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My name is Squall Leonhart. I am not corrupt, I am not a murderer, and I am not insane. I do not kill for the fun of it. Killing is a sin, and all sins must be punished. And I am well aware that my judgment day will come that I pay for my sins. But I hope that when I meet the big man, he has some sympathy for me. He is supposed to be all loving and all caring. Which is why I believe he lets all the criminals, rapists, and drug dealers continue to run free. They are people too, they have human dignity. Which is why the death penalty is bad. It's why we aren't supposed to kill even the most evil of people.


Every person starts with human dignity and they can keep it or lose it. When you rape someone, you lose it. When you torture someone, you lose it. When you sell your children's clothes for drugs, you lose it. When you are involved with kitty porn, you lose it. And when you lose it, I will be there. And I will make sure you pay for your sins.

People say I am a vigilante, and I have to agree with them. I kill crooks, and scum of the streets. I guess I'm working for justice in a way. But don't mistake me for police, I'm not one them. The police are a wonderful theory. Having a group of trained 'soldiers' for a city, to protect the innocent. They do there job, catching criminals here and there. Making drug busts on the occasion. But the police have rules, very strict rules that they can't break. The laws of the city and the country are needed. A country can't exist without rules. The problem with all rules, are where do they cut off. Are there expectations, any special cases to by past the rules? The answer is always no.

Think of this situation, true story. A hobo has a knife and drinks a little to much one night. He goes stumbling down the street and a number of events occur. Ending event is him standing over a dead woman's body with the murder knife in hand. He stumbles back to underneath the bride his usual spot. He has a box, and puts the knife in the box underneath all his other random shit. Next day he goes out to collect cans or whatever the hell hobos do during the day. Two police officers know he was involved in yesterday's murder. They go underneath the bridge and find his box. They dig through it and find his knife, they bag it for evidence. A few days later, the hobo is in court being tried for murder.

The verdict…his rights were violated and the evidence is no good. What rights were violated? Why searching his home without a warrant and going through his things. You gotta be fucking kidding me. Hobo is short for homeless; he doesn't have a home to go through. Okay even if I let that go, and say everyone deserves those rights. Just because those two officers didn't have a piece of paper that says they can go through his stuff. Then the knife, with blood on it that matches the DNA of the victim, doesn't count. It's just no good. That is messed up shit, even if it was abuse of rights, the man murdered and they had proof. But because they entered this homeless man's home and went through his things, his box sorry, without papers. He was released. Dumbest shit ever.

Those are the things I cannot deal with in this world. People have the actual killer, with actual evidence but some dumbass rule that some guy made up to 'protect people' is now making those same people in danger. That is where I come in with my friends. We don't abide by those laws, we don't have to file paper work. We simply get the job done as it should be done. Best of all, people don't know who we are. They know we exist, they know someone is out there, but they have no idea who. We could be their neighbors, We could be their bosses, We could be their waiters, We could be their garbage men, We could be their taxi drivers, and We could even be their priests. We completely blend into society, and no one can find us.

We like it that way, because even though we do society a great deed. The police have this thing about finding us and stopping us. Why? I don't know, we're really helping them. But this takes us back to human dignity and everyone has it, so even us killing shitbags is bad. Well they can't stop us and we have mixed feelings throughout the city so I doubt we are turning ourselves in. Maybe someday when we aren't needed anymore. But that day doesn't seem to be close at all.

This hellhole we watch over is the dirtiest city in the world. Declared by almost every magazine of all time and TV reports. Yet people still come here since it's so cheap to have a room and get around. You don't even need a car, no gas, no insurance. Save a lot of money. You just need a pathetic job to get by here, which is why there's no surprise with the company this city keeps.

This city we live in, this city we risk our lives for. It doesn't belong to the innocents. It belongs to the demons of the night. The wicked and the evil. This city has been referred to as the Devil's Playground and I couldn't agree more. Demons like to play in this city, and if they only played with other demons. I wouldn't have a job. But no, they like to play with the innocents. For years these evil men have run the city's shadows. No one was stepping up to help these innocents that were left behind. The police did what they could but with their restrictions and the amount of demons that exist. They would never be able to handle it all.

So where was God in all this. People always thought he would have some divine intervention and save us all. But I realized something, that's not how it works. The Devil himself isn't up here tormenting everyone. He has his lackeys and his miscreants cause all the trouble. So where are God's men, where are his angels. Why don't they come and fight the demons. I have my theories that they are the priests or they are the people who help the poor. We figure angels aren't good at fighting, so they help in other ways. Well as great as that is, it doesn't get rid of the demons. So in their place, we stepped up.

Me, Squall Leonhart. I always had a sense for justice since the day I was born. I joined the police academy hoping to better the world. I met my first real friend in that academy, Seifer Almasy. He's a real jackass but a good person. Also we would train together, push each other. We were rivals and bettered ourselves to be the best. In the end we both graduated top of the class…I was number one he was number two. That jackass could never beat me.

