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I got the idea from one of my friends when she asked me what I thought Bella would be like if she got a chance to live a human life. I thought that she would be a perfect English teacher...so I started writing my first fanfiction in 4 years, and made an account on this site just to put it up for everyone's opinions :) Thank you for reading!! Let me know what you think :)

Bella's PoV

Getting up is the hardest part of the day. Especially when being a card carrying member of "same shit – different day" club. But today my membership was up for discussion.

I moaned hearing the alarm clock – or well my phone's alarm going off. It annoyed me, and every morning I swore I'd change it, and every night I kept it the same. Same shit – different day. I sat up slowly, my blanket was tangled up in my feet and I slowly removed it. My eyes refused to open. I moved ungracefully to the edge of the bed and my naked feet touched the cold tiled floors. Shivers ran up my spin making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my body was filled with gooseflesh for a moment. I hate mornings. I moaned to myself and my eyes forcefully opened and I looked around.

The sun was up, and my room was bright. I had never seen my room filled with so much light. My room wasn't anything special; it consisted of a bed with purple sheets, blanket, and 2 pillows in the left hand corner. A rosemary wooden desk with papers stacked in no order all over with 3 empty mugs for company across from the bed. There was a single window in front of my desk, and I could always watch the sunrise from it.

Next to my desk was the door to my walk in closet which was only 1/4th filled with clothes, in the back of my clothes were stacks of old books from my high school, undergraduate and graduate years of reading and research. Across from my closet was a 6 drawer dresser. The first 2 drawers held undergarments and the rest held books, notebooks, papers, and pens. I was a stationary junkie.

In the corners of my room (and up against every open space of my walls) were even more stalks of books, nearly all of them owned by me. Then across my room was a door leading out to a narrow hallway with a bathroom to the right and a living room straight ahead.

The living room/ kitchen /dining room would be a better description. It had a black leather coach in the middle of the room, with a glass coffee table in front of it; both facing a flat screen T.V that cost nearly a month's worth of my paycheck but it was given to me as a present from Alice. God knows that I would never spend that much money on electronics…books yes, but anything that beeped and buzzed and flickered wasn't my cup of anything.

Behind the coach was the kitchen area, which consisted of a sink, oven, stove, and fridge with a bar-like metal counter covering half the perimeter separating it from the living room. My apartment screamed single.

I let out a sigh, I needed be thrown into the Black Sea or thrown out of a plane with no parachute. Something to wake me up. The amount of sleep I got wouldn't supply me with enough energy for another 10 minutes.

A hot shower would be so nice I thought to myself and it usually woke me up nicely. But today wasn't a usually type of day. After all, my club membership was up for debate because of today.

Like normal, I went to sleep at 5 A.M, but instead of waking up at noon, today I woke up at 7 A.M. It was rare for me to be up with the rest of the working world almost as rare as a girl with real confidence.

My life had become so dull and repetitive; I almost became revolted by this new change in my daily schedule. If I wanted change, I'd read another book, that's how I kept my life interesting for me. This was not interesting, this was torture. This was against the 5th amendment. Or was it the 8th? My brain wasn't even functioning yet.

The two hours of sleep I got was such a tease, my eye lid closed on me again and I forced myself to my feet and into the bathroom to shower. I should have just not gone to sleep. It would have made the day so much easier; I glanced over through my sleep deprived vision at my bed. It looked better than an Abercrombie model. Although god knows how long it has been since I got laid. Sleep vs. sex… I didn't know which I needed more.

But I wasn't going to get either today. Esme, the Director of just about everything at the University of Forks, had asked me to met with our new midyear transfer group and give them a tour of the school. One of them was flying in from Italy, another from Greece and another from California. She made this into a big deal because the one flying from Greece apparently published some revolutionary dissertation under the University of Fork's name. She sounded like she was in love with him, she just wouldn't shut up about him.

But that was Esme for you. She never had anything bad to say about anyone. But this Greek guy was something special apparently because the way she talked about him was nearly the same way as Carlisle and that says a lot.

I think his name was Eddie. Or something.

I opened the door to the bathroom and it let out a cry as it screeched open. I'd get around to oiling up the hinges one day. Just not today, or tomorrow…or anytime soon. I closed the door behind me, it squeaked in protest.

My bathroom, much like the rest of my apartment was simple. A mirror, a toilet, a bathtub, and a hanger for towels. Simple.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I stripped down naked for a shower. I didn't wear any Victoria's Secret type pajamas to bed, just shorts and a tank top with a built in bra. Because sleeping with a bra was just so…uncomfortable. Being comfortable was important to me.

