Jennifer Winston flopped down onto her old couch, looking around her living room

Jennifer Winston flopped down onto her old couch, looking around her living room.

"I really should paint in here!" She exclaimed to herself, looking at the white walls as she crinkled her nose in disgust. "Hurry up, Liz, or I'll start without you!"

"I'm sorry, but I can't make this popcorn pop any faster!" Came the exasperated cry of Elizabeth Marshall, Jennifer's best friend.

The microwave rang, and thirty seconds later, Elizabeth scurried into the room with a steaming hot bowl of buttery popcorn. She set it down on the coffee table. "So, what're we watching, Jen?"

Jennifer grinned mischieviously "I think you know!"

"National Treasure?" Elizabeth asked, mirroring her friends grin, and Jennifer nodded. "Fine by me. I can deal with that. It gives us an excuse to stare at Riley for two hours." Both girls laughed, and Jennifer hit play on the DVD remote as Elizabeth fell back into a cushioned arm-chair.

Though instead of playing the DVD, the screen went black. Elizabeth hopped to her feet.

"Is there something wrong with your DVD player?" She asked with a frown. Her friend shook her head.

"It worked just fine a few days ago."

Both girls stood up, walking over to the TV. Suddenly the room turned black, causing them both to shriek. A strange rumbling, much like an earthquake, shook the house. The girls clung to each other, frightened. Suddenly the floor seemed to fall out from under them, and the girls both fell, falling hard onto the ground.

When Jennifer opened her eyes, she saw a gray sky above her, and her clothes felt cold and wet. She immediately sat up, observing her surroundings.

"Liz!!" She cried out, shaking her friend as she looked around once more with wide eyes. The other girl sat up, gasping loudly. "You don't think…"

"No!" Elizabeth cried at once. "That's terribly clichéd! There's no way that really happens! Only

"Then how do you explain why we're in the middle of a snow drift in the Arctic?!" Jennifer cried, her displeasure showing on her face.

"I d-don't know." Elizabeth shivered, hugging herself to stay warm. "We're dreaming?"

Jennifer thumped her friend on the head. "We aren't dreaming, you dork!" She pointed off in the distance, where two orange snow-mobiles were rising over the hill.

"No…Way…" Elizabeth whispered to herself.

"We're in the movie!!" The girls cried in unison, both of them with wide eyes and shocked expressions.


Ben Gates was not expecting anything out of the ordinary on this trip. Certainly nothing like this, anyways. In the distance he saw two figures running towards the snow-mobile. waving their arms hysterically. He stopped the machine too quickly, and it jerked everyone.

"Why are we stopping?" Riley demanded, and Ben looked at his younger counterpart with a sigh, pointing towards the window. "What the…"

As they came closer, Ben realized that they were two girls, and they were definitely not natives. They were wearing strange clothing for this kind of place, and they certainly didn't look like they came from here.

One girl had long, almost black hair, though her skin was almost as white as the snow around her. The other had even longer hair, which seemed to settle somewhere between golden blonde and flaming red.

Ben got out, ready to talk to the girls who didn't look much older than 20.

"Who are you?" He demanded. The girls stopped in their tracks about 5 feet from Ben.

"Does it really matter?" The red-haired one spoke up. The girls stared at him in silence for several moments before the red-head stepped forward. "I'm Jennifer Winston. This is Elizabeth Marshall. Do you have any coats?"

Ben stood there in shock, his mouth open in an 'o' of surprise. "I-I think we might have a few extra. Just a second."

He walked around to the back of the vehicle, opening up the back compartment. He managed to fish out two navy blue coats, one for each girl. They took them thankfully, wrapping themselves in them.

"Why in the world are you two running around in the Arctic without coats on?"

"We'd like to know that ourselves." Jennifer muttered. Ben sighed deeply, his brow furrowing.

"Just get in, before you catch pneumonia or something." Ben shook his head, muttering something to himself that the girls couldn't hear. They opened the door and slid into the seat, feeling 3 pairs of eyes staring at them.

"What?" Jennifer snapped, and they all quickly turned away. She saw Elizabeth staring at Riley, her bright green eyes wide as saucers. "Stop staring." Jennifer nudged her. "It's not polite."

Elizabeth's cheeks burned, looking at Riley for one last second. His eyes were fixated on his computer, as if he were trying extremely hard not to look at the girls beside them. Elizabeth snuggled into her coat.

"Sooo…" Jennifer attempted to break the uncomfortable silence. "Who are you guys?"

"I'm Ben Gates, and this is Riley Poole and Ian Howe."

"Oh, alright." She settled back into her seat, looking at her friend. They both seemed to be sending each other a silent message.

'What are we going to do now?'