Seifer is a hot shot with a short temper but makes up for it in his power. He is loyal, smart, and a fast thinker. He is everything I need to help in my job. His shot is well above average, just below mine of course. He is in amazing shape and has some connections in the shadows. He is our powerhouse, he is an extremely important asset on this team.

Now why would two cops think that they weren't doing the society enough? Simple, we were the ones with the hobo. There were more situations just like that one that occurred. Everyday there was something we were held back by restrictions. To the point where one time we didn't let those restrictions hold us back. He fought through them and did what we thought was right. Our reward? Reprehended, that's what. We were sick of not being able to fully do what needed to be done. So we both made a decision. We quit and decided to do a little different kind of helping. We started with some small time crooks. Just street rats that still needed taking care of. We may have been cocky and arrogant at times but we weren't dumb. We weren't going to just go shoot off some major mobster or criminal. We needed to see how things would work, how to plan things. Yet with the little time people there wasn't much planning.

One time we even found a man in the action of a raping a woman in an alleyway. As police we would have to shout at least twice to freeze. In that time he would grab a knife and threaten the woman's life. This time Seifer simply pulled out his new 'office tool' and put one right in his head. We walked away before the woman knew what happened. We didn't want praise, we didn't need it. A thank you wouldn't do anything but bring more trouble. So we went about the streets, cleaning them. The paper was soon filled with names of people dying and best of all. They had no idea who was doing it. They had no idea why 'random' murders were happening. They couldn't even tie together that they were all terrible people. It took them two months to eventually figure it out and that's when the discussion began. Whether we were good or not. I believe that current debate is still ongoing.

Next person is Zell Dincht, a hyper master martial artist. He was trained by his grandfather and mastered everything he was taught at an early age. A prodigy the people say. He lived in his house with his mother and his grandfather. A dojo was just a few steps away. The dojo was highly regarded and brought in a high income. Not to mention all of Zell's martial art tournament winnings, that place was practically a bank. He had everything going for him, he probably could've retired at twenty if he wanted.

Well one terrible horrific night, the demons came. A group of four men, all in their thirties. They busted into the dojo where Zell and his grandfather were. Zell fought against them with everything he had. They carried guns and knives and he only had his hands and feet. He got some punches in but one man knocked him in the back of the head with a crowbar. He fell to the ground and was dizzy but not unconscious. If he was unconscious he would've been sparred the suffering of lying on the floor as men, no demons, ransacked his house.

This man looks down at Zell and sneers. He tells Zell that he was only going to rob him but after his little stunt he was going to kill his grandfather and his mom. He spits on Zell before shooting his grandfather at that very moment. Then he goes with his friends into the house and finds his mom. She making dinner for her family and this wicked man put four rounds in her. They quickly run throughout the house and ransack everything. Zell tried to get up but his mind couldn't process right. Then the men return to him and one pointed a gun at him. Then the one who slammed Zell with the crowbar stops his friend. He tells them that leaving this man alive will cause him more pain then killing him. Then the demons laugh. They laughed so hard that when I heard this story I wanted to puke.

These evil wicked men are what forced me to go to Zell's family's funeral. I waited till everyone was gone and then made the proposition. He had so much anger I could feel it radiating off him. I told him what Seifer and I were doing and offered him a spot. He gave me quite the look when I told him that. He thought about it, his grandfather's teaching that all life was sacred was hard to ignore. Yet he talked more with me and I showed him why it was good to fight the evil. Fight the wicked like the demons that ruined his life. He finally agreed but with one condition, that eventually we would take down those that made his life hell. The one's that brought him to the harsh reality of what life was. I was more then happy to oblige, only I brought up the option of using knives or guns for a quicker killing. Sadly we still haven't found those men after a year of work. We are working on it and Quistis might have a lead.

Quistis Trepe, she is a great asset to the team. Smart, knows how to handle herself, has a good sense of justice, great with computers, and fucking gorgeous. Even though she is extremely attractive. Tall, blonde, and smart. She isn't my type exactly. I know, what's wrong with me, but I can't fight what I like. But she is Seifer's, and it didn't take long for them to start seeing each other. Her job is to hack into whatever we may need hacking. Also she can find our next targets and everything we need to know about them. She gets everything done to the tiniest detail so when we do our job, we do it well and right.

Her back-story is nothing to special. She was a genius child and went to high school and started college at a very high-end school. I say started because she heard about us in the paper and on the news. She thought what we were doing was great. She heard many stories about wicked men, and since she was intelligent she knew the police department would never work. She wanted to join; she was going to give up a life of luxury and peace to join our noble cause. She tried to find us for months, but I made sure it wasn't easy to find us. However she did one day, simply wrong place wrong time. Or right place right time I guess. She was being mugged at knifepoint late at night and who saved her but her shining knight in a gray trench coat. Seifer Almasy. She knew it must have been one of the 'sacred killers', one of our many nicknames they gave us.

