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Name: Anatomy for Dummies

Author: redireas

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POV: 3rd person

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A/N: Took me forever to get this online! Well, anyways, just thanks to jayeliwood. I had a terrible dose of writers block prior to her contest. Also thanks to katetastic, my awesome beta. My first lemon, so enjoy it lots!

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Twilight. I don't own Bella. And, most unfortunately, I don't own Edward.


I want to blow Dr. C, thenewest addition to the ladies restroom at Forks High, accurately reflected the general tone of the campus: horny and frustratingly illegal.

Doctor C, or if you wish to get specific,Doctor Cullen, had recently joined the science faculty at Forks High School. He taught anatomy ("How fitting!" Jessica squealed as she observed his fine physique) and had every single female within a ten-mile radius drooling. Students couldn't focus during class; they were constantly distracted by the passion in his eyes as he described the most vivid images, like carcass innards. He was a regular contestant—and winner—in the who'd you do game at weekly teacher luncheons. Even parents—married mothers, no less—fawned over him at the first parent-teacher conference of the year, smiling and tilting their necks side-to-side in order to show the most cleavage.

And the best part was that the Doc was utterly clueless. He had no idea that youngsters were discussing what scandalous things they wanted to do to him in the janitor's closet. He hadn't the slightest that Ms. Fleming, the eldest and sweetest of all librarians, wanted him to mow her lawn ("naked, of course"). And he was fairly convinced that all of the foot-games parents had played with him were innocent leg stretches that meant nothing.

This just made him that much more appealing.

Only one person didn't seem to find him unearthly attractive.

"Bella, over here!" Alice screamed from the corner of the lunchroom, waving her hand mid-air like a lunatic.

Bella walked, or, well, maneuvered, her way across the lunchroom and toward her friends. "Sorry, I'm late," she breathed, "Sampson just gave me a lecture on not breaking test tubes…" But before Bella could finish her story, the topic had drifted to Doctor Cullen. Again. She wasn't sure how long she'd have to put up with this, but if it didn't end soon, she'd volunteer to sit at the math-counts table.

"Today, he's wearing this silk shirt—oh my God he is beautiful."

Alice laughed. "I know, right? I wish every teacher was that gorgeous. Maybe then I would actually do my homework…"

Jasper, Alice's boyfriend, sat next to her without any hint of jealousy. He was clearly used to the girls discussing such things. Rosalie, who had broken her kiss with Emmett to feed him a strawberry, added, "I don't know. I just get distracted all class period," and Emmett bit at her neck. Bella rolled her eyes. How could Rosalie complain about distractions? The damn girl knew nothing about sexual frustration.

"What about you, Bella?" Angela queried, "Finally seen how sexy he is?"

Bella wrinkled her nose; she didn't like thinking about teachers that way. She didn't like thinking about her teachers period.

Alice chuckled at Bella's reaction. "I don't know. I mean, he was looking at you yesterday."


"No seriously," Alice assured her, offering Jasper some of her cookie, "The end of the block, after distributing the quizzes…"

"You're right!" Angela chipped. "Silly me, I thought he was looking at Jessica… I wanted to vomit… she's such a whore."

Alice interjected, "No, I'm sure he was looking at Bella."

"Okay," Jasper sighed, "I've had enough of this for today. I can only listen to my girlfriend obsess about another guy for a few hours at a time."

The girls stopped talking about the doctor, which made incredibly Bella grateful. She shot Jasper a thank you look and picked at her peanut butter sandwich.

She was glad for the change of subject because, well, she had noticed Doctor Cullen looking at her. She didn't want to admit it, but he had given her chills.

…and he might've even smiled at her…

"Bella, you look really uncomfortable," Angela prompted, "what's going on?"

"Nothing," she said quickly.

"Bullshit." Alice raised an eyebrow at Bella.

"I'm just nervous," Bella explained, "I don't think I did well."

"On the anatomy quiz?"


"Bella that was the easiest test I've ever taken. I'm sure you aced it."

But she wasn't so sure. She had second guessed herself on it, hadn't even studied the night before…

Her fears were confirmed that afternoon when the girls took their seats in anatomy.

"Bella, Jesus, you're shaking."

"Shit," Bella swore. Something must've been awful because Bella never swore…out loud.

"What'd you get?" Jessica asked from across the table. She was beaming. Clearly she had a good grade.

