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CHAPTER 1: 'Naruto-sensei'

Naruto heaved out a heavy sigh. Today he'd be assigned his very own team of genin.

Was he excited?

Oh, overjoyed!

Just not a morning person, and, he had to get up early today in order to get ready for it all. Trivial as 'getting ready' seemed, he needed to do it, as a sign of good faith to his team to be and the Hokage-sama.

So here he was, standing with a blank stare at the wall as the water hit him, scorching to the touch but still very much an unnoticed torture compared to the lack of sleep that was inducing these motions of morning activities. Soon he'd be up to his best, for sure. Just needed the daily dose of ramen in the morning and bad milk. Well, hopefully, good milk, but this being Naruto…you understand.

He had turned twenty-two about four months previously and was standing a pretty decent 5'9. Not that his height really mattered, but it bugged him to know that some people were still taller. Just another, much smaller, detail in his life of casual mishaps and adventures.

As his hand slipped from holding the bar of soap and the bar landed viciously on his toe, did he fully awaken with a manly yelp and curse.


Sasuke grimaced inwardly as the teams were called out, every fiber of him praying he'd get an all guy team. Not that he was gay- Uchiha's were NOT gay- he just didn't want any of those delusional fan-girls on his squad. If there were anyone in the world that could successfully hold him back in life it'd be a fan-girl clinging to him at the sight of danger.

Imagine the youngster's disappointment when Sakura Haruno was to be on team seven with him. To put it plainly, he was far from happy or as eager to jump at the chance as the girl was.

The rest of the teams were named and the teachers came in to retrieve them. One in particular caught his eye; a blonde with a really big and, in his opinion, very stupid grin slapped across his scarred face. His attention moved to those scars, and an eyebrow quirked. They were fashioned like whiskers. Each perfectly parallel with it's opposite and perfectly spaced from one another. He wondered idly if those were wounds from a sick joke or as a method of torture, or even both. Next, he noted the tanned skin. The man wasn't one to stay in very often. A frequent mission doer. That didn't sound so bad. Then again, he could just be a big dope that spent most of his time tanning at the beach. He looked like a real sex god by his build and by the way he carried himself. In short, the man was stunning, charismatic, and didn't look shy at all.

It was quite a while before the raven noticed that the man was looking back at him, the deep blue eyes intense but openly warm to a stranger's gaze. Nothing like a real ninja's should be. Just as stunning as the rest of him.

The man's smile suddenly changed it's nature slightly; to one of mischief. It was in that notice did Sasuke finally realize he had been staring that entire time, and even when he had been caught, he hadn't stopped. Inward panic didn't let itself be known. As an Uchiha, he couldn't allow his mask to slip. His head turned to Iruka, who was now answering a very annoying Ino as to why it was only team seven that had two teammates. He didn't blush and didn't look embarrassed. He had been making an examination of the blond teacher. That was all it was and all it'd ever be. How often did one see a blonde in Japan anyhow?


"I heard they gave the Uchiha to you, Uzamaki." Kurenai whispered as she crossed her arms beside him. He grinned at her, looking at her through the corner of his eye.

"Yeah. Lucky, huh? Apparently Jii-chan thought I was perfect for the job. Supposedly the boy's anti-social." He said in a hushed whisper.

Her eyes widened before she squinted at him. "So they give him to you? I hope he knows what he's doing."

Naruto chuckled. "Hope so, too. Now quit chatting me up before Asuma-kun decides I'm a rival." He waved her off with the same grin in place, knowing full well Asuma was giving him the 'evil eye'.

The teams were soon told who their teachers were going to be and each one left with the instructed instructor.

Soon it was just team seven staring a very young Jonin in the face.

"Very nice to meet you." Naruto chimed. "My name's Uzamaki, Naruto. Or…Naruto-sensei for you guys."


"My name's Sakura Haruno," the pink haired Kunoichi declared with more enthusiasm than necessary. "And his name is Uchiha, Sasuke. I'm sure we're both very happy to meet you, too."

Naruto smiled again, his eyes happy little upside down 'u's.

"That's good to hear, Sakura-chan. But, I'd appreciate it if both my cell members spoke to me. Especially since," he paused, knowing he had Sasuke's attention though the boy was still looking elsewhere. "He's the genius I've heard so much about."

