Hey everyone! Esme's Favorite here! So I've been having major writers block, and I wrote this to get my brain working properly again. I hope you like it!


"Watch it, Cullen." I hissed at my life long enemy, Edward Cullen, as he wrapped his arm around my waist in Forks High's parking lot.

"Is that really anyway to talk to your boyfriend, Swan?" He replied in a hushed tone, so that none of the other students would overhear the new couple's argument. I huffed, but then plastered a fake smile on my face.

I started to speak overly loud so that other people could hear us. "Edward, I swear to God, if you start tickling me, I'll…I'll do something! I don't know what it is yet, but it will be -!" I was cut off, because Edward actually started to tickle me.

I somehow managed to twist out of his grip and started running to the grass field next to the parking lot. I turned around only to see that he was close to catching me, laughter bubbling from his silk-smooth lips.

Yes, I know from personal experience that his lips are like silk, since we have kissed. Because we are "dating." You see, Alice, my best friend and Edward's younger sister, thought it would be a good idea for Edward and I to go out. When we wouldn't agree, she threatened to show our parents' pictures of us, drunk, at Alice's latest party. So in order to keep the pictures a secret, we only had to do one thing: tell the whole school we are dating.

All we did was walk in to school, hand in hand, and Mt. Gossip erupted.

I was brought back to reality by two very strong, toned, muscular arms wrapping themselves around my waist, picking me up.

"Edward!" I screamed, "Put me down!" He laughed again, but swung me around and placed me to my feet.

"Okay," he said smiling, "But I'm not letting you go without a kiss." He said this with his adorable crooked smile – it was no use denying that Edward was good looking – and I blushed.

There were still some "main gossipers" hanging around, so I played my part, leaning into his embrace, and pressing my lips against his.

If I was being honest with myself, I really liked to kiss Edward…and hang out with Edward…and Edward in general. I can't even remember the reason why I hate him so much. But whatever it is, it's probably really stupid.

Edward pulled away a few seconds later and rested his forehead against mine. He kept one hand around my waist, and used the other to brush some hair away from my face.

"You actually kissed me." He said, surprised. I smiled a little bit before answering.

"Well, there are still some people around, and I kind of like to kiss you." I admitted.

After my confession, I expected him to pull away disgusted, but he stayed put.

He positioned his arm properly on my waist, and took my hand in the other. I followed his lead and put my free hand on his shoulder, and we started to sway back and forth slowly.

I rested my head on his shoulder as he started humming a song, that was oddly familiar, and yet not at the same time. Whatever it was, it was soothing, and very nice to dance to.

Once he finished, he spun me and ended with a dip.

"I kind of like to kiss you, too." He said, before placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

He pulled away again. "Bella?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yes, Edward?" I asked, just as hesitant.

"What would you say if I told you that I didn't hate you? That instead I maybe…love you?" He asked, looking down.

"Hey." I said, pulling his chin up with my finger. "I'd say that I love you, too." And then he smiled as we began dancing again. Dancing to our own music.