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Episode 2-

Mugen sat in the small dark room with his arms across his chest glaring at Jin who was snickering behind his hand. "It's not funny!" He threw up his arms in emphasis, waving the long white sleeves of his new wardrobe.

"It is too." Jin protested.

Mugen continued to sulk. "I don't see how girls can move in these things!" He looked down at the white kimono with the red and gold sash.

Jin just laughed more. "They aren't meant to move much."

"We'll, it's stupid." His arms crossed back over his chest.

Jin ceased laughing and tried to continue the conversation. "So why white?"

"Because it's the color of purity and virgins," Mugen huffed causing Jin to fall into a new uproar of laughter. "Shut up!"

"You're a virgin?" He asked still laughing.

"Hell no." He raised his hands above his head while lying out on the floor. "I've had plenty of action." He smiled proudly.

Jin let out a small chuckle. "That's not the way I meant."

Mugen seemed to be thinking it over a second before he sat up on his elbows, his face covered with disgust. He opened his mouth to say something but Jin rose a hand to stop him. "I predict that the next comments to fly from your mouth will be filled with needless cussing and yelling." Mugen's mouth closed and he glared.

Jin sighed. "I won't be able to come by tomorrow. You'll be on your own." The tan man stared blankly at him. "Your price has gone up for the same reason you're wearing that color kimono."

Mugen looked down at his lap. "Maybe if they thought I had lost it my price would go back down."

"Saying 'thought' implies that you would not actually be willing to do it." Jin stated.

"Fuck no!" Mugen yelled in an as a matter of fact tone.

Jin rolled his eyes. "You can't take that attitude with other clients. Like I said I won't be here tomorrow."

"I'll just whop the ass of any guy who tries anything! I don't need swords!"

"If you do that your dept will be increased and you'll be here longer." Jin stated. "You have to behave."

Mugen didn't respond.

"So… what do you want? We can make it look convincing that you're no longer fitting for that outfit, or tomorrow when I can't be here and your price is still high, hope no one will pay that much for you? But if we were to go with the latter it would take me more time to get enough money."

"So, I can be cheap and get fucked by another guy for one night, or I can be expensive and maybe get fucked multiple nights?"

"Well, if some one were to pay the larger price for you, it would go back down the next day, but if no one did you'd run the risk of being put up again." Jin explained.

Mugen stared at him blankly. "Huh?"

Jin sighed. "Allow me to put this into terms you'd understand…" He closed his eyes. "If we were to say I fucked you, your price would go down. Then I could buy you again sooner because it wouldn't take as long for me to get the money. But if we didn't and you didn't get fucked tomorrow then I'd need another day so you could get fucked again."

"So either way I'm fucked?"

"Figuratively and literally," he smiled.

"I'll go with the first one," Mugen stated. "There, you fucked me. Now later I'll just complain that my ass hurts."

Jin opened his eyes and pushed up his glasses with his index finger. "I'm afraid that won't be enough…"

Mugen stared blankly for a moment then weaved his arms in protest. "Nu-uh! No way!"

Jin sighed, "we just make it seem convincing."

"Oh…" Mugen settled again.

"You thought I was implying actually-"

"No!" Mugen shouted, shaking his head wildly.

Jin looked up at the clock. "We don't have much time left. Lay down and undress," he instructed. He turned his back to the Ryukyuan. He pulled the tie from his hair and the sleeves from his arms.

Mugen watched his robe fall. His back was smooth and pale. There was no marks, scars, moles, nothing.

Jin lifted the wash cloth from the basin and put it at his neck. The water cascaded down, collecting in his hair and spreading from there before the cloth was tossed to Mugen. He stared at a few moments then realized the waters intent. "Fuck that, you wanna make it convincing right? They'll get suspicious if there ain't nothin' else on me sides sweat."

Jin rolled his eyes, "so what's your brilliant plan?"

Mugen grinned as his hand rapidly sank down. He just wanted to piss the ronin off. Jin's eyebrow twitched and he turned back around.

Mugen made sure not to get himself off quietly. He panted loudly with every upward motion and moaned when he rocked his hips into it. He stared at the back of Jin's head, waiting for him to turn around to… What exactly? Yell at him to be quiet? That wasn't Jin.

Mugen groaned and moved faster. He could feel the orgasm building his stomach, but he seemed no where near it. He squeezed a little tighter and let his head roll back. "Shit… Come on! Come on!" He was willing himself to cum. He needed to cum. He needed this to be done with.

"We don't have much time, Mugen," Jin's voice shared.

A shiver traveled the tan man's spine. "Fuck! I can't! I can't…" he groaned and arced his back just to make his trusts harder.

"You're going too fast…" a deep, calming, trawling voice told him.

Mugen's clenched eyes open to see Jin's face close to his own. He was leaning sideways over him. His knees rested beside Mugen's body. "You can't force your body into release," he looked down and Mugen gasped as a hand laid over his, guiding it to move slower. "Relax and let it happen."

Mugen couldn't help himself. Somewhere in his head he should have been offended. Like he didn't know how to do this? Who was Jin to say-

Mugen's stomach convulsed. His hips jerked, his back cracked as it arched high. A long moan left his throat as he came suddenly without warning.

Chest heaving and nostrils flaring, he collapsed back down. By the time he opened his eyes Jin was no longer at his side. He was washing his hand then proceeded to put his hair back up. Mugen stared at him.

He had never orgasmed so hard in his life. What was with this guy?

He heard the door beginning to open and closed his eyes pretending to sleep. He caught the conversation of his 'de-flowering' before he was left alone. Sighing he turned onto his stomach, sprawled across the mat. He knew he shouldn't but he caught himself wishing Jin would come up with the money soon.