Time was always passing Towa by

This is a short, Towa-centric oneshot that I wrote in English class. It might not make any sense, but I felt like adding something to the greatly ignored Ningyo no Mori fandom.

Ningyo no Mori belongs to Rumiko Takahashi, not me.

Time was always passing Towa by.

When she was still in her cell, all she knew was it night or day, or spring or summer or fall or winter. She could not tell the day of the week or the month of the year. She had tried to keep count, but had given up after nearly three decades of imprisonment.

All she could do was sit in her cell and think. She thought about everything and nothing. She thought about the why the birds sang, why the wind blew, why the flowers bloomed, why humans were born merely to die, all manner of things, but mostly about the passing of time.

She sat there, her immortal body unchanging, listening, watching, thinking. She watched as Sawa grew older, listened as Shiina told her of the going ons in the world, and thought of time, hers and Sawa's.

Sawa was her sister, her twin, her mirror. She was supposed to look exactly like her, be like her. But instead, Sawa was living the life Towa wanted, but could never have. Sawa had gotten married, birthed a child, watched as that child grew…

But that would change. Oh, it would change. Towa would do to her what Sawa had done to her, make her into an immortal. In that undying, unchanging body Sawa would live eternally, forever an old crone.

That way, Sawa would feel as Towa had, trapped and desolated. That way, they would be mirrors once again, filled with unchanging despair.

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