan shook it off and climbed back to his feet.

"I don't know, but it doesn't sound good..." He glanced outside, then did a double-take and got a closer look. From what he could tell, there was no part of the city that had power; this was much bigger than the other random blackouts that had happened. His curiosity was pre-empted by a loud alarm that went off inside the building, as workers started running back and forth, talking loudly and alarmedly.

Lan stepped into the hall to try and look around, but was nearly knocked off his feet by two taller men, running by in blue coats with purple arm stripes. "World Three won't get away this time!"

Lan blinked. "What? World Three?"

"Your dad told me about them," Megaman added sternly. "So they're behind this, huh?"

"I... guess so." Lan replied, a bit bewildered. "I'm not sure, it's a bit confusing out here..."

"Lan, jack me in! I'll try and find out what's going on!"

Lan nodded, looking for a jack-in port and finding one a little ways down the hall; he pulled out the cable on his PET. "Be careful in there, alright? I just got you."

Megaman nodded, and Lan plugged the cable into the port on the wall, sending Megaman into the plant's Net.

Upon entering the Net, Megaman only needed one look around to see that something was wrong.

"Viruses! They're everywhere, tearing things up."

Lan groaned. "Damn... just run, they won't pick a fight with us."

Megaman smirked and extended his left arm, which glowed white and became a laser-like extension. "We can't just leave them here to do damage..."

He aimed at the hard-hat-shaped Mettool viruses and started firing. "We should clean up a bit!"

Lan began to protest, but was silent when he saw Megaman's buster in action. A single blast, amazingly, was enough to take care of each virus that Megaman encountered. Before too long, all the viruses in the area were gone.

"Holy... how'd you do that?!" said Lan in amazement. "That was nuts!"

Megaman grinned back. "Told you I was strong, didn't I? Now let's see if those Official guys are anywhere around..." He started running forward, trying to listen for sounds of action or battle.

Before too long, he found what he was looking for, and he ducked behind a nearby machine, peeking out. Two tall, bright orange Official Navis were standing in front of a black-and-yellow, sinister-looking Navi with tesla coils extending from his back in an X shape. All three looked a bit injured and battle-worn.

"You fools dare to challenge the might of Elecman?" the bad Navi demanded. "You fools have no chance against a World Three Navi!"

Before the Official Navis could react, Elecman's arm turned into a long, electrified blade, and he dashed forward at great speed, swiping at both of them. There was a second of silence before both Navis exploded, the sound echoing through the area along with Elecman's derisive laugh.

"Damn, this isn't good," Megaman relayed to Lan. "The Officials are gone, this guy could have control of the electric plant..."

As Megaman remarked, Elecman turned his head to the sky and started to speak. "I know you're watching, you SciLab fools! If you dare try to send more Official Navis, I won't hesitate to completely destroy this plant from the inside out!"

He smirked. "But... if you were to meet World Three's demand of fifty billion Zennys, I may be a bit more agreeable." He laughed again, as Lan watched the scene from his PET screen.

"Lan!" Megaman whispered. "We're the only ones that can stop this guy now! Send me a Battlechip!"

Lan goggled at Megaman. "Are you crazy?! That's a World Three Navi, not some kid's custom job! They're incredibly strong, you can't beat them!"

"You wouldn't even know!" Megaman shot back, frustrated. "You haven't taken me seriously since you got me last night!"

Lan opened his mouth to speak, but decided not to, as Megaman calmed down.

"Look, Lan... I just need you to trust me. I... we have to try. I'm stronger than you think."

Lan thought for a minute, thinking back to Megaman fighting the viruses, and nodded. "Alright... we'll give it a try. But if you look like you're in trouble, I'm jacking you out, got that?"

Megaman nodded, as Lan fed the PET a Cannon Battlechip, causing a cannon to appear on Megaman's right hand. He turned toward the boasting Elecman, aimed the cannon at his head, and fired.

The blast knocked Elecman off his feet and onto his face; when he got back up, he was fuming and looking around. "Who dares-"

He stopped when he saw Megaman smirking at him, his cannon still smoking. "That'd be me, pal! I'm here to take you down!"

Elecman wielded his electric sword once again. "Stupid fool... you think you can succeed where two Official Navis could not?!" He ran toward Megaman at top speed and swiped his sword.

