This was written in a hurry (the span of fifteen minutes, to be exact), but I figured I needed to write something about the first day of fall. You'll notice that it is all dialogue; I was trying something new (it might be confusing, I apologize). Also, I felt the need to capitalize the first letter of the seasons, don't ask me why.

"Happy Autumn, Kurama."

"The same to you, Botan."

"It's not really a holiday, but it's the first day of Fall, and I think that deserves a celebration, don't you think?"


"…You really don't like this time of year, do you?"

"Yes. Everything is dying, and the leaves fall to the ground after their dead, leaving people to trample all over them. The trees turn red and brown, not like the beautiful green they display during the summer."

"But Autumn also means that after Winter comes, everything will grow again in the Spring."

"Of course. But that doesn't mean I can't dislike it."



"…Did you know that Autumn is my favorite time of year?"

"Really? I did not."

"It is. All the leaves fall off the tree and twirl in the wind, as though their putting on a secret dance, just for me, and only those who take the time to stop and look can see it too."

"I…never thought of it that way."

"Tell me, Kurama, what is your favorite time of the year?"

"Sometime around the beginning of spring, when everything is growing again. Perhaps it starts when the daffodils start to poke up through the snow. But I dislike Autumn the most, perhaps even more than Winter, where nothing grows."

"Really? Well, it looks like we have two different opinions on this season. I understand where you're coming from, Kurama, being able to manipulate plants and all, but I really think it's beautiful at this time of year. Even more than Spring, maybe. It's a more…subtle, I think, kind of beauty. Do you see?"

"Yes, Botan. Though this does not change my view."

"Your take on this doesn't change my view either."

"I didn't want it to."


"Hey, Kurama? What's the matter? You seem kind of…depressed."

"It's nothing to be worried about, Kuwabara."

"Is it the season? Y'know, with all the plants dying an' stuff?"

"No. It used to be, but someone changed my view on that recently. I've learned to appreciate the more…subtle…beauty about fall."

"Happy Autumn, Kurama!"

"And a very Happy Autumn to you too, Botan."