Bella flipped her quiz over—so that snooping Jessica wouldn't be able to see all of the red x's on her paper. It was bad. A 59. Bella couldn't remember the last time she failed a test that badly.

"It's okay," Angela whispered into her ear. "I got a 73."

As if this was supposed to make her feel better.

"Maybe," Alice sung nearby, "he'll offer to tutor you after school!" She fanned herself and made a face as though she was melting from the doctor's hotness.

"Whatever," Bella mumbled, taking out her textbook, wanting to die.

They were beginning a new unit today, and Bella was far enough behind for Doc's words to sound Greek. She gaped at him through most of the lesson—what the fuck is he talking about?—and didn't even care that he glanced her way a few times. Well, she didn't care because he didn't smile.

"Well, that was completely useless," Bella whined at the end of class, gathering her things to leave.

"Do you want to go out for ice cream?" Angela was a wizard at diversionary tactics. "Emmett is giving us a ride, if you want to come."

"Sure," Bella said, "I'll meet you in a bit. I've gotta get gas and all."

Just as Bella was about to exit, she ran into Doctor Cullen in the doorway. There was an awkward pause as the three of them—Angela, Bella, and the doctor—waited for someone to speak. Bella turned red as he addressed her, "Bella, I think we should talk."

"S-sure," she stammered, forcing herself not to look at Angela, who was making obscene gestures with her hands.

"Good." He did seem pleased. He turned to Angela, "have a pleasant afternoon, Ms. Weber."

"You too," Angela cheered, waving goodbye to Bella. "See you at Hardigans. Don't rush."

Then she winked. Angela actually winked.

Bella didn't think she could get any redder. Her cheeks truly felt as though they were on fire.

"If it's inconvenient, we can meet at a later time."

"No," Bella said, too quickly. "Today's fine. What did you want to discuss, Doctor?"

He smiled as she called him Doctor. That damn grin of his… Jesus!

Bella contemplated completely unraveling in his presence. Then she figured it would be inappropriate to tackle her teacher. Her very young, very attractive teacher…

"Your grades, actually. Can you take out your quiz?"

Bella cleared her throat, "Yes, of course," she slipped off her backpack and ruffled through the first component, very conscious of her low-cut shirt and what body part she was exposing as she did this. She bit her lip. "Here, Doctor."

His smile grew into a short laugh. "Bella, you can call me Edward."


He laughed again, this time at her puzzlement. "I'm not really a doctor, Bella."

"Oh." How much more embarrassing could this get? "But, why does everyone call you…"

"It started as a joke between me and Lars—or, you know him as Mr. Stanton. He calls me doc because I teach anatomy. Not because I have a medical degree…"

"Oh." She repeated. She felt like a total idiot.

"So," he clapped his hands together and grabbed the quiz from Bella's slack hands. "Let's discuss, shall we?"

She nodded.

"This grade isn't the only thing that concerns me, Bella." He began and Bella took a seat in a vacant chair, he scooted himself onto the adjacent table. "The first weeks of school you seemed so…so eager." He spoke so passionately about everything! She would listen to anything he said if he sounded this enthusiastic. She nodded, just to keep him talking. "But lately you've appeared…disinterested?"

"No," she nearly shouted. "I'm not disinterested at all!"

"What is it then? Some distraction? I would completely understand if you wished not to tell me, I'm just trying to help you in the classroom."

Bella thought about what had changed in the past week that would make her grades fall. Oh, yeah. Maybe the fact that she had suddenly become aware of her anatomy teacher's hot bod? And the fact that he had been looking at her? And smiling at her? Yeah, that might be a bit distracting.

"I guess I am a little distracted…"

He sounded intrigued. "What is it? Something in the class?"

Oh yes, she imagined telling him, I have this amazingly attractive teacher who I image fucking all during class? Something told her not to share that bit of information…

"It's nothing really."

He pressed on, "Bella, if something in the class is distracting you, we need to figure out how to take care of it."

She blushed at his use of we.

"It's nothing, Doctor. Or," she remembered, "Edward. It's just…guy problems…"

He furrowed his brow. "Guy problems? Bella, do you need me to beat someone up?"

Bella's jaw dropped in shock. "It was a joke Bella."

"Right," she cleared her head of the awkwardness.

Doctor Cullen—Edward, Edward!—noticed that he had reached a touchy subject. He was back to discussing his class, "I'm free if you'd like a tutor. Sometimes one-on-one conferencing works well against classroom distractions."

"Yeah," she nodded, "One-on-one. Yes. That sounds great. Thank you."

