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The wind rustled the trees in the park. Sakuno was taking a walk by herself to clear her mind of everything that had happened that week. Since Ryoma left to go to the US Open things just didn't seem right. She knew that he would be coming back, but she still felt like something was wrong. As she was walking she came across a softball rolling in front of her.

"Mika, that's the 15th pitch in a row!" Sakuno heard a little girl say from a nearby softball field.

Sakuno reached down and picked up the softball and started to walk over to the field were two girls that looked to be about the age of 10 were practicing pitching. When she stepped onto the field she said, "Excuse me but is this your ball?"

"Oh thank you! I'm having a really hard time pitching and it seems like most of the balls are going over the fence." said the girl standing on the pitching mound.

"Can I see you pitch?" Sakuno looked at the girl. The pitcher nodded and pitched the ball. Her arm circled around and released the ball flying through the air, this time hitting the backstop high. "Your timing is off, you need to release the ball sooner and quicken your arm motion."

"Are you a pitcher?" asked the other girl that was catching for the pitcher.

"I use to be but then I stopped, do you want me to show you how it's done?" Sakuno asked.

The pitcher nodded and handed her ball and glove to Sakuno. She took her spot on the mound and then pitched the ball. It zoomed to the catcher's glove. The catcher didn't even have to move her glove from her starting position.

"Wow!! You're really good!" The pitcher said. She rushed over to Sakuno and pitched the ball again. This time she got it in the strike zone! "Wow it worked thank you sooooo much…er…"

"Sakuno, may I ask your names?"

"Mika and this is Suji." The pitcher said. "Oh no look at the time, we better be going! Thank you again Sakuno!" Then they ran off.

Sakuno decided to stay for a little while longer little did she know there was a curious red head watching her! Sakuno walked around the bases remembering the joy she felt when she once ran them. Why did she ever give up softball in the first place?

That's right, her grandmother always wanted her to play tennis but the problem was she never could figure out why people found tennis a fun sport. Then when Ryoma came she really paid attention to tennis and learned that it was a pretty fun sport. She stopped playing softball so she could play tennis but she was never as good at tennis as she was at softball.

Sakuno walked over to the pitchers mound and a cool breeze lifted her two long braids off her shoulders and she closed her eyes. She remembered how people thought she couldn't pitch well because she wasn't tall or big, (which gets you more speed on the ball) she was a short slender girl.

Once when she was little she was getting picked on because of that. Then she started to pitch to them and struck them all out. For some reason she was really confident when she played softball, unlike when she is at school.

Then someone shouted and her eyes flew open, "SAAAKKKUUUUNNNOOOOO!!" she looked over to see Eiji waving at her.

Sakuno walked off of the field to where Eiji was standing. "Hello Eiji!" she said smiling.

"What were you doing out there?" He asked energetically.

"Oh-um, I just was helping a little girl with her pitching, but she had to go home."

Eiji grinned, "Do you play softball?"

"I use to but I stopped." She said shyly.

"Aw, what happened? Oh you stopped playing softball and start tennis because of Ryoma!" Eiji was jumping up and down with a grin on his face.

Sakuno's face was as red as a tomato, "N-no that isn't it, my grandma wanted me to do tennis but I could only do one sport at a time!"

"So you gave up softball?"

"Yah, but now I'm wishing I just stuck with softball. Tennis is a fun sport and all but I would rather watch it than play." Sakuno looked at the ground.

"So are you going to quite tennis and start softball again?"

"Um- I think so," she looked at her watch, "Oh my it's getting late I better get home. Well I'll see you around Eiji!" Sakuno ran waving back at Eiji.

"Bye, Bye Sakuno!" He wave back. Then he decided to go home too.

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