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Two Weeks Later

The library at Crescenzo's Academy was the largest in the magical community. Not that many people actually knew that. It was large enough for students to find a cozy corner and for hours and never see or hear another student. Three complete floors and thousands of square feet filled with volumes upon volumes of the rarest texts in the magical and muggle community. Leather chairs with ottomans were tucked in all the corners all over, and big desks filled the rest of the space. One might think that students couldn't possibly use all the books, but the most amusing part of it was that the students used every single text during their years as a student. It was the challenge made to each and every one of them when they started.

Some were just for pleasure and some were so dry that students read them in groups and worked for hours to decipher the complexities, but they all were read at some point.

Draco had thought it was non-sense when he came to the school two weeks ago but now was a different story. The amount of books he had used in the last two weeks was nauseating. Who knew that people had to read this much, or that enough homework could be assigned that would require the massive texts.

It was two am and he was still working on his homework.

He had never had to work so hard in his life. Hogwarts was a breeze compared to this, he reflected a couple times a day. And the ease at which he saw students accomplishing it was astonishing.

Draco had been sitting at the same table for eight hours and hadn't stopped studying or writing. The tie he'd had on was now lying negligently over the chair next to him. His books lay scattered about and the remains of his dinner were off to the side.

Two weeks ago he had packed up most of his belongings and restarted his learning. He had written to Blaise a few times but beyond that had no contact with Hogwarts or the outside world. It was part of the plan when he had come here. The plan he had been told he was starting, which excluded even parental contact with the exception for an emergency. He was in essence like every other student here, and therefore bound by the same rules.

Draco had been worried when he apparated in that he would be spending all his time trying to get Kyler to even talk to him, or watching his back from Kyler's best friends, but he had been pleasantly surprised. Though he still feared for the worst.

After a non-subtle threat from Nikolai and Taylor, everyone had pretty much welcomed him. Well not all. Some students obviously thought he did not deserve to be here, but as he worked harder he saw that he was gaining some resemblance of tolerance from the other students. He was determined to do well here, if he fried his brain in the process then that was okay. He would show them that a Malfoy could take whatever they threw at him.

The situation with Kyler had also been less dramatic than he thought it would be. Draco had dreaded that Kyler would hold a grudge. It proved to him that he actually knew almost next to nothing about Kyler. Sure he knew the history of Harry Potter and a little about his mate's feelings, but not much about his whole personality. He was learning though, and progress was all that mattered.

Draco had not had any expectations when he had come to Crescenzo's, which was a good thing. He knew he wouldn't even have come close. He had walked in and Kyler had immediately smiled and handed him his new uniform. From then on Kyler was his official guide.

He had no idea when he was leaving, and for the first time didn't care to establish a time line for himself. Everything he needed was here. He did miss his parents but they understood what he was doing.

Draco was just putting the finishing touches on his last essay forty-five minutes later when a noise came out of the silence in the stacks.

The rumpled jet haired man standing in front of him looked sleepy but still in uniform. His tie was loosened, and Draco could only smile as he saw the man standing there. The man gave a shy smile back, and leaned against the bookshelf next to him with his hands in his pockets and feet crossed.

Yep, no time line was necessary for something that would fascinate him for a lifetime.

"So I heard upstairs that this earth shatteringly handsome blonde man was looked like he was about to pass out from exhaustion up here in the stacks. I looked around and realized you were missing, and had a hunch. Looks like I was right."

Kyler's crooked grin was always a sight, but Draco gave a negligent shrug.

"Come one Drake, time for bed. Tomorrow is Saturday and you have until Monday to finish this stuff."

Draco had enough energy to shake his head no, but not much else. He needed to finish what he started. Merlin forbid he get behind in a school such as this, he would never catch up. Secretly he was terrified that the first time he didn't get an O on any assignment, that they were going to use that as a reason to kick him straight back to Hogwarts. And there was no way in hell he was letting that happen. He would succeed if it ended up killing him.

"No I'm fine. I still want to review that potions essay before I go to sleep."

