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Edward PoV (The day of the last real BPoV chapter)

I watched as Bella wrote down my cell phone number and Alice dictated Bella's since she still didn't remember it. I made a mental note to work on Bella's techno-suaveness.

"Call us at any time, oh and here's Esme's home number."

"Bella! Alice! Come on," Jasper demanded for the nth time as he leaned against the doorframe. We'd been saying our goodbyes for too long to even count the first ten "we'll be going now". The first attempt to leave resulted in Rosalie wanting to show off a painting, and then Bella had to give her an oatmeal recipe that would be good for Emmett, and Alice had to go show off her new designs…and a few other twenty 'we-have-to-do' things.

Emmett, Jasper, and I just passed sly comments towards one another as we watched our loves prolong 8 P.M to 9 P.M to 10 P.M. I was sitting on the arm of the overstuffed chair, with Emmett next to me and Jasper near the door. He seemed most eager to leave.

"Man, that skirt is so…" Jasper muttered to himself as Alice bent over to pick up the pen Bella accidently dropped.

"The makeup sex must be amazing…" I mused.

"You have no idea…" Jasper replied in a slightly dreamy voice.

"Man, one more word of sex from either of you and I'll make sure to cock-block you every damn day till I get out of this cast." Emmet growled.

"Can't have sex?" I asked curiously.

"Unless Rosalie wants to become a new member of Circus De Sole. I can't have any pressure on my thighs or ribs for the next two months."

"That wouldn't be a problem…Alice is soooooo flexable…" Jasper muttered cocking his head to the side as he continued to undress his fiancée with his eyes.

"Stop having mental sex," Emmett whined.

"Or what?" Jasper challenged with a huge fake post-orgasmic smirk on his face as he and Em's eyes met.

"Or I might suggest Alice spends the night…"


"Guess who'll have to give me a diaper change when Alice and Rose are asleep?"

"Below the belt…" Jasper raised his hands in defeat.

"Okay, we realllllly have to get going now," Alice squeaked as she took a step towards us.

I don't even believe it anymore…

"Oh wait, you said you'd show us the basement!" Bella interrupted, and Alice spun towards the girls.


"Oh yeah!"

"Come on, I'll show you. Emmett did a great job turning it into a lounge. Pool table and everything. There's even this leather couch that feels great." Rosalie led the way, and there went another false goodbye.

We remained in the hallway, staring at the girl's behinds as they walked away. Bella's ability to sway her hips side to side so effortlessly and teasingly was making me want to spank her three ways to Sunday.

"I can't wait to get out of this shit." Emmett said with a sigh.

"Dude, be happy you're not paralyzed. Besides, now when you get out you'll be human sized instead of hulk sized," Jasper reasoned as he banged his head against the wall.

We loved all the girls….but seriously. We all planned to be back tomorrow, and wanted to each spend some alone time.

"You know those bite sized candies? I swear those tiny snickers taste better then the originals," I said – it's amazing how easy it is to divert conversations.

"Ugh, now I want a Reese's," Jasper flashed me a dirty look.

"Reese's got it right the first time with the cups, all the other shit they've come up with has been epic fail."

"No way, Reese's pie and ice cream is fucking amazing," I defended the peanut butter chocolaty goodness.

"I prefer me some fried Oreo ice cream," Jasper said.

"I've never had fried ice cream," Emmett mused.

"I've got a southern recipe that I'd literally die and go to heaven for every time my ma would make it," Jasper said.

"He means it quite literally. I bet it has fried chicken in it," I teased.

"Not every southern meal has fried chicken," He defended.

"Fuck, now I'm horny and hungry," Emmett groaned.

"Me too," Jasper and I said at the same time.

Then we heard giggling as the girls approached us again. One could only pray that the end would be coming soon.

"Okay, totally ready to go now, Rose. We'll be over tomorrow morning." Bella said giving her hug and that gave me hope…but they hugged goodbye seven times throughout this ridiculous prolonged exchange of farewells….

