Chapter 10: 'Protecting something different'


"I know it sounds unreasonable, but I can still get the reports to you on my leave. I'm leaving Sakura to you and Sasuke will be training with me near the village hidden in the wind. We won't be too far off. This is for the protection of the tailed beasts." Naruto concluded, crossing his arms over his chest. "Sasuke may be a student but he has a great deal of potential. I'm not going to see him waste it here."

Tsunade eyed him through his entire case and more than eighty percent of her wasn't buying anything he was trying to offer.

"I know the Uchiha has a 'great deal of potential'. They always do. But not only will you be putting yourself at risk on this mission of yours, but if you can't even manage to defend yourself, how will you keep the village's next prodigy from harm."

"The idea is to let him face danger he can't handle alone."

She squinted. "What do you mean…by that?"

Naruto smiled cheekily. "Well, I just want to show him that it's close to impossible, the goal he's trying to reach. This lesson I want to teach him will keep well away from harm for years to come. I know it will. And, I will not let him be killed off out there so easily either."

"And what about your seal, Naruto? What if the Akatsuki gets you?"

He shifted his weight at this and looked thoughtful for a moment, his smile faltering for only a blink of an eye. "I can't say I'm disappointed to hear you have no faith in me, Baa-chan, but I have my own methods. On the off chance that I fail to protect myself I've set an automatic teleportation jutsu that will assure Sasuke's immediate arrival here in Konoha. Straight to the hospital wing if worst comes to worst." He mechanically shifted his weight once more. "Besides," he continued. "There further I get myself from Konoha the safer it'll be."

She smiled ever so slightly, leaning on her entwined fingers and letting the smile get a little wider.

"I'm glad to see you've really thought this one all the way through, gaki." She said with a tone similar to relief.

"Very well. I hereby grant team seven leave for three months."

Naruto dropped his arms to his sides and smiled brightly. "You won't regret it, Tsunade, I promise!"

And with that, he vanished.

She leaned back into her chair with a sigh. "I really hope so, Naruto…I really hope so."


Naruto's next and obvious destination was in the hall way outside Sasuke's door. He was excited. Ready to knock it down in his triumph. But for lack of actually wanting to fix a broken down door, Naruto settled for yelling through it instead.


Said boy jolted from his bed with a jerk, snapping a short fused, "What?!"

He moved his eyes to the open door. "I thought I locked that thing." He said to himself, rubbing his left eye tiredly. He glanced at the alarm clock at his bed side and groaned. "It's five in the morning, Naruto. Go to bed." The raven said plopping back down on his bed and facing the wall.

"No, no, no!" Naruto rushed over and pulled the covers off. "Team Seven's been instructed to leave for three months. Sakura's staying to train under Tsunade a while longer so it'll just be me and you."

"And, you know?" Sasuke rolled over. "Suddenly that doesn't sound as good as it would've sounded around nine o' clock today. Goodnight, Naruto." He said again yanking his covers to go over him once more.

Naruto moaned and tired pulling the sheets off again but Sasuke had a grip on it this time.

"C'mon…" Naruto whined pulling harder.

"Stop it!" Sasuke snapped sitting up and down went his teacher with a thunk.

He blinked… then groaned. "What do you mean we're leaving?"

Naruto sat up and rubbed his ass. "Lady fifth gave me permission to take us both out of here for three months. It's for training purposes and to keep the village safe from harm. The farther I am the safer the village is. See?"

Sasuke stared at his teacher for a moment, semi dazed but still sort of excited. Their previous kiss almost forgotten in the raven's mind.

"I'll see my brother this way?" he questioned, his own muscles twitching under his skin from anticipation of the answer.

Naruto locked eyes with his star student. "Most probably." He said it like a sigh but it was all it took to get the youngest living Uchiha up and out of bed with new vigor.

For Naruto, seeing this sort of blood lusting drive wasn't something to be pleased about. He'd try his best to get the young avenger busy on the three months of their absence and pray that it'd be enough.
He pushed himself off the ground and patted his shorts comically.

"Should we pack or would you like to dress as you go?"

Sasuke paused in his journey to the bathroom to stop and think about the question. "How about fifty-fifty?" He suggested.

Naruto didn't look his way but nodded in agreement.


They passed the gates with no trouble from the two guards at all. Naruto sighed, relieved that the Hokage had given them a good and fast heads up.

"What will we tell Sakura?"

"Oh, so you actually care about her, Sasuke?" Naruto teased. "She was always going on about you and how the both of you were going to live together."

The raven made a face and scoffed. "She's a friend." He replied shortly. "Are you trying to tease me, sensei?"

Naruto snorted at being called sensei and earned a small, almost unheard, chuckle from the former.