"No problem," he smiled and handed her back the quiz. "Does tomorrow afternoon work for you?"

"Yeah, that should be fine."

"Okay," He smiled, "I'll see you tomorrow, then. And, oh, Bella, don't forget your purse."

"Thanks," she mumbled.

"Bye," he said.

"Bye," she said.

"Isabella Swan!" Alice called from across the ice cream parlor. "I hope you had a fabulous time with Dr. Sex."

"Don't call him that."

"What? Dr. Sex? How about Dr. Scrumptious? Or…"

"Alice, please," Jasper moaned, "I'm going to throw up in my strawberry vanilla…"

"Oh, honey," she cooed, "you know I love you."

"Yeah, yeah." He grumbled, "Hey, Bells, can you pass a napkin?"

"So," Angela beamed, "what happened?"

"Nothing," Bella lied.

"Yeah, right," Rosalie countered, "you're blushing."

"She always blushes," Emmett added.


"Stop being so sarcastic, Bella," Alice whipped up the spilt ice cream, "Are you going to tell us what happened or what?"

"Nothing!" She blurted, "we just talked about my grades and he…" she tried to calculate what kind of response the following would get from her friends, "he offered to tutor me tomorrow afternoon."


"Bella, you are so fucking him…"


"Sorry, but it's true."

"She's right," Rosalie smiled knowingly. "When Jessica asked him for extra help, he reminded her that there's tutoring every afternoon in the library…"

"That's because even Doc knows she's a whore."

"Guys, stop!" Bella was tired of talking about this. She was uneasy enough as is…

"Just one thing, then we'll stop," Emmett leaned towards her, "wear lacey underwear tomorrow. And bring a condom."

Though she would never admit it, Bella took Emmett's advice. She planned her outfit the night before; a set of capris that hugged her hips and—another—low cut shirt. She even made sure to wear sexy underwear. Or, as sexy as Bella's underwear came: boy-shorts that nicely gripped her ass and a matching pink bra. But she didn't bring a condom. She didn't even own one.

"Good afternoon, Bella."

She shivered as the doctor spoke. He was much too kind, much too beautiful, to be this close to her. She let out a breath of air.

"Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine." She lied.

"Okay then, why don't we go over the quiz…"

They found chairs at the center table of the classroom and set to work grading her papers. He insisted that she use her book to help correct herself.

"This," she ran her fingers over the page of her textbook, "doesn't help me. I don't know why, I just have trouble learning this from a book."

"Ah," Edward scooted across the room to grab a skeleton. He placed it before her at the desk. "You must be a hands-on learner. This should help you. Now, where's the femur?"

Bella touched the skeleton's thigh. "Good," he said. "Sometimes it's easier to learn these things on a model."

Bella nodded. Her eyes darted to the clock; it was 3:30 on a Thursday. Certainly teachers would be leaving shortly. "Alright, what about the radius?" Bella hesitated. She knew the bone was in the arm, but she couldn't remember exactly where…

"No," the doctor said, "that's the ulna." Edward took Bella's sweaty hand and set it on the table, palm upright. "This," he took a single finger and traced the length of her inner forearm, "is the ulna. The bone leading to the pinky is the ulna. But the other bone, to the thumb, is the"

"Radius," Bella answered, praying he wouldn't move his hand.

But he did. "Yes. Now, what about the carpal?"

Bella no longer found the need for the manikin. Instead, she touched her wrist in a passably seductive way.

"Good," he breathed. "What about the clavicle?"

Bella's heart pulsed loudly in her ears and thumped in her chest. She pulled her hand away from her wrist and drew it to her collar bone. She began to trail her fingers along her exposed chest, back and forth against the bone. "Here," she breathed.

Her fingertips found the cavity between the left and right sides of her clavicle. She let her fingers linger there. "What's this?"

"I—I don't know what you're talking about." He stuttered. She could sense his loss of concentration.

"Here," she grabbed his cold fingers and pressed them just below her throat. "Here," as she spoke she felt his hands about the vibrations in her neck. "And this?" She asked, her voice wavering slightly, "This is my sternum?" She took a deep breath and led his fingers into the top of her shirt, letting them follow the length of her sternum, gliding him between her breasts.

She moaned unconsciously.

"Bella," Edward snapped out of it. "Bella, I…"

"I'm sorry Doctor," she apologized before he could finish his sentence. "It's my fault." Her face was as bright as her untouched underthings as she hurried over to gather up her stuff.