"Thank you so much, both of you," Rosalie hugged both Bella and Alice.

Now, they approached us…

"Oh!" Alice squeaked.

And there went that goodbye.

We all looked at the little pixie.

"Never mind! I just remembered I need to throw an engagement party soon," Alice said as she skipped towards Jasper.

They made contact with a soft kiss, and Bella came into my welcoming arms.

"Hey, baby," I whispered to my sweet angel's ear as she blushed.

"Okay, you guys shoooo. Emmett and I need our alone time." Rosalie said opening the door.


I do believe we have lift off.

We finally gave our real goodbyes to the couple, promising to visit tomorrow as we walked out. Emmett reminded us of the football bet we placed on tomorrow's game. I had a feeling I was going to be out of 50 bucks. I watched Rosalie wave goodbye as she wheeled Emmett back into their house.

Jasper opened the door to the short bus and Bella tugged at my pants gently. I looked down at my cutie, who was looking at me with her big brown eyes. She really looked like a helpless kitten and I couldn't help myself from kissing her nose.

"Can we walk?" She whispered, and I nodded.

I wouldn't deny her anything…except, maybe; if she ever wanted to join the ministry…I'd be strongly opposed to that.

"Hey, we're going to walk home," I said in a loud clear voice to Alice and Jasper.

"You sure?" Jasper asked as he slid out of the short bus driver's seat.

"Yeah, it's only like an hour away," I reasoned as Alice and Bella exchanged a girl kiss and hug.

Jasper and I shook hands and my love and I watched them get back on the short bus.

"Get this hunk of junk into a car wash!" Bella screamed as she waved goodbye, as though she was a sailor's wife seeing him off for a long mission.

When they were out of sight, Bella took a deep breath and smiled at me.

I was grateful for my photographic memory, because I was burning every detail of her smile into my mind. "Let's go?" She asked as she tugged my arm up the block.

"Wrong one, kitten," I smirked as she did a terribly clumsy twirl, grabbed my hand and walked the other way. Everything she did made me smile.

"It's a beautiful night," she said looking up at the stars.

"Mmm," I nodded but I couldn't look away from her face. A million stars in the sky were not worth looking at when I had her near me.

"I really love this about Forks, the rare nights when the clouds are all gone. It's just…perfect."

"Yes you are," I said being completely corny and gaining a giggle from her. I was willing to make a fool of myself over and over just to hear her wonderful laugh.

We walked, swinging our hands, being all couply and silly, stopping every few steps to have a quick heated twenty second make out. Our one hour trip home was turning into a two hour with all our distractions.

Although eventually Bella said; "Can we talk?", which killed the mood a bit.

"Eh?" She caught me off guard.

"We need to talk," she clarified and looked at me concerned.

We passed a lamp post and my shadow danced across her face, as I waited for her to continue. Thanks to movies, novels, and pop culture, whenever a woman said, "we need to talk" – bad thoughts traveled through my head.

"I don't know how to say it…" She bit her lip as she looked down.

Not good.

My heart began to race and my body temperature rose at least five degrees as she tried to continue with fumbled words, "Uh…It's like….ugh….oh my ….blah, I sound so…oh god! I don't want to break up," She stopped in her tracks and looked up at me with the most innocent eyes.

It seemed as though she just realized what she sounded like.

"I just….I'm scared. We need to take it slow."

I raised an eyebrow.

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you, Bella," I replied with a soft smile as I gently pushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear, "What is it you're scared of?"

"Everything's hit me so hard so fast. I've never…ever….ever….felt like this. I didn't think I'd ever fall in love or be this happy. Or even have friends besides Alice and Jasper."

"Don't forget Esme and Carlisle," I grinned teasingly. I finally caught on what she was getting at.

"I mean…I thought I'd become that old lonely lady with books for furniture and 42 cats."