Sakura frowned in open disproval with her new sensei.

When Sasuke made no motion to reply or even acknowledge the teacher, Naruto shrugged and began for the door. "Well we shouldn't waste time. I'll meet you both at the bridge in half an hour. Show up or fail." His singsong ending echoed a tiny bit as he vanished in a poof of smoke.

Sakura's mouth hung open. She looked to Sasuke for answers, but when he said nothing and instead made his way to leave the building as well, she felt the disappointment yet again. She'd have to get his attention somehow. And being on a team with just him and her was the most perfect thing she could ever ask for. Like heaven's decision in her eyes. They wanted SasuSaku to thrive!

"Sasuke-kun, wait! He gave us time for lunch! Why don't we eat together?"

He kept walking. No answer to her question. He hoped simply walking away would do the trick, but dammit, here she came again, laughing a little this time to boot.

"Sorry. Maybe you couldn't hear me. I asked if you wanted to eat your lunch with me since we're on the same team and all."

He glanced at her, a glare already forming on its own. For being the smartest girl in class she really didn't have a clue. "I don't like eating with others." He stated, picking up his pace ever so slightly in an attempt to lose her. She slowed her pace as he wanted and soon they were out of each other's visions.


Sasuke sat down on the roof of his school, opening his lunchbox and picking at its contents without much care or concentration. He made his own meals so there would never be a surprise snack in his meal. No special treat unless he treated it to himself, but one; he hated sweets and two; he needed to spend his money wisely. His chopsticks stilled when he felt someone's presence make itself known merely a few yards away. He set them down with somewhat of an inward sigh.

"You live alone, don't you?" The sympathetic voice belonged to no other than the blonde he met a mere fifteen minutes ago, his own tray of food in his hands as he plopped himself down beside the Uchiha.

"Hn." Came the rather unresponsive response. And the Uchiha went back to his meal silently.

"It's not healthy, you know. Living on your own, I mean." Naruto continued, only succeeding in annoying the raven. "You seem to know what a balanced meal is without anyone's help, but…"

Sasuke set his tray down and sent a cold glare at his new sensei. "It's none of your business."

"No. No, it isn't. Not personally. But as a teacher and student, I'm now obligated to let you know that it is my business to make sure you don't grow up to be the worst person ever."

"I don't care what I grow up to be." He sneered. "I just need to get stronger and destroy a certain someone."

Naruto's eyes softened, before he turned away to look towards the sky. He sighed. "I had hoped you wouldn't say that… It's what he wants, you know. To be your only drive in life and make sure you kill him." Naruto's voice held a hint of more than just sadness.

Sasuke's eyes widened at his words though.

"How do you know who-?"

"You're brother, right?" Naruto turned to look at the youngest living Uchiha in the eye. "Itachi. That's the certain someone…" he looked down and to the left, setting his food down so he could draw his legs to him loosely. "You live like this…on your own and so cold towards the world…You're playing right into his hands."

Sasuke snapped. "What do you know?!"

Naruto smiled weakly. "Not much. But, I do hope that you can live as you want to…On your own." With no influences. "We should get going, no?" he said this hopping to his feet.

Sasuke frowned deeply. He wasn't about to be played by some blonde idiot. He stood as well, his chest puffed and fists clenched. "What do you know about my brother?"

Naruto cocked his head and grinned stupidly. "Don't know what you mean? I thought you were the only Uchiha left, Sasuke."

Sasuke growled. There wasn't anything he could do. This man knew something and he knew it, too, but here the jackass was, acting like a dipshit. It was…disheartening almost. For the both of them.


At the bridge Sasuke was even more frigid than ever. Severely angry that his new teacher knew something about what he might need to know and was still acting like nothing happened at all. The blonde was so good at it Sasuke began to question if he even had that conversation with him. But he had to have! He was an Uchiha! Uchiha's didn't hallucinate conversations like that.

"Well, I propose we all get to know one another. It's an easy exercise. Just tell me about yourselves. Whatever you think is important. Doesn't matter. But I won't forget a thing you tell me so it'd be nice if it's worth my time."