How…how mortifying!

"Bella, please…"

"Thanks for helping me Doctor," Bella squeaked, nearly throwing her bookbag across the room in the rush. "Have a good day!" She chirped at an almost sprint to the door.

"Bella, wait."

Although she might've regretted it, Bella turned to see him. She was alone in the deserted hallway, still bright and gasping from his touch. He stood at the entrance to his classroom, holding her agenda loosely between his fingertips. "You forgot your agenda."

"Thanks," Bella said, flustered. She walked towards him—focusing entirely on her calendar, not his face—when something caught her eye.

Wait. Was he…? Could he…?

And after a solid second glance she was positive. He was hard.

Cullen met her gaze reassuringly, holding out the agenda a bit further, encouraging her to take it. But she didn't. She just looked at him.

What the hell was happening?

…He was hard!

"If you ever need my help with anything, please feel free to ask," he tried—and failed—to act casual.

"Thank you," Bella took the agenda from him. She considered walking away—she really did!—but her feet remained still. "I guess I wouldn't mind your advice on…something."

"Shoot," he said, crossing his arms and pretending, shockingly convincingly, that he did not have his rather obvious boner.

"It's about what's distracting me in class," she continued.


"It's a…a guy thing."


"I think I like this guy. But I'm, er, not supposed to like him."

"Oh," he whispered, "forbidden love."

She ignored his bite of sarcasm and pressed on. "Yes. But it's more than forbidden. It's…"

"Illegal?" Edward prompted.

"No!" Bella squealed, "it's perfectly legal." She was 18, after all! "It's just… immoral..."

"Oh, well, now you've got me convinced!"


"Bella we can't do this."

"Do what?"

"Do… what you want to do."

"And what is that exactly?"

She was being awfully frustrating. "You want to do something that will, no doubt, get me fired."

"Looks like you want to do it, too."

So, they had finally acknowledged the present in Doctor C's pants.

"I can't answer that Bella."

"It wasn't a question."

Bella wasn't entirely sure where she'd found this confidence. How on earth had she found herself threatening to sexually harass her anatomy teacher?

"Look," Edward spoke softly, "don't speak so loudly. There are other teachers in the school."

"I," She began, "will speak as loud as I want."

"Bella," he pleaded. "I don't want to get us into trouble."

"Trouble! Really? Were you so worried about that when…when…"

Dr. Cullen had had it. He took Bella by the arms and pulled her forcefully into the classroom, kicking the door shut behind her. "I don't know what you expected to happen today, but I am not about to jeopardize everything for a boner."

Bella didn't speak. She stood against the wall, utterly ashamed and, almost, frightened. It took her a moment to speak, though she couldn't look the doctor in the eyes. "I should go," she shook and headed back for the door.

"Wait," he pulled her by a strap on her backpack. "Don't go yet."

It sounded like a command.

He guided her to face him, to look her straight in the eyes. She was confused by his expression, though she could deduce that was undergoing a serious internal battle. He looked pained when he said "Would you mind…staying? To keep me company?"

"Aren't you ready to go home?" She asked, wishing he wouldn't tease her like this.

"There's nothing waiting for me at home except a television and frozen dinner." He said.

"Okay," Bella decided and waited for him to the move. And he did, carefully slinging her backpack off her.

"We should get back to studying," he suggested, not taking his hand off of her shoulder. She followed him to their table, marveling at his hard on and how he could act as though it didn't exist.

Bella sat on the table, crossing her knees and ankles, out of habit more than anything. "Okay," the doctor began the charade, asking her the most innocent of bones as she touched herself.

"Fibula," he began. Bella reached for her shins, thanking God that she had been prepared enough to shave last night.

"What about the cuboids?" Bella bent further off the desk, touching her ankles.

"Lumbar vertebra."

Bella located the bones in her mind, then arched back to reach her lower spine. She felt Dr. Cullen watch her as she pressed her chest into the air.

"Right," he focused on the vocabulary sheet, "cervical vertebra."

Bella paused. She had absolutely no idea what the cervical vertebra was. She figured, as a vertebra, it would be located on her spine, so she continued to drum against her back and look hopelessly at him.