"And a depressing robot?" I couldn't help myself from The Hitchhiker's reference.

"Edward! I just thought things would be different. I have other things to look forward to now."

"Is what you have to look forward to bad?" I asked, carefully.

"No, not at all. I just want to have it in the future for a while."

"Baby, can you elaborate?" I made sure to keep my voice smooth, to let her know I was respecting every single word that was coming out of her mouth.

She nodded as she continued, "I want to marry you one day, Edward Cullen…I mean if you'll have me as your wife…I mean…ugh. I don't want to get married right now and I don't want to have children right now," she said pleadingly with her eyes for me to understand her.

"Well you're not married and not popping out any babies right now," I teased her.

She pouted, "Edward be serious!"

"I am!" I replied defensively as I pulled her closely to me till her chin was pressed against my chest.

"Edwarddddd…" She whined, "I'm serious. It's important to me right now…I don't want to move too fast. I'm scared this is all too good to be true."

"Bella, I'm not leaving you," I told her what she needed to hear.

"I know," she replied, but her voice was unsure.

"We'll be okay."

"This isn't right. It's not suppose to go like this. There's suppose to be courting, and…and…"

"And-and-and?" I chuckled, "Bella, would you like to go to the movies next Friday night?"

Her eyes widened as it took her a moment to realize what I was doing.

I was slowing things down for her. I was in the driver's seat and she picked the speed limit. We were going at 90, and now she wanted to go at 30. That was fine. I didn't care how fast or how slow we went, because we were together.

"Yes, I'd like that," she went up on her tippy toes, and I bent my neck down to kiss her softly on the lips.

"I'll get one of the other bedrooms cleaned and fixed up, so you could have your own room at the house," I added hoping to give her the reassurance she needed.

"No!" She gripped my sides in surprise to my words, "I want to sleep with you."

Okay…how could I pass that up?

"Sleep with me, eh?" I wiggled my eyebrow suggestively.

"Not like that! Well…yes, like that. I mean…sleep sleep too. Like snoring sleep."

"You don't snore, you mumble," I countered.

"Edward!" She slapped my chest playfully as she tried to move away from me, but I held her hips tightly, keeping her as close to me as possible.

"Bella," I whispered seductively.

"I just don't want to do anything till the times right."

"Then we'll be boyfriend and girlfriend for ten – twenty – thirty years, till it feels right."

"How will we know when it's right though?" She asked, genially perplexed.

So that's what's eating her.

"Just how we know, right now isn't the right time."

"You know right now isn't the right time?"

"Yes," I placed a kiss on her forehead, "and sweetheart please talk to me as soon as your head conjures all these thoughts of fear. Please. We'll take it slow. I'll do all the courting you want. Flowers, chocolate, movie nights, fancy-smancy dinners…all that. Alright?"

"Alright," she smiled and all the burden she was secretly carrying disappeared from her eyes. She truly looked happy again.

"Let's go home?" I asked.

"Yes," She smiled grabbing my hand once more and intertwined her fingers with mine.



"I love you."

"I love you too."


Time Skip: Edward's Birthday (A few months later)

Edward PoV

I woke up to an empty bed. Which only happened on the nights Bella spent in the smaller library with her new favorite author; James Joyce. I recalled her climbing into bed with me the night before, so I quickly shot up.

The clock said, it was almost noon. We had stayed up much of the night because she wanted me to tell her about my past birthdays. The story sharing carried on till three in the morning, with lots of cuddling and kissing. I walked out of our bedroom in just my boxers.

I considered the prospect of Bella throwing me a surprise party and walked back to our bedroom to put on some pants. Then, in my flannel pajama pants, I rushed downstairs and when the echoing clanging sound of pots reached my ears – I walked towards the kitchen.

I found my Bella in a sexy little maid outfit.


Happy birthday to me.

It was a tight black dress with thick white lace lining, with a low v neck and a white frilly apron that was tied in a big bow in back. She had on white stockings and black stilettos that shocked me, but she looked soooo damn good in them, and her hair was put up in a loose pony tail that I loved.