"Same here." Sasuke bit out suddenly, catching his other teammate's attention. A look of confusion from Sakura and a small, well hidden smirk from Naruto-sensei.

Sakura blinked, not at all sure what that comment meant, but it seemed to be a private joke for Naruto. She managed to catch the twitch of his lips when her love had muttered those words. It worried her slightly, but what reason did she have to be worried. Sasuke Uchiha was just a guy who enjoyed the company of other, older, but apparently not much more mature when it came to personas, males.

"Well, since you seem to get my gist so well, why don't you start us off, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke snickered at this. The man already seemed to know a great deal about him already. What Jonin didn't these days? What villager didn't? He was the last Uchiha in Konoha. There was no way someone was ignorant of his existence or past. Even other villages were very aware of him and, dare he even think it, they all wanted him.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I know how to take care of myself. I don't need pointless advice or knowledge. I want to get stronger to fulfill my life's purpose."

Naruto let a small pout play on his mouth. "Why don't you tell me what you like? What you don't like…things like that."

"I don't like you. And I can't say I like anything either."

"Aw. You're going to make me cry." Naruto's voice dripped with sarcasm as he turned away from the boy who was now clenching his fists in frustration again. "Your turn, bubblegum." He said with a smile.

Sakura frowned at the nickname. She didn't appreciate that one at all, but, it was better than billboard brow, she had to admit. So good naturedly, she cleared her throat.

"Sakura Haruno, here, and I enjoy long walks on the beach, chocolates, and anything dealing with- or rather- who-" It was here Naruto stopped listening and Sakura began blushing madly as she stole glances at Sasuke, who tried very hard to remain oblivious to it all.

Naruto sighed mentally. This team wasn't going to be an easy team to work with even if he was going to get off easy with just two genin.

After so long of the girl's rambling, Naruto clapped his hands together and dismissed them with waves and happy goodnights. Not really wanting to hear anymore out of them at this point.


When he arrived home, he let out what felt like the hundredth sigh he had heaved all day. He kicked off his shoes lazily at the door, his nose twitching when he smelled food cooking in the kitchen down the hall.

"I'm home!" He called, hoping he'd get some sort of response from whoever was in his kitchen. The food didn't smell like ramen and that was never something he could smile at, nor was the fact that there was someone in his house at all. He was pretty sure he locked the door this morning.

No response came.

He walked quietly, his guard up, though he looked thoroughly relaxed as he rounded the corner. What- or better said- who he saw had his jaw drop slightly.

Right in the center of his kitchen the tiny twelve year old avenger had an oversized apron, which Naruto had barely recognized as his own, tied tightly around his waist and shoulders to get a better cover from it, headphones in his ears, blaring loud music Naruto would have found too loud and distasteful. The raven's eyes were closed as he worked with the dish of what looked like small, chopped up, meats mixed with a variety of vegetables and bless his soul! Ramen!

Naruto's shocked expression went to that of one of a dog about to be treated to his very favorite dish, but it quickly disappeared with a simple but valid question.

What the hell was Sasuke doing here anyway?!

The boy still hadn't turned around, but he had opened his eyes, and it was easy to tell he knew his sensei was in the same room staring at him intently.

"You really didn't have much in your cupboard other than ramen. That's not healthy either, you know." Sasuke said, his voice so even Naruto nearly jumped.

Naruto straightened up, frowning.

"It took you forever to even get home. Where'd you go that would keep you bust for two hours after you told us to 'get lost'?" Sasuke asked, turning around as he pulled one of the headphone sets from his ear letting Naruto hear it perfectly.

"Shouldn't I be asking the questions here?" Naruto asked, his shoulders slouching as he cocked his head at the twelve year old. A crooked smile trying very hard to turn itself into a normal one and failing miserably at the task. "Do you even know what people might think of this whole situation? There are laws against this."

Sasuke smirked at this, amused.

"You told me it wasn't healthy that I live alone and I can't help but wonder what right you have to say that when it looks like you live by yourself as well."

"I grew up with someone taking care of me. This is totally different. In case you haven't noticed, Uchiha-kun, I'm not exactly twelve anymore. I'm twenty-two. Twenty-Two."