He chuckled at her expression and shook his head. Edward parted her legs and stepped between them, so her legs were dangling at his side. When he reached behind her neck, she felt enveloped by him and his warm lavender scent. "It's here," he said hollowly into her ear. She shivered as his breath tickled her ear and neck. He carefully touched her upper spine, running his fingers up and down along her neck. He was so close to her now that she could feel his erection between her legs. She involuntarily arched back and sighed. He reacted to her, lightly brushing his lips against her ear as he spoke:

"These," Edward found Bella's hands, resting tensely in her lap. He pulled her hand before him and slipped her forefinger into his mouth. He began to suck it rhythmically. She felt him breathe in through his nose as he said, "this is a digit." Though he said it while sucking, so she couldn't understand him but feel the hotness of his breath and tongue. He slowly pushed her back against the table, leaning over her to suck on her finger as he did so. Once she was perpendicular to him, he lovingly slid his mouth off of her wet finger.

"Here," he cleared his throat and pushed her legs further apart. "This is the patella," he cupped her kneecaps in his hand and gently massaged them. Then he began to lead his hands up her thigh.

"This, as you know," he continued on as if this was an average lesson, "is the fibula." Bella shivered beneath him as his hands drew further and further up, closer and closer to her throbbing center. He gripped her bottom and grinded her against him. Bella moaned. The doctor let his hands linger on her hips. "This," he said hollowly, so seductive, "is the iliac fossa." Bella breathed heavily as he held her lower back and brought her upright to him.

Anatomy wasn't too bad.

He started to kiss her neck, drawing lines of wetness from her clavicle to her jaw. Bella groaned softly and found his mouth with hers so, for the first time, they could share tongues. She kissed him hungrily, fiercely attacking him with her tongue and teeth until she heard a moan from the back of his throat. She smiled into his mouth.

Edward's hands roamed her waist, locating the end of her shirt and coaxing it up and over her head. She heard another noise from his throat as he began to nip at her chest. "And this," he cleared his throat, "is the clavicle." He started at her left, kissing the bone all the way across her chest. He grunted as he reached the center and began to kiss down her sternum, "this is the breastbone." Bella shivered against him. He laughed lightly, his mouth vibrating pleasantly against her. He then lunged for the soft part just above her nipples and started to massage her skin with his teeth and tongue.

Bella let her arms relax against his shoulder, fluffing up his hair and feeling the bits of sweat working up at the back of his head. Then, in a sudden moment of daring, she found the buttons of his dark, silk shirt. She worked them as he returned to her mouth.

The second he shrugged off his shirt, Bella went for his belt buckle. Edward laughed once again, this time into her mouth, and sent her lips buzzing.

He then heaved her closer to him. Bella wrapped her legs tighter around him, loving the sensation she felt from his erection. She arched back, pressing her pelvis even closer to him and letting her chest and neck elongate in a way that obsessed Edward.

He began licking and kissing her long neck and, in one line, traced his tongue to the tops of her breasts, eagerly tasting her. As he did so, he felt for her bra strap and unhooked it easily. Bella whined as he nudged the pink cotton down to expose her nipples, pink and swollen. He wrapped his lips around her left nipple and ran his thumb over her right. Quickly they had grown pert, and Edward continued to cover them with his tongue.

"Oh," Bella cried quietly, "Doctor…"

He grinned into her breasts. The nickname didn't sound so awful now

She wanted him in her mouth again. She pulled him up to her and, as she gasped heavily, he kissed her ear, her jaw, her nose. But soon enough, he found her lips again. She was content.

Almost content.

Bella fumbled awkwardly beneath her, searching for his jean buckle. When Edward noticed what she was doing, he nipped casually at her ear and said, "Not yet."

Edward went back to kissing her mouth, slowly encouraging her to lie down until she was perpendicular to him, flat across the table. Then he let his fingers start at her breasts, drawing a beautiful, woven composition across her chest, between her breasts and down until he was at the tip of her capris.

Bella cried before he even unbuttoned them.

He smiled at her adorable pink underwear as he slid her pants from her bottom and down her legs, which kept attacking his sides. Then he unclasped his own, exposing his thin, black boxers. He kissed her soft belly, leaving a trail of kisses around her bellybutton, and worked his way down. Bella shuddered as he began to lick her underwear, which was already moist. His mouth located her entrance, hidden beneath the pink cotton, and licked it fervently, quickly finding her spot through the fabric. He didn't stop until he could taste his saliva mix with the wetness that was soaking through her panties. "Please, please," she whimpered beneath him. He answered by removing his boxers and hurriedly ripping hers from her body.

"Please," she whined, "please."