She was putting dishes into the dishwasher. I could feel myself begin to harden in the nether regions as she bent over. More dishes clanged, but all I could pay attention to was the outline of her behind.

She closed the dishwasher and clicked the button to turn it on; when she turned around she jumped at the sight of me.

The outfit was so short…so tight….so hot. Her cleavage was so prudent thanks to the tightness of her top.



"Good morning, sir," She smiled and gave me a nineteenth century bow.


"What are you up to?"

"It's your birthday. I'm here to serve you, sir."

"I must be dreaming," I muttered as my eyes didn't have the decency to look above that prominent cleavage.

"I made you an ice cream Reese's cake, would you like it now?" She asked going on her tippy toes and going back down so her breasts jiggled a bit.

My cock hardened so fast it hurt.

"Sure, Bella. That would be great," I half muttered as I finally looked at her beautiful innocent face. Maybe not so innocent. That evil glimmer in her eye was unmistakable, and that sly smirk was a tad bit unnerving. I went back to looking at her breasts as I walked towards the dark stone kitchen table. There was no way I'd be able to walk towards the dining room with my hardening hard on without ravaging her on the way.

That was only natural I reasoned. We hadn't had sex in about a week because of her trying to finish grading her student's finals so she could get the student's grades out on time, and me working on my three part lecture. We spent a lot of time in the library together, she would mark and grade, and I would type and do research. Although, most of the time we were in our pajamas or lounge clothes with junk food and both wanting sex but not being able to sacrifice the time. Well I was willing to sacrifice the time, but Bella wouldn't let me. She was a very get work done now, play later type of girl.

And it was playtime now.

God she was hot.

She quickly pulled out the chair for me, and in a daze I sat down.

This was all too hot.

She planted a soft kiss on my cheek, shoving her breasts right in front of me and then sashayed behind the island where I finally noticed a huge plate of cake. I watched as she carefully lit all 37, plus one for luck, candles around the perimeter of the cake and then walked towards me slowly. I could tell she had practiced with her new heels before. Probably preparing.

I couldn't help but snort when I saw what she did. In the center of the cake was a poorly frosty drawn picture of Joseph Conrad.

"Conrad?" I asked as I looked up at her.

She smiled triumphantly, "it's psychological. If you see and hear enough about him, you'll eventually get sick of him," she reasoned.

"I doubt it," I smirked.

"He committed the most intense crimes against literature, he should be punished for the eighth amendment….you'll come to your senses eventually."

I raised an eyebrow, "One day…I'll make you accept him as an amazing author."

"He is an Austen to my Twain."

"I thought you liked Austen."

"I do, now blow out your candles."

"Haha, yes ma'am," I replied blowing out the candles and making one single wish.

For Bella's happiness.

I looked back up at her as she began to pick out all the candles from the cake.

"How could you like Austen, while you have your affair with Twain?"


"I see how you ogle him." I teased her.

"Why you! I do not ogle him! I respect him! Who else could rewrite history and make a schizophrenic into an icon!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked looking at the cake…it looked real good otherwise. I had no idea how long it took Bella to perfect it.

"Joan of Ark only became important because of Twain, she didn't even have a real impact in the war. Also she was a schizo, you know loco, crazy…"

"Why am I getting lectured on my birthday…what happened to sir, and all that cute maid stuff?"

"I'm sorry, sir," I could hear the giggle trying to escape her lips. Fuck, those lips.

"So…you're my…erhm, servant for the day?"

"Yes, sir."

"So you have to do as I say?"

"Yes, sir."

"Take off your clothes."


"You said you'd do as I say?"

"But – but…"

"How about this, do as I say today, and I will not say a word on Conrad for a whole year."

"Not one word?"

"He who shall not be mentioned will never come across my lips again."

"He's worse than Voldemort."

"So deal?"