I looked at my pale body being unraveled and thought to myself, Or wait, was it Ed? Or maybe Edmundo? I remembered reading the textbook sized dissertation a few years ago. It was well written; it reminded me of Victorian writing. It had a lot to do with human condition and rhetoric and how it was shown through classical literature, politics, and economics. It was very Plato and Socrates-ish. I was pretty sure of that, but I couldn't recall how it made me feel or what his stance was. Or if I was even thinking about the right thing.

I heard my front door open, oh no I'm being robbed, I thought sheepishly to myself. Knowing far too well it was my Assistant, Jasper, making sure I was actually out of bed. Apparently the Edwin character was quit a celebrity. It had both Esme and Jasper super excited. I rolled my eyes.

I remembered that he might have written something else, a book maybe? Maybe. I read about 3-6 books a month and that's not including the 100 or so papers I had to grade so it was hard to keep titles and authors straight in my head. That's what my assistant was for.

I turned on the shower, and then turned my attention back to the sink. It had a crack going across its metallic bowl leading down to the drain. I could move to a better apartment, I certainly saved the money up for it. The apartment had a lot of downsides to it, but it was small, simple, and sturdy. I liked that.

I placed my hand in the way of the falling droplets of water coming from my shower head, it was still cold. It took a few minutes for the hot water to kick in, so I began to brush my teeth in the meantime. The one good thing for 2 hours of sleep, I didn't have to deal with morning breath so the minty toothpaste didn't feel all that disgusting foaming up in my mouth.

I heard the T.V turn on suddenly in the background, Jasper was certainly making himself at home. He lowered the sound to a respectable volume till sound of running water made it impossible to hear what he was watching.

I took a quick shower; the hot water only lasted 10 minutes in the morning. Afternoon was the best time to shower, I cursed under my breathe as the shower started to lose its comforting heat. Then suddenly the hot water stopped all together and frozen shards beat against my body violently. I let out a yelp and squeal that sounded something similar to a squirrel dodging getting run over by a 16 wheeler.

I tumbled out of the tub. I was dripping wet, and didn't even get a chance to wash out the conditioner from my hair completely. I shut off the water in defeat; I refused to go back into the arctic water to finish my shower.

I left my brown hair resembling a hay stack. I dried myself off with the green towel on the hanger and then wrapped it around my small frame. I wasn't rail thin, but I wasn't fat. I was soft and slim with no sign of muscles. Turning pages wasn't exactly a work out that burned calories. I walked out the bathroom and went to the living room first to see Jasper watching the news.

He was 20 years old, or maybe 21. Didn't matter, he was a senior working on his engineering degree and for some odd reason he wanted to be my teaching assistant after the first class he ever took with me. So I decided to entertain him and allow him to be my little pet – I mean assistant.

But he turned out to blow all my expectations away. He never talked much, he listened carefully, was very detailed and articulate and amazingly organized. Freakishly organized. Inhumanly organized. It was my first year teaching, and with him as my assistant my second semester was a breeze compared to the hurricane of my first.

He had a slender but built body. He loved to run, and was dedicated to the crew team. They usually met at 9 AM to 10 AM for work outs so they never interfered with his assistant duties to me. Plus I had to like him even more since he captured the heart of my cougar best friend.

I looked him over, he wore a plan black knitted sweater, probably made by Emse, and blue faded jeans. He took his shoes off in the hallway so his feet were covered my black cotton socks. I was stingy about shoes in my apartment; I kept it decently clean except for books and papers. He turned his head when he noticed me at the doorway.

"You! I thought I told you to be ready at 7!" He stood up from my leather sofa and glared at me his voice was harsh.

"What?" I was confused…and almost naked. I should have gotten dressed before coming to greet him. It was uncomfortable to get into an argument when you're nearly completely naked.

"You're supposed to be an adult!" He growled.

"Yeah tell that to Peter Pan." I was about to get lectured. I was about 6 years OLDER than him, and he was more of a mother to me than an assistant. He would have a field day with my mother, if I was a kid to him that would make my mother an infant.

"Didn't you get my messages?" I turned around on the heel of my feet trying to avoid the conversation, but he followed behind me swiftly.


"Do you ever check your voicemail?"

"I forgot my password." I used that excuse every time I missed an important phone call.

"It's 0, 0, 0, 0!" It sounded like he hissed the last number. We both entered my room.

"Oh, why so early?" I went looking into my closet.

What to wear, what to wear, what to wear.

"Because I wanted to go over Emmett, Rosalie, and Edwards portfolios so you'd be somewhat decently prepared."