He bent down to his pockets and found a condom. The damn package couldn't open fast enough.

"Hurry," she pleaded, "please, doctor, hurry."

He finally managed to get it on and victoriously grabbed at her hips, pulling her against him as he stood before her. He entered her slowly at first, afraid to hurt her. But he quickly broke down the barrier between them, working his way deeper and deeper into her. She began to cry out at his every thrust. He placed her clitoris with his right hand, rhythmically working it, and kept her hips still with his left. "Doctor!" She called, "Edward! Doctor! Cullen!" She began to rise up slightly, reaching for him as she came. "Oh my God, oh MY GOD!" And he soon followed her, shuddering against her naked body.

He remained inside her for a moment as he observed her. She was pink, glistening with sweat, and beautiful. He touched her thigh tenderly before removing himself.


"What?" Bella asked, still recovering from her massive orgasm.

She was bleeding.

"Oh my god!" She squealed, as realization broke her calmness. "I'm so sorry!"

She jumped up to get a towel or anything she could find, but Edward steadied her. "It's okay," he soothed. "You were a virgin." He didn't look exactly happy about it, "I just… didn't know that."

But that couldn't keep Bella from feeling guilty as he grabbed paper towels. "I'm sorry," she blushed even more than Edward thought possible.

"Bella," he looked her directly in the eye, "It's okay." He kissed her lightly on the lips and then encouraged her legs to open. She watched in amazement as he wiped her so carefully. She no longer felt guilty but… flattered…

When he was finished, he grabbed more towels for the table and himself. He slid into his boxers as he threw everything away and washed his hands.

He turned to find Bella staring at him. He smiled to shake the guilty thoughts from his head. He said, wavering, "You're beautiful."

Bella didn't blush this time; she didn't hide her face or giggle. Instead she smiled self-assuredly back at him. "So're you."

He jumped onto the table, sat right next to her. "I never thought I would do this," he mused, tucking a strand of her wet hair behind her ear.

"What," Bella asked, breathless, "you've never had sex on a table before?"

"Ha ha, very funny," though he was smiling. "No. I never thought I'd want a student."

Bella frowned. "I wish you wouldn't see me that way. As your student."

"But you are."

"I know," she furrowed her brow, "but I just think we should see each other as equals. I mean," she flushed, "at least in this…setting…"

Edward touched her shoulder and traced the freckles there. "I agree."

Then he paused. "You are legal, right?"

Bella laughed. "I'm eighteen. I've only been eighteen for a few weeks, but I'm still legal!"

Edward frowned. "That makes me feel like such a pervert."

"You can't be that old, right? You're right out of school, you're not a doctor… I'm going to guess 23."

"24," he corrected her.

Bella held back a wince. "18 and 24…. Why couldn't we have met later? None of this stuff matters when you're in your 20's…"

Edward kissed her and said, jokingly, "You still like me?"

"Uh, duh," Bella was shocked he would even ask, "You are the best I've ever had."

"I'm the only you've ever had."

"That too."

Edward smiled. He was beginning to look a little more comfortable.

"What're we going to do?"

"We'll wait," he said.

"Just see what happens?"

"Yeah, I guess." Doctor Cullen looked her directly in the eye. "I don't want to force you into anything, Bella. If you feel uncomfortable at all…I will stop immediately…"

"Don't," Bella whined.


He sighed.

"So," Bella was unsure of what to say. "Are you, uh, okay with tutoring tomorrow?"

"That depends," he thought, "will we actually be tutoring?"

"We'll wait and see what happens."

Edward laughed. "Okay then. I'm free."

Bella beamed. "I guess I should get home. I've got to cook dinner for Charlie."

Edward rose with her and they collected each others clothes. They watched each other dress and watched each other leave the building. They were the last ones there.

"I'll see you tomorrow?"

"See you tomorrow."

"Okay, then, bye."

"Bye, Bella."


"Hey, Bella?"


"How was tutoring today?"


"Did you actually get any tutoring done?"

"Yes," Bella said matter-of-factly, "we got lots of stuff done."

"Oooh, how was it?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You know," Alice said, "how was tutoring?"

Bella tried not to grin, and then let herself as she remembered Alice couldn't see her through the phone. "It was good."

"Just good."

"I'm not going to talk about it, Alice."

"I'm just wondering if he's as good as he looks like he is…"


"Fine. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight."


Bella slept in just her underwear that night. She dreamt of Doctor Edward Cullen removing them for her.

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