He saw Kyler's look turn a little frosty and knew that Kyler was going to get stubborn. It was one of the little things he had started to learn about his mate. Late nights and sleep required meant that his stubborn attitude increased ten fold.

It was never a fun sight or experience.

He watched as Kyler kicked off of the leaning position and stalked forwards, a determined glint in his eyes. As he got towards the desk his gaze raked over the papers Draco was writing, and took in the title and the research beside it.

"Drake this absurd. Why are you pushing yourself so far?"

Kyler looked determined and befuddled all at the same time, and it pissed Draco off. Kyler was an idiot if he couldn't figure it out. Part of him though was still a little nervous about pushing him to far, and the other part of him wanted to sneer and tell his maybe-mate that he could sod off.

So he went for silent.

He even more hated the considering look that Kyler was giving him now, and that damned light bulb of understanding in his eyes that went off a few minutes later.

Kyler sighed and pulled out the chair next to Draco, sitting down sideways to face the side him.

"It's been two weeks Dray."

"So?" Draco demanded in his customary surely tone. He was so damned tired of walking on eggshells and being nice to people.

"It's been two weeks, and its time for you to snap out of it. I told you that when you came here we would be done with what happened and move on. So quit trying so hard, and quit trying to be who you most definitely are not. Just be yourself, because I like that person."

Draco turned and looked at Kyler then. Trying to determine if he meant what he said. In his experience in general and especially in his experience with people his age, no one meant what they said. Double meaning talk was more common than straight forward.

"You mean that don't you?" Draco said in puzzlement.

"You see what I meant two weeks ago. This kind of thing is exactly why you needed to come here. We need to learn about each other." Draco then fell more into puzzlement when Kyler then got a wicked teasing glint into his eye.

"And now what you need to learn is that when I tell you to stop over achieving and go to bed I mean it. It's late. We have to be up for conferences at eight, and besides that, I am fucking tired and there is no way that I will be going to bed without you in yours. So get your arse out of the that chair."

Saying so, Kyler stood up and held out his hand to Draco.

Draco breathed in deep and looked at the out reached hand. Sincerity. When in Merlin had he encountered that last, and believing it wouldn't come back to haunt him.

Was a big chance, but he was a Malfoy through and through. Chances and odds were their playing field.

He finally took the offered hand clasped it hard in his. He spelled away his work and decided he really was tired. It was time for some sleep. He knew he finally had a chance of sleeping too.

Five Months Later

Draco was sweaty, tired, bleeding from different open gashes, and feeling the best he could remember in a long time! He walked back to his dorm room with a satisfied smirk most recognized.

Men coming fresh from a victory on the dueling courses always had the same look upon their faces. The same smirk and the same satisfied look in their eyes. Male students would ask him later about his different techniques that had helped gain the win, and the females, well; they would look on in disgust and fascination while muttering about male egos underneath their breath.

This win had been fantastic. Kyler and Nick had been on his team, facing off against some other men their age. The course had been a new one too. Draco had helped the headmaster create a course that looked exactly like Hogwarts Halls. Damn fun to shoot off the deadly curses in an area you couldn't normally.

He loved the sport now but Draco had really never had much of a fascination with the sport until he had come here. Often he had found it barbaric and unnecessary.

Dumbledore himself spouted that violence should never be used, only defensive spells. Now at least he knew that what Dumbledore tended to talk was bullshit. War was coming and those not able to or willing to defend correctly would die. There was no way Draco was going to be left behind.

Dueling was necessary. Well he mused, it tended to be more necessary when one considered who and what his boyfriend was.

He walked up the three flights of stairs to his dorm intent on showering and changing. He may have liked dueling but he absolutely refused to stay dirty and smelly longer than absolutely necessary. A Malfoy did not rejoice in such attire.

They did, he thought with a smirk, leave token bruises and scratches as a reminder to all that he had won. That was also his right.

Draco found that he had finally caught up to a lot of the students in most respects. Potions came easily because he had always helped his godfather during his research and school breaks. Charms and defense had been a little more difficult but he found that Kyler and Nickolai were as good of tutors as you could possibly find in the school.