"Edward!" I said with great satisfaction and nodded to myself.

"You need coffee." He said as he gently pushed me aside and picked out my wardrobe for me.

"Jeez, you're getting more like Alice every day." I grumbled as he handed me a white tank top, a white silk blouse with long sleeves and gray business slacks. Everything that had been purchased in Alice's store. Alice was my best friend since kindergarten, and once I introduced the two of them it was hot passionate lust followed by love and now it was only a matter of time till he popped the question. It wouldn't be a surprise if she would pop it out of impatience.

Alice was a tiny fairy-like girl, with short spiky hair and a graceful dancer like walk. She owned a designer name, and custom made all her own clothes and sold them in a store a few miles away from Forks. Her clothes were more expensive than college tuition for most of the students here.

"Get dressed, do something about your hair, and listen to me." He instructed me sternly, his dark, nearly black, eyes met my brown eyes and I nodded. I would have saluted him, but the clothes in my arms and the loose towel kept me from wiggling too much.

He stepped out of my room and closed the door and I heard him walk back into the living room. After a moment I heard the soft thud indicating that he was leaning against the door. I let the towel drop to my feet, and I tossed the clothes on my unmade bed as I went to my drawers and picked out a black thong and white bra with lace designs. He began speaking to me through the door after he heard me close a drawer.

"Rosalie is the daughter of Volturi." That name sounded familiar to me. "They are a very well known family with a strong Italian heritage."

"Old money or new money?" I asked as I slipped my panties on.

"Old…more like ancient. They're riches date back to the 15th century. And she is very privileged. She's been all around the world, twice over. Owns real-estate anywhere worth owning land. She loves wine, especially red wine."

I interrupted him. "What the hell, am I taking her out on a date? Want to tell me what kind of diamonds she prefers so I can get a ring ready too?" I replied making a smug face he couldn't see.

"Ahem, her family is famous for their wine."

Oh, that makes sense.

He continued now that I had no more witty remarks. "Her mother had been born in Forks, and thought it would be good for her to take a year and study at the University. Her mother and father had a very Cinderella like story." He paused for a second. "Anyway she's 22 years old. She never received a degree in anything, but she is very well educated. Especially in physics. She is an avid art lover, and has collected 19.3 million dollars worth of paintings, 34 million dollars worth of statues, and at least 15 million dollars worth of photography."

I whistled under my breath as I put one foot in through my pant leg. If I had that kind of money to blow…

"Emmet was a football player protégée. He was USC's star player during his time in college, but refused to go into professional. He was invited to be the football coach here and a sport professor."

"Sport professor?" I scoffed.

"He has a medical degree."

That shut me up fast. Anything dealing with advanced science – in my opinion took a genius to comprehend. It wasn't that I was bad at science, but dissecting and the real life videos of operations repulsed me. That and I had real big problems with blood, like faint at the sight of blood type of problems. Give me a book on science and I'd ace the exam. Give me an artery to cut and I'll be the one rushed to the emergency room.

I was finally dressed and reached over for the comb on the top of my dresser. I stared at the picture of my father and sighed letting my eyes wander away and listened intently to Jaspers soothing voice.

"He is going to be teaching a sports injury class and coaching the football team and if the funding gets approved he will start a hiking club."

Hiking. Medical. This guy was definitely not my type.

"What about Edward?" I asked as I gave up trying to tame my honey nut brown locks. I put the comb back in place and pulled my hair back into a pony tail.

"Ahem," he cleared his throat, "Edward…I didn't think you needed an introduction for him."

Now I was confused…but at least I was dressed.

"You read his dissertation and wrote him a very…ummm." He went off looking for the right word, while I on the other hand tried to remember his dissertation. It was so rare for modern day writing to evoke a response from me. "Okay, I'm sorry Bella but excuse me for being blunt. But you called him a stingy narrow minded self centered living in a box jackass with no sense of emotion or feeling in his empty vessel excuse of a body with a mind that was incapable of registering anything that did not fit into an equation." He sounded like he had recited that part prior to talking to me. Probably needed the practice, I made run-on sentences a mile long when I was angry.

I mouthed the word "Oh." The memories came back to me. His dissertation was cold and cruel; it grouped humans together as irrational but predictable beings. I hated that. But even worse, it stated that everyone was evil on the inside. I hated that more than the word hate could describe.

I went over to my door and gave a slight knock, and Jasper leaned off it and opened the door for me. He looked down at me awaiting for my response.

"Let's pretend I wrote that while I was drunk?" I offered as he followed me across a narrow hallway towards the living room.

