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Dj's pov

we where locked in The screaming Gophers cabin."man this sucks."ducan said."i'm sorry all. I

didn't mean to mack this mess."I apologized."it's ok."katie said."no it's not ok. For all we know

.we could really hurt someone."i said."if only we could break this Curies are selfs."tyler said.

"yea it's not like we could mack are selfs Kill the head werewolf or any thing."linsay said.

"linsay! Your a Genies!"tyler said."i am?"linsay said confused."all we have to do

is to kill the Real werewolf when we are in werewolf forum!"Tyler repeated linsay's words .

"but what if we cant Make are selfs kill it?"sadie asked."then we are doom."duncan said.

"not helping."izzy scolded. Then They turned in to Werewolf's ,est.

courtney's pov

we hared a howl ."it's time."owen said in a creepy voice."man your Silver ware every one!"owen

ordered. A big werewolf' that was about two times Bigger then the others."It's Huge!"Cody yelled.

"I think we need some bigger Silver Ware!"Leshawna yelled. The the others came and talcked

the bigger one. They Fighted the Big Wolf. Then they holed it down."Courtney! Your Knife is

The Biggest! So You Have To Go kill it!"Eva ordered . I did what I was Toled. And Stabbed

it in it's heart ."Bull's eye!"owen Shouted. A almost Blinding Light Flashed all around me.

The next thing I knew. There was izzy, linsay, sadie, katie, ducnan, tyler, and dj laying in the grass

out cold. there ware the big werewolf' was instead was ash."Courtney! You Did it!"Owen Yelled

pulling me Into A bear Hug."Owen I cant beaver!"I yelled being Plopped onto the ground.

"sorry."owen said after letting go.

linsay's pov

"ow. my head."i said rubbing it."ware am I?"i asked looking back and forth. I was in the intermarry

with the Others."Your finely awake. Took you long Enough."heather said. Even the fact that I was

a dog made me feel, well not the same on full moons. Even do I don't turn in to them with the

rest of theme. All of us sat on a big heel."the moon looks really Nice out."izzy said

"yea."dj said.

THE END.) :)

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