Naruto looked exhausted and just flat out speechless about this whole ordeal. Really what could he tell the brat to get him out without making a fuss?

Especially when the same boy looked like he won something already. Naruto paled.

' Please, Kami, tell me he didn't find the Christmas pictures from last year.' There wasn't a more sure fire way to black mail the blond.

"Anyway, Naruto-sensei," Sasuke stretched out 'sensei' a little much. "The food's just about done."

"Why are you even in here?!" Naruto screamed, keeping his voice level enough so the neighbors wouldn't notice. Sasuke lost his smirk and he looked the blond over almost quizzically. In fact, Naruto was sure that it was partially a glare. But, why? Why? Why?!

"You know something about my brother. I want to know what."

A bit of relief washed over Naruto. Christmas photos were safe and sound under his bed within the tiny little box of magical toys he actually hadn't played with in quite a while. If the genin had found any of that he couldn't even begin to imagine the shit load of trouble he'd be in.

He smiled a little.

"Look. I appreciate the food bribe. Nice to know you think I'm that much of a fatty. Really, I'm flattered, Sasuke-kun." Naruto laughed lightly. He really was just relieved.

Funny. A moment ago it had been Uchiha-kun. Sasuke idly wondered what edge he lost within that sentence just then.

"I'll tell you what I knew about him, but you have to get the hell out of here and come back tomorrow. I'm really beat, and it's past your curfew, I'm sure." He said waving his hand as he entered the kitchen fully and went over to stand Sasuke, giving him a gentle nudge toward the door to leave.

"There's no one at home waiting for me." Sasuke said, too easily, as he let himself get moved an inch. He felt Naruto's hand lose pressure, and suddenly Sasuke wasn't balancing on his heels anymore. He looked over his shoulder to find a solemn expression on Naruto's face. It looked almost out of place. Like Naruto hadn't had much practice with that face just yet. Not that, anyone should ever master it, but still…

Naruto kept his eyes on the floor and let out yet another sigh for the day. His hands slid down the Uchiha's back and settled on the knot of the bow that held the apron there, ignoring Sasuke's shiver as he untied it and moved to the lower one. Naruto's eyes were fixed. Seeing nothing, but still able to watch the boy in front of him. It was a blank stare of sorts. His mind was on the boy's words. The same words that he had said to his own sensei years ago. He remembered coming home to a lonely apartment, and cooking his own meals. Craving attention and love that he thought no one could show him until he found Iruka-sensei.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun." He started, suddenly cheery. "How about you live with me for a while. I guess it'd help our unhealthy life styles, don't you think?" He laughed as he shoved the boy out of the apron nearly making him trip over his own feet.

Sasuke turned around with a glare. "What are you, an idiot?!"

"Not at all. I just thought that I might as well help us both out. Kill two birds with one stone. You live with me, I promise you'll learn more than your fair share of your brother and you won't be living alone anymore. And, I'll have a more healthy diet and someone to talk to."

"Bye a dog!"

"Too noisy. You're perfect, so I'll take you." Naruto stated, his smile losing the innocence of itself and changing to an impish grin, his eyes showing every mischievous bone in his body. Sasuke felt his heart speed up at the words and his face began to heat up at his new expression.

"I'll get your papers and run the idea by Jii-chan tomorrow, okay." The smile went back to the stupid, very trusting grin. "But, you really should leave now. For appearances sake. Oh!" He doubled back to one of his cabinets and pulled out some plastic containers. He grabbed a spoon, grabbing more than what he knew the boy could finish in one day and threw it in the container with a slosh. "There ya go! Home cooked meal. Hope you like it! See you at seven, now bye-bye."

"Wait! You can't just-" the container was shoved into his hands, some splattering out and onto his shirt as Naruto wasted no time lifting the boy off his feet like a newfound bride and placed him outside the door with a plop, smile, and wave.

It took a long minute before the Uchiha realized he was standing outside Naruto's door like an idiot, holding a box full of food he just made for free (sorta), and a head full of confusion that pissed him off. His face was really hot, and he knew what it was, but he wasn't about to admit to himself that he was blushing. Uchiha's DON'T blush! Not to mention he now had to plan for a move he didn't even authorize!


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