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Serenity Lunae watched as her father disappeared into the woods for his usual night run. The moon was full and bathed the man in a stream of light. He waited at the edge of the trees for more men and women, including Serenity's mother, to join him. Shedding their clothes they howled at the moon as their skin started to crawl. Their skins were covered by fur of different colors. Serena's father stood at the head of the group after they had all changed. He was as dark as the midnight hour on the nights when the moon didn't glow. Her mother, on the other hand, was a fair golden brown. She stood along side her husband as they waited for everyone to be ready for the run. Serenity's parents looked over at her through the window where she watched. She could tell they were smiling at her so she smiled back. Faster than a snap of a twig under a hunter's boot Serenity's father lept into a run through the forest with her mother and the rest of the pack following.

Serenity turned around in the large living room. Her home was a large cabin in the middle of the woods. It was isolated from the human population that lived in the town a mile or so down the road. Trees hid the house from the road's view and followed a long driveway into the courtyard. Serenity decided to curl up in her father's favorite leather chair and read a bit before Abby would come in and send her to bed. Right as she picked up her book five boys came in laughing. Leading them was the oldest, Darien. His raven black hair matched his wolf fur and his deep blue eyes caught Serenity's stare instantly. "Aw, if it isn't the little princess." Darien laughed. "I didn't know you could read!"

"Shut up Darien!" Serenity growled. Darien just kept laughing as he walked over and plucked the book out of Serenity's hands. "Hey! Darien, that's mine!"

"Aw, now let's see what our sweet little Serenity's reading. Hans Christian Anderson… fairy tales? Aw please Serenity. You know these things never come true." Darien said. He threw the book back in the chair Serenity had just vacated.

"Why can't you just leave me alone?" Serenity asked as she plucked her book back up. She pressed it to her chest protectively. Darien was only a few inches taller than her since he was 13 along with the others who stood behind him. Serenity on the other hand was only 6 so still considered a true pup in the eyes of the pack. Darien and his friends were allowed to start learning how to be a true wolf while Serena had to stay home for another year or so.

"Because we still aren't allowed to run with the pack. Don't worry, soon we'll be able to and you'll be all by yourself." Darien said.

"Are you all behaving yourselves?" An old woman asked as she entered the house. She shook off some snow that sat on her shoulders and the hood of her jacket.

"Of course Abby." Darien said, rolling his eyes.

"Good, now boys, I believe you have homework to do." The group of boys all groaned as they flopped on various pieces of furniture in the room or on the rug in the middle. "Don't give me that response. Your parents all told me what needs to be done. So get going, it sounds like some of you have your work cut out for you, especially you Zachary."

"Yes Abby." Zack groaned. He had his long light brown hair pulled back in a pony tail. His brother, Jeff, laughed. He had the same colored hair, but his was cut short.

"Serenity, let's get you ready for bed." Abby said.

"But Abby! I want to read a little bit more!" Serenity whined.

"Little girls have to go to bed early. You know that Princess." Darien laughed.

"Shut up Darien!" Serenity yelled.

"Serenity, calm down. You need to go take your bath then I want you in bed. If you're fast enough I'll let you read for a little bit." Abby said.

"Ok, Abby." Serenity said.

Serenity took her book with her into the bathroom just in case Darien tried to steal it again. She placed it carefully on the counter before getting ready for her bath. She relaxed in the warm water, but the quiet time was quickly over as she started going through the arduous task of washing her long golden hair. During the bath Abby placed her night clothes on the counter before quickly leaving. She was just finishing drying herself off when Darien burst through the door.

"Darien!" Serenity shrieked. She quickly turned around and pulled her shirt over her head. Darien just ran over and grabbed her hand. "Darien, what are you doing!"

"We have to go."

"What are you talking about?" Before Darien answered Serenity saw the other members of the pack rushing through the house gathering precious things. "Abby! What's going on?" Serena's question turned the old woman's attention to the two children.

"Darien, take Serenity into the forest. Follow one of the adults to safety, ok?" Darien just nodded and pulled Serena out through the door. Darien found one of the adults running into the forest with Mike and Nathan so he followed them. To Serenity it felt hours that they were running. They ran right past the river that was the borders to the pack's territory and kept heading towards the safety of secret caves in the hills.

"Darien, I'm tired." Serenity said as she tried to keep up.

"I'll take her." One of the young men from the pack, Andrew, said. He had light golden hair like Serenity that fell in his eyes like Darien's. Her quickly scooped Serenity off the ground before Darien could argue. All around them wolves raced through the shadows along with men and women carrying things that Serena recognized from her home along with other pack member's homes.

When they reached the caves Serenity was trembling from the cold and fear of what was going on. Andrew set her down by one of the fires so she could get warm before he walked over to find his own parents. Darien came over and sat next to her, pulling her into a comforting hug. "O, Serenity! Thank god you made it safely."

"Abby? What's going on?" Serenity asked quietly. Abby looked sadly down at the ground and seemed to refuse to answer her question.

"Hunters. The pack ran into them during the run. Your parents ran off in a different direction to distract them so the rest of us could get away." Abby explained.

"Are they here yet?" Serenity asked, looking around the crowd for the first time.

"Serena, we don't think they're coming back." Abby said, tears in the corner of her eyes. The words quickly hit Serenity and the tears just started falling. She curled into Darien's side and cried herself to sleep.


The next morning a few of the men of the pack went into the forest hoping to get a trail to follow to find their missing Alpha's. They were gone for a few hours before coming back. One held the body of a woman, her hair long enough to brush the ground as she was carried. Everyone crowded them when they returned. Serenity's mother was barely breathing and had multiple large wounds that were barely crusted over.

"Momma!" Serenity yelled as she pushed her way through the group of people. A few people tried to stop her, but Serena just pushed her.

"Serenity…" Her mother said quietly. Her eyes were dull and her voice weak.

"Momma…" Serenity cried.

"My little baby." Serenity's mother smiled once more before the last of the light in her eyes was finally gone and her body became still.

"Momma! Momma!" Serenity cried, shaking her mother. "No, Momma…" She felt arms scoop her up and recognized them as Andrew's from the night before. "Momma…" she cried. Andrew took her to the back of the cave where Serena cried herself to sleep again, clinging to Andrew.