Megaman quickly dodged and flipped away, smirking. "Is that the best you can do?" Enraged, Elecman swiped again and again at Megaman, who dodged each blow with slight but quick movements and mild taunts. After a minute of this, Elecman was panting heavily, while Megaman stood completely fresh in front of him. Lan grinned as he sent Megaman a series of Minibombs to use.

"You arrogant little... don't think you've won!" Elecman got out, catching his breath. He stood up fully and raised his hand, snapping his fingers.

At that instant, the four tesla coils on Elecman's back all shot out electricity at an unprepared Megaman, who took it at full force, crying out.

"Megaman!" Lan exclaimed, as Elecman grabbed the electrocuted Megaman by the leg, grinning evilly.

"Rule #5 of World Three... always have an ace up your sleeve!" Elecman exclaimed, as he spun Megaman around and threw him into a large power converter. Laughing, he fired a Heavy Cannon blast after him, so Megaman and the explosion both hit at the same time. When the smoke cleared, the converter was a pile of rubble, and Megaman was nowhere to be found.

CONNECTION LOST, read Lan's PET, as he slammed his fist into the wall.

"Dammit!" he yelled out. "Megaman... why did you have to go and be the hero?! I barely had you for 12 hours..."

Elecman smirked at the smoldering rubble, then turned his head back upward. "You fools... you really thought you could defeat me, didn't you? Well, see what has happened to your last resort!"

Lan watched, distraught, as Elecman yelled out to SciLab. "Well, I'm a Navi of my word... watch now what happens to your precious city, watch what happens when you try to defy World Three!"

A large explosion from behind made Elecman jump, and he turned around toward the sound. The pile of rubble had exploded violently, with small fires still burning here and there. He watch, horrified, as Megaman emerged and stood up, virtually unscathed.

CONNECTION REESTABLISHED, flashed Lan's PET before returning to a view of Megaman. "You're okay!"

Megaman grinned. "Thanks for those Minibombs, Lan." His face turned slightly to face Elecman, and Lan saw a strong confidence and excitement in his eyes. He seemed to have changed a bit, perhaps even changed into a sort of battle mode.

Megaman chuckled at the shock on Elecman's face. "That's the best you've got, huh?" He stood up fully, ready to battle once again. "Well, I guess it's my turn."

With speed even greater than Elecman's, Megaman dashed forward and punched Elecman square in the jaw, and immediately after delivered a kick to the abdomen that sent him flying. He quickly took out his Buster and shot at Elecman all during his flight, before he crashed into the ground.

"Lan! I need a sword!" Megaman called out.

"Got it!" Lan inserted a Sword Battlechip into his PET immediately; Megaman's right arm glowed white again and transformed into a sword. Megaman grinned again and dashed at Elecman.

Still roughed up, Elecman slowly stood up and turned toward Megaman, to find he was a mere few feet away. He only had time to widen his eyes in shock before Megaman let loose with his sword, swiping away almost randomly. A quarter of a second later, Megaman was behind Elecman, who stood for a second before feeling his tesla coils, along with one arm, drop off.

"Gah!" Elecman fell to one knee and grabbed the crackling, electrified stump that was once his arm. He turned his head toward Megaman.

"You bastard... this isn't over between us! I'll get my revenge for this humiliation!" he snarled, before turning into a beam of light and disappearing upward; he had been jacked out by his operator. Megaman smirked and put his sword away.

"Yes!" Lan shot his fist into the air. "Megaman, that was incredible! He didn't even know what hit him!"

"Told you I was strong, didn't I?" Megaman replied. "Your dad knew what he was doing when he made me."

Lan nodded, prepared to speak again, before he heard footsteps moving in his direction, along with voices.

"The signal said the Navi was jacked in from here!" someone shouted. Lan panicked.

"Megaman, we gotta move!" He jacked Megaman out quickly and took off down the hallway, heading out the door he came in.

Breathing hard, Lan hid right out of sight of the doorway as the Officials passed by, looking for the jack-in port he had used.

"That was close... we don't need ourselves poked and prodded by Officials," Lan said, catching his breath. He then grabbed his PET and looked at Megaman. "I'm sorry I doubted you, Megaman... I had no idea you were that strong."

Megaman smiled. "Don't worry about it, Lan. We're still getting to know each other, we'll have plenty of time to see what we can do together."

Lan nodded, looking upward at the sky, which had stopped raining. "Speaking of which, we better get to our battle with Dex." He grinned. "We'll give him the shock of his life!" Lan started running down the street, laughing to himself, excited for the battle, and for all the days ahead with his new companion.