Authors Notes: Ugh... Just something that came into my mind when I saw this picture of Niou and Kirihara together. Kinda... Meh... I tried a different type of style haha... Kinda... I need to go to work xD

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Warnings: Um... I guess you could say a bit of a dirty scene at the start... And a sad Akaya (aww...)

Pairing: Niou/Kirihara

Words: 610

He felt nothing.

His body had gone numb from the pleasure and pain.

He felt his sempai draw out of him and that was all. He collapsed and slowly, slowly started to feel the water beating on his tired, hot, sore body from the shower above him.

His hands were planted on the ground as he took deep breaths of air, trying to control his breathing.

He heard a chuckle from behind him.

"You alright, kid?" the rough voice asked.

Kirihara stuck his head over his shoulder and glared at his smirking sempai. "I'm fine, Niou-sempai." He growled out and stood up again, ignoring the sharp pain shooting through his spine, he turned the handle on the shower so the water was hot.

The hot water was a blessing for his aching muscles.

Kirihara heard his sempai snort and mutter something under his breath which he didn't catch. He just shrugged it off and continued relaxing in the hot spray.

Niou walked off, wrapping a towel around his waist, even though there was no one left in the club room. He rummaged through his bag and pulled out his white school shirt and black pants. He scanned his eyes around the area he had occupied on the bench for his boxers and found none. He gave a small hum that sounded deep in his throat when they had been thrown and landed on his shoes in front of him. The older boy looked up and saw Kirihara walking towards his own bag.

Kirihara was buttoning up his school shirt when he heard the door to the club house open and close. He looked up at the door and then behind him to where Niou was. "Bye..." Kirihara grumbled as he sat down on the bench and put his sneakers on, ignoring the prickling in his eyes.

Sure, Kirihara thought as he was walking home, he doesn't like being used like that. He would actually admit to having feeling for his bleached haired sempai. At that Kirihara kicked a lone pebble that was sitting on the pavement. What he would give to just be called 'Akaya' from Niou. It's always 'Kid', or 'Brat', or sometimes 'Bakaya'. The latter really pissed him off, but Niou only seemed to say it in a joke and would follow it with that smile and those blue, blue eyes.

Kirihara hated his sempai.

He had figured that his hate on his sempai was so big, that it turned into love.


That's the way Kirihara saw it. Like in one of those movies his sister would force him to watch.

Person A would hate Person B for something they had done.

In my case thought Kirihara and then paused in his step for a second. What did Niou do to make me hate him...? Kirihara kept walking for awhile and then remembered something. He did rip up my drawing for Yukimura-Buchou the other day. Yeah! That's it! Kirihara had an impish smile on his face as he figured out the reason for him hating Niou so much to fall in love.

Then Person A would hate Person B for some time that it falls into love and, what Person A never realized, was that Person B was in love with them the whole...

Kirihara stopped walking again.

Niou didn't love him.

He knew that much.

Kirihara sighed and looked up at the clouds. They had a pink tint around them that somehow faded into an orange in the middle.

A tear fell down Kirihara's cheek.

Maybe he'll ask Yanagi-sempai why the clouds changed colour tomorrow.