She looked as though she contemplated the pros and cons, but I knew that deep down she understood that I'd never embarrass her. She just had a habit of always contemplating before a deal. Repainting the rooms was agonizing because of her thought process. What should have taken two weeks took nearly three months.

"Deal," she extended her arm towards me to seal the deal. I guess my sneaking Conrad books into her purse weren't seen as cute little love gestures. Especially when I discovered them in the trash can the next morning.

We shook on it and I repeated myself, "Clothes. Off."

"You are wicked…." She muttered as her hands reached behind her back and untied the white frilly apron.

"Gregory McGuire Wicked or –"

"Shut up and enjoy this." She looked at me sternly as she slowly unzipped the back of her tight little dress.

Slowly she slid that beautiful masterpiece of a piece of a fabric off her slender shoulders.

Somehow my hardness increased to the point of creating a very visible tent in my pants, and I saw the way Bella was eyeing it.

She licked her beautiful plump lips nonchalantly as the dress slid down her torso to reveal her hot pink lace bra that was pretty much see through.

Happy…fucking birthday.

"You look so hot," I muttered as I leaned forward in my chair.

Slowly she pushed down the dress, and just like her bra, her panties were made of the same see-through pink lace. Then…she revealed that her white stockings were in fact thigh highs.

Gracefully one of her legs escaped her dress, followed by the other.

Her legs were so perfect.

She gently grabbed the seams of her thigh highs and I stopped her.

"Leave those on," I asked. I wanted those heels and thigh highs on her.

There was no fucking way this woman was approaching 30.

Her eyes met mine as she straightened up and stared at me.

"Come here," was my next command.

She slowly walked towards me, and her nipples erected with anticipation.

"Sit on my lap."

"Yes, sir," She obediently sat her bubbly behind on my lap, making sure to get 'comfortable', which caused my cock much irritation.

I wanted her so badly.

But I loved the foreplay and teasing too much to jump straight to business.

She looked at me from over her shoulder, "What would you like me to do now, sir?"

"Feed me."

Fuck me.

"I need to get the fork, sir." She replied batting her eyelashes at me.

"Finger it."

Slowly she fingered the top of the cake, completely distorting the face of Conrad, and held her frosty finger in front of my mouth.

"You first, you know, to make sure it's not poisoned," I whispered leaning closer to her as she put her finger between her lips and sucked the frosting off while opening her mouth slightly to let me see her tongue swirl around it.

I subconsciously lifted my hips slightly.

I needed her.

She fingered the cake again, this time getting in deeper and before she could bring her chocolaty finger towards me, I pressed it against her shoulder.

Slowly I licked the cold ice cream cake off her shoulder. I could see goosebumps form all over her back and that gave me enough satisfaction to continue my little cake game.

"Delicious," I whispered as she fingered some more cake and then turned her body around so her legs were around mine and she faced me. She wiped it all over my chest and slowly licked it off, making sure to suck around the area with the dripping ice cream. I leaned back in the chair to give her better access, because fuck, it felt so damn good.

I couldn't keep the groan from escaping, and before I could comprehend what I was doing, I unhooked her bra and fingered the cake myself.

She carefully slipped her bra off, letting it fall on the kitchen floor as I violated her nipple with the cold ice cream. I heard her mutter something incoherent as she straddled me tighter and arched her back. I placed my clean hand on her lower back to keep her steady.

I lowered my mouth to quickly assault her nipple my sticky cold finger gently grazed her other breast. Now, she moaned and whispered my name.

I bit her nipple just rough enough for her scream in surprise. I sucked on it, begging for forgiveness as I fingered the cake some more and dressed her other breast will the creamy, cold, peanut butter choc lately goodness. I could almost hear her heart accelerate as my mouth traveled to her other nipple.

"Edward…" Her hands traveled to my hair and she began to tug.

