The One it was All For

By the end, Light's motive had been erased, actually, he'd forgotten long before that, but in his final moment, he heard her calling for him, calling in her sweet voice, "Light! Light!"

With that scream, the world had ending. With that very scream, Light Yagami died.

You see, even though he himself forgot that unpleasant occurrence, his entire life followed it up.

"Yagami-san? Could you please help me with this?" Kagome Higurashi begged from her spot in the classroom beside him. It was their first year of high school and Kagome had never learned who the top student in the country was the year before. She was too busy.

"Kagome-san, I'm very busy with my own work." He replied with a bored tone.

"But Yagami-san!" Kagome begged, and he gave in with a, "Fine," and Kagome smiled a heart-warmingly kind smile.

And so it had gone. Eventually he had given up on doing his own work and promised to tutor her in his spare time. She would, in return, teach him the legends of youkai and miko and shinigami. He favourite stories were of youkai, but sometimes she would tell one or two about shinigami.

She seemed to know a lot about those things.

Before he knew it, Light had fallen in love with the Higurashi girl. Bu their second year of high school, he had asked her on a date.


"Yeah, Light-kun?"

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

And with a simple thug attack on their way home from a movie, it was all lost. They ran from the thugs, but Kagome failed to stop at a busy street in their run.

With a screech of car breaks and a scream of fright, his beloved Kagome was lost.

He blamed the thugs and the drunk driver. The light had been green for Kagome and him, but he stopped when he saw the car going down the road at top speed, and reached out to catch Kagome.

More than he blamed the thugs and the driver, he blamed himself.

And after the funeral, he pushed the entire thing out of his head. He made himself forget, but from that point at the beginning of his third year of high-school, Light Yagami hated the baddies of the world.

And in his last moments, as he felt his heart stop, he could hear her calling out to him. Light! Light! And he saw her hand reach out to him Light, join me! I've been lonely without you.

He reached out to her hand as she giggled and pulled him up out of his body. How he missed her.

Her sweet voice echoed in the emptiness of the foggy space. He couldn't speak to her, but as they held onto each other in the hazy nothingness, she would speak. She would tell him how lonely she was and how happy she was now that he was with her, and he would absorb every word.

For a curse had been placed on Kagome by Naraku, and she would never be able to go to heaven or hell.

Light! Light!

Perhaps a forever of nothingness wouldn't be so bad after all.