And Taylor, though the laid back one of the group and a little a goofy, was absolutely a genius in transfiguration. He could literally do anything he set his mind too, and Draco knew he was watching a man that would be a master in the subject. For all of his good attitude and popularity, he was also a man you never crossed. Transfiguration was a powerful subject to be the master of.

It had taken Draco a little while to be able to ask for help with out feeling weird about it, but he finally got over it. Especially since asking for help from people like Crescenzo's students was a kin to asking the top one percent in the entire world for help. It did not require a lot of brains after you thought of it that way.

With some help Kyler had turned him into a decent dueler too. Draco would never in a million years be as quick and great as him, but the man had been training for years so that was fine. Six months ago he would have been fine in the knowledge he could beat any Hogwarts student to a pulp, but now he pushed hard to master everything he could.

The school had showed him that although Hogwarts would consider him smart and great in all subjects, well that was nothing compared to here. He knew he would go back a different person in some ways.

He had been here six months and although he was probably still recognizable to his friends, he also knew he had changed a great deal. Looks wise he hadn't changed anymore than growing his hair out into a short ponytail and gaining an impressive tan.

The hair growth was more of a Malfoy tradition than a veela thing. Two months ago Kyler and he had committed with words to working on their relationship. That commitment meant that he was going to start taking over as head of the family position in every way. The head of the Malfoy family always wore their hair long, as did other pureblood heads. It was symbolic.

Kyler thought it was absurd, but Draco noticed he never said he didn't like the look. So it stayed.

They had not yet bonded physically but they had started the veela bonding process. The courting generally took less time but Draco figured their situation was nowhere close to normal.

They had also agreed that Draco would go on a Veela sexual drive suppressant potion. Merlin he had hated the idea even as it made sense.

The sexual drive they had been feeling for the first month was simply too much for them to both deal with on top of trying to make a real relationship. One that was stable. At the time he had hated it and known it was necessary all at the same time.

They had agreed upon four months of suppressant for both of them. And he was now glad they had done it. It worked too. Draco still felt the pull and attraction but it had not been an overwhelming need for constant mating as before. It had allowed them to slow down actually get to know one another.

For example, he had thought he needed to protect his mate at all costs and all the time. His vela genes demanded that, but with the suppressant he had actually seen what Kyler needed. Not what his veela side wanted.

Kyler needed him to validate that he could protect himself. That he could fight his own battles, and stand on his own to feet. Draco finally got that though he could provide for Kyler for the rest of their lives and several generations, what Kyler needed was to make something of himself. Thank Merlin he now understood that, because it had taken him a while to get that.

Kyler and he now had a trust between them. What was nice was that the earning had not been one sided. Kyler had wanted to earn his trust. Besides Blaise no one had ever worked to earn his trust. Kyler had definitely earned it through time. Kyler made certain that every day he asked different questions about him in relation to his past, his future, and every detail. Draco found that although Kyler projected the image of a tough man he also brought back trinkets for Draco from fieldtrips, and did the little gestures just a surprises. It was not uncommon for his to come back from his classes to find his favorite flowers in a vase on his desk. It was just one of the many things Kyler did to show he cared and Draco loved it.

Draco had spent six months studying harder then he ever thought humanly possible. It was absolutely crazy. People at Crescenzo's were simply brilliant. No way around it. Routinely during classes he watched history being made. The students retained all new spells, potions, or other new magic. He had never been prouder of the people he shared a classroom with. Or less jealous when they accomplished something.

He was however now less tolerant of stupid mistakes. He had learned here that attention to detail was required. He remembered that at Hogwarts mistakes were fine, and even when people were hurt no one made a big deal of it or cared.

Here, well that was a different story. His third week of classes he got reamed out by Rose for stirring a potion two minutes too long. She had called him all sorts of names and frankly he had been pissed off to no end. Hours later he had still been seething when Rose had come up to him with a list of everything that could have happened when he made the mistake. It listed thirty deadly minute moves that could have killed him and her in the explosion because he wasn't paying attention. She didn't yell again but just left him to think, and it was quite effective. He now had great respect for her, and needless to say, attention to detail had now been firmly implanted in his head.

