AN: Avatar the Last Airbender and Ty Lee are not mine, I'm just borrowing them for the moment.

Just a small little bit about the aftermath of Ty Lee's decision after the events of the Boiling Rock.

Ty Lee didn't remember making the decision but suddenly Azula was on the floor paralyzed by Ty Lee's well placed strikes. Mai and Azula looked at her with equal looks of shock.

"Come, we have to go," she urged Mai, taking no notice of Azula's stunned expression.

They never made, instead Azula had them locked away in a heavily guarded prison. Now Ty Lee's days were spent in a cell, relishing the small amount of time outside that she got. It was there where she found the Kyoshi warriors that she had helped imprison. Suddenly they had a lot in common.

"Do you regret your decision?" asked one of the warriors one day.

Ty Lee looked at the other girl thoughtfully as she considered her question. Did she regret the events at the Boiling Rock prison? Ty Lee had not given much serious thought to her actions but now her mind looked at her decision and actions much more closely. The following day Ty Lee had an answer.

"No," she told the warrior. "For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm free."