"Not in the least, Sasuke. Just curious is all." He said looking off to the side. "I mean you want to rebuild your clan as well, right?"

An uncomfortable silence fell on the two as they continued to walk, but with the newly added tension…

Sasuke looked off to the side. "Where are we going to stop for the night?" he asked.

It wasn't right for his teacher to bring that up so…so… Almost rudely. Sasuke wasn't a stranger for the types of conversations used to nip things, like budding relationships, in the bud. So this… This hurt.

Sasuke gripped the backpack strap on his left shoulder and gripped it tight, shifting his weight for a moment to get it settled once more. Naruto caught on to the unsettled Uchiha but strangely decided it was best to say nothing.


At the inn.

"How much for two rooms?" Naruto inquired at the front desk while Sasuke stood waiting nearby. His head shot over in Naruto's direction immediately at the mention of two rooms, clearly against the idea, but damn him if he'd bring anything up right then. He'd avoid a scene for the time being.

"Ah. Thanks!" Naruto happily smiled, taking the keys to the rooms and walking back over to Sasuke with the same smile.

"Well, I got us our rooms."

Sasuke frowned deeply at the chipper blonde in front of him and snatched the key from him, stomping up the stairs and in the needed direction leaving Naruto with a solemn expression.

'Sorry, Sasuke.' Naruto thought…secretly wanting to say it aloud. But no words left and instead he made his way to his own room in the opposite direction.


It wasn't until around two in the morning did either see the other.

A pale blue light dipped into the room, curving around Naruto's body and casting a shadow of him onto the hard wood floor. The inn was altogether quiet as could be save for the silent padding steps being taken just down the hall and stopping at his door.

Naruto let out a sigh but didn't turn his gaze from the forest outside when his door was opened.

"So that's it?" Sasuke asked, stepping into the room and shutting the door behind him. A white robe dressed him and nothing else, just as Naruto wore. The blonde was currently perched on the window ceil, looking out at the nearby trees teasing the frame with scratching branches. He gave Sasuke a quick glance before returning his gaze in the direction of the trees again.

"So what's it?" He asked in a dead tone.

"You bring up the revival of my clan when we're walking here and then get us separate rooms…you won't even look at me now. What am I supposed to think?" Sasuke snapped.

"I brought it up, Sasuke," Naruto said turning to face him directly. "Because it's one of your goals, right? You're straying from it."

"What if I want to stray?" Sasuke shot back taking a defiant step towards him.

"I can't let you." Naruto said quietly.

"Why not-?"

"I got us separate rooms to create a little distance. I figured you'd want your own room anyway since I can afford it."

"Naruto!" Sasuke snapped again, aggravated.

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "I'm doing this with your best interest in mind." He stood up. "I can't afford to be selfish with you. Not when-!?!" Naruto hit the wall behind him with a hard thud, catching him completely by surprise.

"Be selfish!" Sasuke was at his neck, holding his wrists on each side of his head. "Were you just toying with me when you kissed me yesterday?"


"Then what?!" Sasuke growled. "You bear the mark of my clan. You're owned property of the Uchiha- so you belong to me. I have a right to you and you a right to me. I'm getting really sick and tired of your stupid smile when I know it's fake! I told you I'd protect you…it won't be the other way around."

Naruto was stunned. He really didn't want to fight back. Just wanted to give in.

"You don't understand…" Naruto pleaded. His heart begging. Wanting the raven to see that he couldn't just…let go.

"I don't want to." Sasuke cut him off stubbornly. "It's my decision to restore my clan if I want. I can choose to let that go if I want to as well. And right now… I don't care about it."

"Sasuke…" Naruto turned his face to meet the raven's lips, ever pale, ever pink, but ever so soft.

Sasuke didn't struggle and fell into the kiss but made sure to keep the older man pinned to the wall. He brought his knee up and pushed up against the mentioned man's member, causing enough friction to earn a light gasp of surprise and pleasure. Sasuke held dominance here, like this. It was nothing but a sin.
And all Naruto wanted was to wake up from the dream that was Sasuke, while said avenger simply wanted to stay like he was in this dream like state. The same scene but through different eyes.

Sasuke moved his knee up faster and harder and Naruto released a strained moan. He didn't want to fall into another heartache waiting to happen. He didn't want to feel used again…or even feel the warmth of love while he had it. Not again. He never wished to know it again, but…

He opened his eyes to meet the entirely focused onyx eyes of his student.

He never wanted to feel so vulnerable again but this boy…

He forced his chakra to transport himself and the raven to the bed, changing their positions so that he was the one to pin the raven down. He sat himself on the boy's abdomen and cupped his face, watching every flicker of emotion the raven had ever hid behind his eyes.

