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Niou walked up behind his favourite junior, wrapping one arm around the tiny waist to pull Kirihara to a stop, he mumbled; "Happy anniversary," into his ear. Adding on, "Akaya." As an afterthought.

Kirihara grinned. So Niou did think they were a couple!

Squirming in Niou's arms he tried to release the arm around his waist.

It was lunchtime and they were at school for Pete Sake! Kirihara didn't like the idea of people knowing he was in a relationship with Niou Masaharu.

But everyone was ignoring them.

The shorter boy stopped squirming when Niou brought around his other arm and in his hand, a dark blue velvet rectangular box. Kirihara stared at it.

"Well it won't open itself, ya know." Niou mumbled in his ear, keeping his grip around the junior tight.

It made Kirihara feel safe.

He grabbed the box and slowly opened the lid, peeking inside his smile tripled in size when he saw what it was; a gold chain with a gold pendent. The pendent was just a circle that had 'Just wait for me.' Inscribed on it.

Niou was pleased with the response and finally let go of the junior who quickly spun around and smashed their lips together. Niou staggered backwards, but Kirihara followed, keeping their lips locked. When Kirihara finally pulled away, Niou was a little surprised. "I thought you didn't like P.D.A." he mumbled when he noticed people were staring.

Kirihara shrugged and put the lid back on the box, "I don't really care right now." He said with his boy-ish smile on his face.

Niou chuckled and grabbed the smaller boy's hand; dragging him outside to the Sakura Tree they normally sit at.


Kirihara smiled at himself as he looked at the table he had just set up. Rubbing his hands together he made a mental checklist.

Candles; check

Dinner cooked; check

Nice outfit; check

Hair tidy... Kirihara grabbed a spoon on the bench next to him and tried to fix up his hair

"Ugh! It's no use!" He called out in dismay.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

Kirihara's heart leapt. Suddenly he felt nervous and his palms were starting to sweat. He walked towards the door, one hand on the handle; he took a deep breath and opened it.

Niou smiled and did a once over of what Kirihara was wearing. He held back a chuckle as he wrapped his arms around the junior. "I feel so under-dressed." He said as a greeting.

Kirihara laughed nervously and closed the front door. He turned around and saw Niou examining the table with the candles and nice dinner-wear. He flushed slightly and took another deep breath.

Niou stepped in front of Kirihara and placed his hand on Kirihara's cheek, with a smile he said, "Don't be so nervous." And he planted his lips over Kirihara's.

Kirihara wrapped his arms around his sempai's neck and melted into the sweet butterscotch-y kiss.

Until the door slammed opened

Niou pulled away from Kirihara with a start and slowly untwined his arms from around his small body when he saw it was his father.

Kirihara was staring wide-eyed at the man with only one thought going through his head: I am so dead

"What the hell is going on here?!" Kirihara's father shouted, his speech a bit slurred. "My pansy of a son has a fucking boyfriend!" the older man stomped up towards Niou and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

Niou scowled and grabbed at the hands on his shirt, "Hey! I can do what-"

But he was cut off by the alcoholic breath of Kirihara's father, "I don't give a flying fuck what you think you can do! Get the fuck out of my house, now!" he screamed and shoved Niou out the door, locking it once he was gone.

Kirihara was shaking and couldn't move from where he was standing. He heard Niou banging on the front door, shouting to let him in, but Kirihara knew he couldn't, not with his father like this.

His father stomped towards Kirihara, ignoring Niou's calls. Kirihara finally got his ass into gear and ran into the kitchen, but crashed into the counter when his father pushed him.

"You fucking fag!" He shouted out as Kirihara fell to the ground, "No son of mine is ever," he kicked Kirihara in his stomach which made him double over in pain, "ever! Going to be a fucking fag!" he shouted with another kick.

Kirihara couched and felt warm liquid in his mouth. He struggled to stand up when his father turned his back on him, using the bench as support, Kirihara tried to explain. "He's not my boyfriend!" Kirihara lied through his teeth.

He barely had time to register what was happening until his father plowed into him. He crashed into the cabinets and Kirihara noticed his breathing was calm and even. Utensils were scatted over the floor, there was a sharp sound and then something was muttered darkly into Kirihara's ear before the blade sunk in: "I will never have a fag for a son." Again and again, Kirihara felt the dull throbbing stabs shake him and he choked for eternity only it couldn't have been more than a minute in which it is all over and his father was gone. Kirihara looked down and felt the room tilt. Putting a hand over the mess of wounds, Kirihara wonderd why Niou didn't come in the front door when his father left.

The back door slammed opened and a panicked stricken Niou ran up to the small boy. "Akaya, no, Akaya don't do this!" he shouted out, holding Kirihara's head in his lap.

Niou quickly whipped out his mobile and called the emergency services', not taking his eyes off the bleeding boy. Once the call was made, he threw his phone on the ground, and ran his fingers through messy black locks.

Kirihara's eyes opened.

Niou smiled a weak, sad smile, not daring to look at the wounds. "Akaya, I called for an ambulance, okay?" he said voice shaking, tears threatening to spill any second, "everything is going to be okay."

Kirihara groaned and tried shifting, only to get a roar of pain soar through his body and stay there. "Masa..." he mumbled out, blood trickling down his mouth. "Masa, I..."

Niou shushed him and closed his eyes tightly, tears falling down his face, "Don't say anything, Akaya. Save your strength." Opening his eyes he saw Kirihara's hands dark with blood.

A single tear fell down Kirihara's face; he looked up at the wounds and couldn't stand the pain anymore.

Niou kissed the tear away. "I love you, Akaya." He mumbled, hoping the boy could hear it. "I love you so much Akaya. You can't leave me!" his voice cracked and he looked at Kirihara's face.

It was lifeless.

Niou started sobbing and shook Kirihara to get him to wake up, "No, Akaya! You-you can't do this!" he cried out, tears falling onto the smaller boys face. "You can't leave me!" His voice cracked again and he hung his head low. "Akaya!" he cried out one last time.

The sirens in the distance were too late.