"You signed it, P.S: I have not been drinking and writing."

I mouthed another "oh." He picked up his books, planner, and folder from my coffee table and met me at the door, where I was putting on my black shoes – with no heels, because I was not suicidal. When I finished I took his items from him, which were really mine but again; he was freakishly organized and I didn't trust myself with holding my lecture plans, record books, and student papers for a long period of time. I was a klutz.

He bent over to put on his black leather shoes; they had a slight platform and looked very expensive, probably had "made in Italy" imprinted somewhere on them or "Pixie"; Alice's company name. He stood up looking at me.

"So I vote discrepancy is the key. You introduce yourself with your first name, and show them around quickly. I figure we start from –"

I interrupted him again. "Did Edward write some kind of book?"

I caught him off guard and suppressed an involuntary giggle. I loved doing that since he was usually so prepared for everything. At least it brightened me day up a little bit.

"Yes, you actually enjoyed his fiction books."

"I did?" My memory sucked when it came to names. He opened the door for me and I walked out still holding the books.

"Yes, it was about vampires. He wrote about them losing their souls when they were transformed. It was very gruesome and masochistic. You loved it. I couldn't read anything after the first book. The first book was just too disturbing for my tastes."

I remembered the books. It was a good series, better than some of Anne Rice's vampire novels, and a hundred times better than the original Dracula. I hated the original Dracula book, well at least the first part – if the book consisted of only the last 200 pages it would have earned more favor from me. Although I didn't remember the first book being as horrific as Jasper described.

"Shall we?" He grabbed the items back from me and I made my way down the stairs. I lived on the third floor, and each floor had its own apartment. So technically only 3 other people lived on the floor, the lobby was only for laundry, mail, and an exit/entrance.

"Why is Edward coming here?" I asked curiously when Jasper caught up to me on the second floor.

"I don't know." Jasper said as he stepped ahead of me to open the lobby door and held it for me once more. He was such a gentleman. He would so be my type if he had an ounce of bad boy in him. But he was good through and through. And whipped hardcore by Alice.

We walked in silence, my apartment building was 2 blocks away from the main campus…that was another reason why I didn't want to move to a better neighborhood – I still didn't have my license. With weather being as rainy as it is in Forks, walking long distances wasn't the brightest idea. I didn't trust myself in a car; I could barely coordinate my own feet without causing physical harm to myself or someone else.

"What's the weather like for today?" The clouds were a soft gray color, they nearly looked innocent, but I knew better. It would rain. It always rains eventually.

"Alice said it wouldn't rain till the evening." He replied opening one of the notebooks in his arms. "You're doing a discussion on Withering Heights today in Novel 252 class. Their homework was to finish the book, and they have a paper due next week. You haven't assigned them any topics." He looked at me confused. "Are you going to assign them any topics?"

"No, let them write what they want. They have 15 pages, let them go wild." I said with a smirk. Jasper rolled his eyes; he knew the papers that didn't catch my attention within the first page would go to him for grading.

The campus became nearer with every step, everything was so green. We had plants of every kind growing, and there was always at least a tree every 2 feet. We had 3 national acclaimed gardens, and owned 5 greenhouses. I didn't care much for plants; I tended to kill them than grow them. So I just stayed away when I could.

We had eight buildings on campus and one library. Four of the buildings went up to the fifth floor and were made of red brick, the other two were one story tall but were exceptionally long and had an underground floor. It consisted mainly of lecture halls and had a granite façade. The main building on Campus, which was named; "The Center", was the most ancient of all the buildings. It was built of timeless stone, and looked more like a cottage from a fairy tale. It was only two stories tall, the back and second floor were used as medical offices.

We had two parking lots, one in front of The Center and one near the newly renovated library building on the other side. Half a mile off campus near the Football Arena there was another parking lot but it was only used during games. Near the arena there was a state of the art gymnasium and fitness center. I never went there before. I assumed I'd have to show Emmett around there since that was probably where he would be spending the majority of his time. I tried to remember how to even get there from the campus. Jasper disrupted me from my thoughts.

"Your Creative Writing 402 class has their report due by Friday. You know no one will hand it in till a few minutes before midnight." He said more to himself than to me. "How many pages is their piece supposed to be?"

"Not less than 50 pages."

"You're killing me." He said closing the book and looking ahead.

"You should have been an engineering assistant."

"Maybe I will be, but I don't want to be responsible for your death."

"Har har." I said crossing my arms across my chest, it was cold and I was shivering. If I had my way, I'd be wearing a huge comfy sweater and sweat pants, and STILL in bed.