the WareWolf Of wanhnackwa
champter1/the wolf in born

DJ's pov
I hanged around looking for bunny till i hear something moving."what's that?"I asked my self as I got closer for a better look.till something bit me.I ran of to the caben.then I felt funny the next day."ok campers.your job is to build a canew and to padel it all around mestkoka."crise the evil host said.'and all of your team memeber have to be in the same boat."he said."peace of cake."bridgette said."how hard can it be?"trent said."Ok campers Lets move it!"Crise said.

harold's pov
"Dj that's a pretty nasty cut you got there."geoff said pointing to Dj's cut."looks like a dog bite."courtney said.
' is.'Dj said." this comick book I read brfore I came here.that one of the boys had a bad bite from a dog.but the dog whese a the boy bites his best friend and the 3rd friend killes the real monster"
I said."pls.what happens in books dont happen in real life."Courtney said."but that is a bad bite.shoud we tell crise?"Ezkule said."maybe that's a good idei."bridgette said and every one nodded.

Dj's pov agien
as i lade in bed in the infermery.i began to get rest less and rolling around in my bed till i wake up.i see the full moon and i feel like i'm going to faint."-Crack-Snap-"my body gos as i lay on the ground trying to fight the pain."what's happening to me!?I yelled as i get furryer.soon the next thing i know is i looked and sounded like a wolf."-HOlw!-"I said.

courtney's Pov
"Did you hear that."Bridgette said."hear what?"Sadie asked."like a wolf holwing."bridgette said.
"maybe izzy is howling agein."Eva said.'"no I mean like almost like a real wolf."she said.
"what do you mean"almost"?"i asked."like a ware wolf or something."bridgette said."you wached too meny movies"
i said till a louder Howl came."ok Now I heard that!'Eva said."what The Hell whas that?!"Duncan shouted so loud that we can hear him from the outher side.we opened the door and the guys where standing there."that was one loud howl"
tyler said.then a wolf like monster came out of nowhere in shered clothes."AAAHHH!"We all skerremed.

Kadie's pov
we all ran to looked like a fance then i triped."Help me!"I screamed.till sadie pulled me out of the way and my shoe got slashed in to two."that whese close!"sadie said.we still ran.then Tyler triped and hit a tree."ouww"
he said when he hit the ground.he just srceamed.he got hurt is all we knew.we ran to the mess hall.
"is he going to be alright?sadie asked."he'll be fine.I hope."Duncan said.then a knocking at the door.we opened it.
and tyler in raged riped clothes on and he whese bleeding alot.he looked like he whese going to faint.and he did.
"help him to a table!"courtney yelled."what whese that Thing eny way?"bridgette asked."a ware wolf."haroled said as he looked at tylers left had a bite mark like Dj's."maybe what ever bit Dj bit tyler."courtney said.
"or Dj bit Tyler."duncan said."maybe."haroled said."we'l go fined Dj.sadie and kadie you stay here and pertect tyler!"courtney said walking out off the mess hall whith every one els.a banging hit the door.louder and louder each time till a hole got punched out of the and sadie screamed and hugged for are lives.

sadie's pov
The monster hit kadie rite in the arm and hit her to the wall."ROAR!"Is all the wolf said.biting kadie's right arm.
"KADIE!"I yelled.the moster ran out realy fast as the others came in."Where did he go?!"Eva said ready to fight.
"what happened to Kadie?!"bridgettte said runing to her.the sun whese coming up."i quess none of us got eny sleep tonite.
"he said.No time!we have to Get them to the inthermery!"Courtney said.

Me:I hope you liked pls.