With in time Draco had also found his own clubs and interests that differed from Kyler's. He had become an animagus in club since he was the only one out of those his age not to have a form. He had actually been shocked when his form turned out to be a Grizzly Bear. They had tempers, and so did he. They preferred family and their own territory, which was definitely he as well. Another weird coincidence is that veelas have the same high sexual drive time as the bears do. Although high all the time, Draco knew that veelas tended to mate even more frequently from May to the end of June. Just like the bears. Hearing Nickolai spout these facts at a table while they were eating fish was the first time Draco had seen Kyler fully blush. It had been adorable.

Months later Draco could turn easily into his animagus form without any trouble, and stay in form for hours at a time.

Besides that Draco had joined a club for people with magical creature blood, which turned out to be more interesting than he had thought would be. There was quite a few people at the Academy with some interesting blood lines.

Draco showered and changed back into one of his uniforms. It had certainly taken some getting used to. Gone were his wizarding designer labels and Armani.

Draco pulled his hair back into the short ponytail and headed down to dinner a little while later. Draco had bribed the house elves to make him and Kyler up a basket of food. He got the basket and drinks and headed out the pier where he and Zeus were supposed to be waiting.

Zeus had grown in six months and gone from a fluffy puppy to a gangly adolescent with huge paws that he tripped over frequently. Still, Draco thought he was the handsomest dog ever. He wasn't biased he assured himself. And for the most part Zeus was well behaved.

The dog knew how to sit, give his paw, heel, open doors, lie down, and fetch. Even though the last trick he did with a look that said he thought it was above him. Kyler was the one who trained the dog, since Draco found that he had trouble disciplining the puppy. Zeus stared up at him with soft brown eyes, and Draco found he just couldn't put the puppy on time out or take away the shoe he was eating.

Yes, it was ridiculous. He knew it.

At the pier Zeus was racing on the beach trying to catch the wild birds. He had once succeeded and caught a chick but he didn't know what to do with it. Zeus had kept nudging it with his nose and then play bowing to the tiny thing, trying to get the baby bird to chase him. Ever since then they let Zeus have his fun, knowing that he wouldn't hurt anything.

Draco saw Kyler sitting on the edge of the pier, his legs hanging in the water.

"Hey!" Draco called out in greeting.

Kyler turned around and stood up, going to help Draco with the food and drinks.

"See you got all cleaned up. You do realize that the ocean would have had the same effect right? Warm clear water is actually okay to clean off in."

Draco looked up from the napkins to see Kyler grinning. His hair was still wet, but new clothing clung to his body, and most his scrapes and bruises were gone.

"I am going to guess that knowing me as you do, that is classified as more of a rhetorical question." It was his smart reply, with no malice. He heard Ky chuckle under his breathe but otherwise he said nothing.

Within minutes all the food was out and both started eating. Zeus had abandoned his search for birds at the smell of food, and was sitting with pleading eyes staring at the feast he was being denied.

Draco looked at Kyler who was eating silently but decided not to risk throwing Zeus the scraps. Kyler tended to think Zeus should only eat dog food. Incredibly boring if you asked him. His pup had a sophisticated palate.

They ate in quiet, both lost in their own thoughts, as they were prone to do. It was a peaceful quiet though, that they both enjoyed. Time to enjoy the scenery and the water.

Finally Kyler seemed to finish and drew out a vial. They hadn't discussed this but Draco had an inkling it was going to happen.

"We can hold it off you know. " Draco felt honor bound to offer, though he could feel the veela inside of him get enraged at the idea. His veela side had lain almost dormant for four months, and it definitely wanted out.

He was relieved to see Kyler shaking his head. "No we agreed on four months. Its time for you to get back fully to who you are. Take it. It will take another twenty-four hours before you feel the effects and your hormones are produced again. We're ready for this now though. We both know that we weren't before."

Draco took the potion; a clear solution that he was sure would taste awful and with a quick glance at Kyler gulped it down.

This was it. There was no turning back now.

