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Tick, tick, tick, went the clock in the scientist lab. The sounds of the clock joined the noises of the fizzing of chemicals and the snoring of a blue monkey. His head laid on his desk, with his butt in his chair. Apparently, he had fallen asleep while working.

"Gibson!" A red monkey hollered from down the hallway. "Hey Brainac, were are ya?"

Rudely awakened, Gibson lifted his head and rubbed his eyes. He let out a yawn, and studied his surroundings. 'I feel asleep again, great.'


"Oh, hi Sprx."

"Hey Gibson, do you want to come down to the arcade with Chiro, Otto, Nova, and I?"

Gibson couldn't believe what he was hearing, "What did you say."

"Do you want to go with me and the others to the arcade?"

Gibson was silent for a moment, "Um, sorry Sprx I can't."

"...Oh, okay. Whatever." The red monkey started to walk out of the lab. 'Gibson is such a nerd...' Sprx then stopped in his tracks, '...a nerd that hasn't cut loose one day in his life.' A smile crept its way onto Sprx's face. "Gibson!"

"Sprx, I told you I'm busy. I'm..." He was stopped by Sprx grabbing his tail and covering his mouth.

"Gibson, you're coming with me to have some fun, and I'm not taking no as an answer."

"Muhmuhmuh!" Mumbled Gibson.

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