This boy… He scanned his face and saw the hesitance. The discomfort but the eagerness to try. He caressed the pale flesh and smiled almost tenderly for a moment before the smile washed away when he straddled the younger with his hips and rocked slightly earning a soft gasp from the Uchiha beneath him.

He continued to watch as Sasuke shut his eyes and moved to meet the small thrusts with his own. He nibbled on his lip as Naruto moved his hands to Sasuke's chest where they stayed to help him go a little harder. The dry friction was becoming a bit too much.

This boy was going to ruin him, he knew…but he wanted to… A strong part of him wanted to.

Sasuke tossed his head to one side and moaned aloud. It was all the physical reassurance Naruto really needed to continue. He let his hands come lower and pushed the robes of the younger open to expose the pale skin of his stomach and chest. He guided his hands over him and marveled at the toned muscles as though Sasuke had been sculpted with such angelic care.
He removed his roaming hands and slid his own robe off of his shoulders and letting the fabric clump around his waist.

His hands traveled back down to the raven and ghosted over to the bottom hem of the boy's robe to push it up and out of the way but Sasuke's shaking slowed his actions. He looked back up at his face and breathed out something close to a laugh and sigh.

"You look nervous." Naruto caught himself saying with the smallest smile to ever play on his lips. It wasn't forced but he hardly saw a reason to smile…

Sasuke's eyes opened, hazed over with lust.

"You're shaking." Naruto observed.

The raven's eyes flickered to the man on him and he huffed as if trying to calm down. He looked to the side, away from the cerulean blue eyes out of embarrassment.

"It's…my first time." He said in a hushed voice but loud enough for Naruto to hear.

"I know." Naruto said gently, coming down and leaving a kiss on the cheek exposed to him.

Sasuke looked back up at him, only letting his eyes follow him for a time before Naruto crawled off and he was out of Sasuke's line of vision. He tensed slightly when he felt the robe slide off of his body completely, only the sleeves staying where they were supposed to. A moist heat erased the cold air that had been there before and it took all he had to stay in his place. He picked up one arm and covered his eyes. He felt himself harden at the slight temperature change.

Naruto held the hot organ between his fingers and released the breath he had been holding, just to breathe on it. Sasuke gasped and without further warning took it all into his mouth.


Naruto placed a hand on Sasuke's thigh to hold him down and stop him from thrusting up and into his mouth. He sucked and pulled, teasing the tip with his tongue earning everything from gasps of pleasure to moans of ecstasy. It was all the drive he needed to continue what he was doing. It drove him crazy.


"Sasuke, relax." Naruto whispered as the head of his already dripping cock was placed at Sasuke's entrance, pushed in a little but not enough for either. However… they hit a snag.

Naruto couldn't go any further unless Sasuke relaxed which he was having trouble doing presently.

His eyes were shut and he was biting his bottom lip doing his best not to squirm.

"Sasuke…" Naruto breathed out. "We can…we can stop."

Sasuke shook his head defiantly. "No..no. I want this." He said opening his eyes to meet the blue eyes of his lover. "I need this."

"Then I need you to relax…If not I'll get hurt."

Sasuke nodded, closing his eyes again and turning to look away once more. His hands gripped the sheets under him and he evened his breathing. Naruto nodded.


"…Yeah…" Sasuke raised one arm to cover his eyes and Naruto took the chance to slide in.

"Gah!" Sasuke's eyes snapped open and his arm came back down to the bed, pulling at the covers in a desperate motion.

Naruto paused, staying in him for a moment and moaning at the feeling of the being encircled. Completely encased and feeling the walls of Sasuke's anus adjust to his size and length. He slid back and then forward and listened to Sasuke's groans of pain slowly turned towards moans of pleasure once more.

"I'm going to move now." Naruto warned and began to thrust in and pull back though never coming completely out.

When Sasuke began to move with him he moved faster and harder.

"Aah!" Sasuke arched his back. "Ahha! Naruto!"

"Yes.." Sasuke moaned. "There..there!"

Naruto complied, moaning all the while. "Sasuke…" Naruto slammed his hips against him harder and faster until Sasuke tossed his head back.


Sasuke pushed himself into a sitting position, sitting in front of an exhausted Naruto who huffed then grinned.

Naruto's robes were long forgotten, tossed onto the floor due to Sasuke's desire to see all that he owned. Speaking of which…

Sasuke reached forward and traced the Uchiha fan on Naruto's inner thigh, leaning down and kissing the symbol lightly.

"Do you love me, Naruto?" Sasuke asked narrowing his eyes slightly to show that he wasn't going to be hostile, really he was just a little tired.

Naruto smiled suddenly but softly. He reached over and placed his hand on Sasuke's face, putting his weight and support on the other. "Yes."

"I love you, Sasuke. Honestly and truly."

And for the first time through the entire night Sasuke smiled.


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