That was too much, I couldn't hold out much longer. I pushed the cake away and lifted her onto the table. She quickly crossed her ankles behind me, keeping me close to her. My mouth found hers and we began to make out like crazy teenagers, with battling tongues and deep gasps of desire.

I tugged at her panties and gave up and just ripped them off, because seriously, who has time. I fingered the cake once more, but only to get my finger as cold as possible. Then I fingered her right away, feeling her hot wetness tighten around my cold sticky finger.

"God, so wet." I muttered between kisses as I increased to two fingers.

"Want….you," she muttered back with intense desire as she tried to lift her hips towards my fingers when I pulled out.

My thumb gently stimulated her clit and her head shot back as she moaned loudly in satisfaction. I quickly went to her neck, sucking, biting, and kissing it all over. That was one of my favorite spots and the fastest way to get her in the mood.

"Edward….Edward…Fuck me," she was absolutely breathless as she tugged my hair harder.

"What happened to the sir?" I teased as I bit her neck harder then I should have.

"UGHHHHH! Edward!" She screamed as I curled my finger to rub against her g-spot. We spent nearly a week working on the g-spot orgasm months ago, and now I could manipulate her body perfectly.

"Edward! Edward! Oh. God! Fuck! Edward!" I continued to rub her clit and play with her g-spot as she shut her eyes tightly and began to mutter incoherently.

I could feel the walls of her vagina begin to clench up, preparing to orgasm, and a second before I pushed her off the edge, I shoved my pants and boxers half way down and plunged into her.

Her first orgasm felt amazing against my cock; the wetness and tightness nearly doubled. The throbbing of her body rushed all sane thoughts out of my head as I began to thrust deeply into her.

Her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and she tugged my hair as she continued to scream in ecstasy. "Bella…fuck…Bella….I love you. I love you." I muttered into her neck as I continued to fuck her on the kitchen table.

"Ed-ed-Edward….Oh….MY GOD!" She screamed as I rotated my hips slightly with my last thrust.

I loved to make her senseless.

"Every fucking hour….I daydream…." I took quick gasps as I went faster and deeper, "of fucking you, in every spot of this house. God, Bella. Fuck. You're so tight," I was a dirty talker…

I could feel my orgasm building up, and by her gasps and body movements I could tell she was nearing her second. I wanted to prolong it…so I grabbed her ass and lifted her up off the table as close to me as possible.

She whimpered in disappointment when I exited her and placed her on the floor.

"Turn around, hold on to the island," I commanded her and she bent over with her arms locked, pushing against the island table. Seeing her in only thigh highs and six inch heels, bent over the counter was too much….

I went back inside her, and both of us moaned in the perfect feeling. I spanked her twice before pushing myself closer to her and thrusting harder and deeper. My hands quickly found her nipples and began to twist them and grope her boobs roughly.

Everything about her drove me over my edge. Her smell, her moans, her feel…I loved it all, especially the way her skin glistened with sweat.

Her body trembled and then I felt her knees give out, as my cock stiffened and twitched as we both reached our climax together. Her arms bent and her whole body was barely held up by the table.

We both eventually slid down to the cold limestone floor, wrapped up in one another. No words needed to be said, no pleasantries needed to be exchanged. It was all clear.

I love you was on both our minds.

It was nearly a half hour later that Bella finally spoke with a slightly strained voice, "your birthday's not over yet."

"I melted the cake," I mused as I looked at the puddle of frosting, chocolate and peanut butter ice cream on the table across from us.

"I'll stop the world, and melt with you…." She sang softly into the crevasse of my neck.

"Making love to you was never second best…." I half whispered half sang back.

"There's nothing you and I wouldn't do."

"The future's open wide."

"You've seen the difference….and it's getting better all the time…." She muttered with a happy sigh, "We messed up the lyrics."

"I think kids call that a remix."

"Kiss me," She demanded and I obliged and gently pressed our swollen lips together. She was making me horny all over again.

"That's our song now," She said running her finger tips down my chest.

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