Draco woke up the next morning and felt more fit and ready than he had in several months. His hormones had definitely started producing the normal veela levels of testosterone and adrenalin. His muscles also had a new tone to them, one he recognized from before the four months of potion. During the four months he had been more muscular then before his maturity as a veela but less then normal for him.

Then he took in another breath and realized he could smell Kyler with a more sensitive nose than had been possible yesterday. He looked over to where Kyler was still snoring loudly and grinned. They were opposites in this. Draco loved mornings, and Kyler, well his coffee totals showed how much of a morning person he was. Looking though at Kyler's form had him realizing that his veela side was definitely coming around.

During the last four months he had a desire to be with Kyler and touch him but his sex drive had been minimal. It had been good though because Kyler had been so unused to touch. Now though was a different story.

They held hands and touched without Kyler stiffening up or shooting off a spell. It was one of the greatest accomplishments over the months, and Draco had made it his goal in the beginning.

Draco changed into a pair of workout shorts and took Zeus for his morning jog along the beach. It had become their routine and Zeus wouldn't let Draco forget, even if the weather was bad.

The run was invigorating with Zeus running ahead of him and into the surf. Another thing that he seemed to like since becoming a veela; being with nature.


Kyler woke out of his sleep and panicked a bit before he realized it was Sunday. He looked over to where Draco's bed was and as usual the blonde was already gone. Their morning routine never varied much.

Kyler loved sleeping in a bit on Sundays. They had a class in the afternoon today but it was a little more relaxed than most days. He was anxious though for Draco to return to see whether his hormones had returned or if there were any other affects from the potion.

It had taken two months to brew, and countless hours of preparations for each phase. Kyler could only hope he had gotten it right.

He knew that Draco would step around him on eggshells for a bit, but that was okay. This would be a change they would deal with. He had not thought for even a second to take Draco up on his offer. It had just been a temporary thing so they could get to know each other, but the truth was he only wanted to be in a relationship with the real Draco.

The real Draco had more hormones raging through his system, and he was going to change a bit. Kyler assured himself that that was okay.

Over sixth months Kyler knew that he had changed too. He'd apologized in the first week for not being more open with Draco and letting him know there were things he was keeping to himself. They had moved on from there. Kyler meant it when he said they had to give each other a chance, and they had.

Score one for Mother Nature in Kyler's opinion. Thank Merlin nature seemed to know what it was doing is respects to the whole veela thing, because he had doubted. Over time Draco had relaxed and opened up as well. Kyler found his prospective mate to be a hard worker when needed, though he pretended not to be.

Draco he learned was all about masks. He wore them in public for all to see. What the public would view him, as was exactly what Draco wished them too. A pompous boy that was comfortable in his control over everything he owned and wanted.

Kyler had watched the masks crack over the months and saw Draco show that he was. Kyler had no doubt that back in Hogwarts or society that Draco would put the mantles right back on, but he was happy Draco had learned some people would like him for who he was. Crescenzo made lasting friends.

Kyler knew he had become a little less serious of a person with Draco around. His mate was constantly trying to get him to smile or relax a little. Which admittedly he sometimes needed to do. Draco had a way about him that made Kyler think everything would be okay no matter what the situation.

The noise of the door closing brought Kyler out of his thoughts. Zeus jumped on his chest before Kyler had a chance to protect himself and started his morning ritual of trying to clean any part of Kyler he could. It was a wet ritual that had Kyler laughing and covering his face. Zeus seemed to be an expert though at faking one direction and then going another way.

Finally a whistle had Zeus jumping off of Kyler's bed and racing over to the food bowl Draco had gone about setting out during the ritual. Kyler cleaned his face as best he could and looked over to see Draco leaning up against the doorframe, sweaty from his run. His chest was bare and tanned from the Italian sun, and his hair swept back it in customary way.

He was different already though.

Draco had an intense glint in his eyes, and he nose was sniffing the air in a way Kyler had not seen him do in months. This time though it didn't make him nervous. It was welcome.

As he started to stalk forward with steady determined strides Kyler gave a silent thank Merlin that he had brewed the potion properly.

To Be Continued

I am getting questions about time line:

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