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I woke up unusually early the next morning. Charlie had already left to go fishing with Billy, but the note that he left on the kitchen counter said he would be home around four o'clock.

I made myself some breakfast (can't go wrong with Cocoa Puffs!) and sat down in front of the couch to watch some early morning cartoons before Edward came over.

I was in the middle of watching Jerry defeat Tom yet again when the doorbell rang. I glanced at the clock to make sure that it wasn't already ten. It was only 9:20. That couldn't be Edward already, could it?

I got up off the couch and half jogged, half walked to the door. Pulling it open, I was surprised to see that it was Edward standing there.

"Edward? What are you doing here forty minutes early?" I asked as he pulled me in for a chaste but loving kiss.

"Well, I was so late yesterday that I figured I would make up for it today by getting here early." He stated simply.

"Well that's very sweet of you, but I'm still in my pajamas and I'm just watching cartoons." As I said this, I realized it didn't matter. As long as I was able to spend the day with Edward, it didn't matter what we were doing. He seemed to come to this same conclusion, because he gestured to his simple jeans and sweatshirt before smiling his lopsided grin.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the couch. We spent quite a few hours on the couch just watching cartoons, occasionally sharing some kisses during the commercials or the boring episodes. It was definitely the perfect start to the day.


I looked down at Bella, who was leaning against my right side with her legs spread out on the rest of the couch, and I smiled. I leaned in and kissed her temple before giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

I know we hadn't been in our relationship for very long, but I definitely could see myself – if I wasn't already – falling in love with Bella. It was hard for me to even imagine hating her. I don't even know why I did. She is the most beautiful, perfect, caring and loving woman I have ever known, and I wouldn't trade a single moment of time with her for anything in the world.

After spending a few hours on the couch, Bella decided that she was going to make us lunch. I took the opportunity to stretch my legs and found myself at the fireplace looking at a picture of a nine-year-old Bella grinning hugely at the camera, revealing her braces. She was holding an award of some sort...I'd have to ask her about that later.

After looking at some more pictures of a younger Bella, I decided to see if she wanted any help making our lunches. I walked in on her in the middle of a phone conversation.

"No, Dad, we're not 'up to anything'." I could tell by the way she said the last part that she was rather annoyed. I went up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist and placed a quick kiss on her cheek. She leaned into my embrace and I could feel her body begin to relax. I put my head on her chin and we swayed back and forth slightly.

"Okay Dad…Yes…Okay…Uh-huh…Okay, buh bye…YES Dad…Okay, I'M HANGING UP NOW DAD, GOODBYE!" She said with a huff and practically slammed the phone down on the receiver. "What is up with parent's and saying goodbye on a phone?"

I chuckled at her rhetorical question and pulled her closer to me. She turned around and wrapped her arms around my waist and looked up into my eyes. I swear she was looking into my soul, her gaze was that piercing. I felt like I could tell her anything.

"Bella, I lo– " I was cut off by the shrill ring of the phone. We both jumped at the sound and separated so she could answer it.

"Hello? Oh, hi Jake. Umm…I guess we could hang out? I don't know if now's such a good time though…I'm with Edward…" I motioned for her to give me the phone. "Uhh, hang on for a sec Jake."

"Hi, Jacob?" I asked into the receiver. The reply was a little bit shakier than I would have expected.

"Uhh, hey…Edward, right?" I wanted to laugh at his nervousness. I knew he had a girlfriend and he knew that Bella was taken, so there was no reason for me to dislike the kid.

"Yeah. So you're a close friend of Bella's, correct?"

"Y–yes…what's up?" I seriously had no idea why this kid was freaking out so much.

"Jake, relax. I don't want to kill you. I just wanted to know if you and…" I trailed off, realizing I had forgotten his girlfriend's name.

"Ness," he supplied.

"Right. If you and Ness wanted to go out to lunch with Bella and I." There was no answer on the other end, so I'm guessing he wore the same expression of shock that Bella was wearing now. I chuckled and pulled her in close to me.

My laugh must have snapped Jacob out of whatever reverie he was in because he let out a short laugh of his own.

"Sure, that sounds great! When and where did you want to meet up?"

I gave him the details and we said goodbye and hung up the phone. I glanced down at Bella to see that she was scrutinizing my every move.

"Okay, I give up. Why do you really want to meet Jake?" She finally asked.

"Well, if he's a close friend of yours, I figure it won't be too bad to get on his good side while I'm ahead." I said, wiggling my eyebrows at her in a playful way.

"Edward Cullen, what am I going to do with you?" She asked, a playful gleam in her eye.

"Well, you're going to go out to lunch with me, your friend Jacob and his girlfriend Ness. And then we're going to come back here to get started on this fabulous dinner that you have planned." I answered matter-of-factly. Then I grinned toothily at her and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

Minutes later, when we broke apart, she excused herself to go upstairs and put on 'outside clothes,' as she put it. When she came back downstairs, she was wearing a pair of dark-wash jeans with a dark blue long sleeved shirt on. She looked breathtaking.

"Bella, you look amazing." I still wanted to tell her how I really felt, but I knew it would have to wait.

Grabbing her hand and lacing our fingers together, I led her to the car so that we could go meet Jake and Ness and I could try to get his approval.

I don't know why, but Jacob's approval of our relationship was almost as crucial as Charlie's.

I was determined to get it.

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