Seifer as usual just took off not wanting to cause trouble with someone knowing his face. She chased after him and he started running himself. He was impressed when she was almost able to keep up with him. An eight-foot chain-linked fence is what stopped her, but when Seifer stood on one side she fell to her knees begging to join. She cried her eyes out desperately screaming at him. She shouted how she could help with security and with hacking. She said anything she could do get him to let her join. Seifer got her address and told her honestly he had to check with the rest of us and then maybe. She figured that was the best she would get so she agreed.

It didn't take to much convincing on our part, we just dug up some info on her first. Just to make sure she wasn't some undercover cop. You should've seen her when we appeared in front of her dorm room. Which was hard enough to reach without Zell getting pulled into another dorm. When she opened the door she was about to scream but Seifer covered her mouth with his hand. We told her the plan and where to meet us. She followed it exactly, and right then we knew she would be prefect. Now she is a great help with every job we do. I don't know how we would get by without her.

Irvine Kinneas. This man is a completely necessary asset. A sniper, a fucking godly sniper. I have never seen this man miss. I have only known him a bit more then half a year but I don't think he will ever miss. He was raised on the plains of Galbadia as a farmer. His father was a sharpshooter and taught him how to handle a gun. They had to shoot any beasts that would attack their livestock. He got good with all types of guns and even camouflage for hunting. His mom left him when he was young and his dad died of a stroke. Instead of keeping the farm he sold it and moved to the city.

This man is heaven sent. He has helped us with the really high priority shit. His one problem, he can't keep his hands off the women. He jokes around all the time with Zell and I swear I would never think this man a sniper. But when that gun is in his hand, I know he will get the job done. He always does.

Why did he join our team? He liked guns and hated evil. He wanted to join our team but he knew it would be hard to find us. He didn't want to wait around and get lucky by running into us. It was a huge city and he knew the odds were low. So he let us find him. By simply doing our job with his own partner. He shot all those that he thought were evil. He had good judgment. We just thought at first it was just some guy trying to follow in our foot steps but when he managed to kill this one mobster that even we couldn't find a way to. We decided to find this, 'God's eyes', as the paper deemed him…it's very fitting.

We simply raided his home. Well when we entered he pulled out double handguns from his coat and started cursing us out for barging in…I really liked him. We told him that we weren't there to hurt him and he even put his guns away. I thought he was a little too naive until I heard the shotgun pump behind us. I smiled and he smiled. It took about a minute for him to join us and move to our place.

Selphie Tilmitt. Irvine's partner, the one with the shotgun. A petit little brunette that is possibly more hyper then Zell. One of the more annoying people I have met in my life but she's good. She is a demolitions specialist. A cute little girl like that and I would never expect it. She loves explosions and use to set fireworks off in her room. Very dumb, yet she loved the smell and the feel of power. She is also one hell of a driver. Her job is to drive us when in a tight spot and place explosions whenever needed.

Her back-story is another sad one. First off she had no father as she grew up, her father was a rapist. He caught her mom on the street one night and nine months later Selphie was born. Her mom was a great woman. She didn't get an abortion and she never blamed Selphie like most raped parents do. Luckily her mom was old enough to have a good enough job to get by. Selphie has been mugged over ten times and has been beaten by at least two boyfriends. A terrible life that only got worse. On Selphie's sixteenth birthday her mom was mugged on the street carrying her daughter's birthday present. The mugger threatened her for the gift but she refused to hand it over. She didn't want anything to go bad for Selphie on her birthday.

What a great birthday present for Selphie to wait around by herself at her house for her mom. Only after waiting two hours was she rewarded with a cop offering his condolences. I have no idea how she can be this happy all the time when she has one of the worst lives I know.

She had enough money from her mom's life insurance to finish high school. She could've gone on to college but she didn't care anymore. She just stayed home and did what she loved. Explosives. She didn't have a teacher, she didn't have a lab. The way she learned was simply using the Internet. Amazing what you can find if you look in the right place. I think she told me once she joined a terrorist chat room to find out how to make a bomb out of kitchen supplies. Ridiculous. Yet very useful in some situations. However our job of ours pays high when you kill a high roller himself. We don't need her crazy concoctions anymore.

She heard about us and she instantly thought what we were doing was great. She wanted to find us but she had no way of knowing how. She waited around for a month getting more and more frustrated. Then one fateful day she saw a weird looking but handsome man walking in the street. He looked completely normal except for the cowboy outfit he was wearing. Selphie thought that he was part of our group. She was half right I guess. It didn't take much to convince the perverted cowboy for her to join him. Then she joined us when he joined us.

That is how our little family came to be and that is now my team that helps me to eliminate all the evil in this wicked city. We all have our jobs and we all do them perfectly. The people who really get dirty are Zell, Seifer, and I. Quistis rarely gets involved with any blood. Irvine is too far away for most of the jobs to have that iron smell. Selphie doesn't ever shoot a gun unless she is put in a tight spot. Zell, Seifer, and I are the ones that will go in strapped. We are the ones really risking our lives but its all good. I wouldn't have it any other way.

This city, this fiery place made of concrete. We are the protectors, the guardians, the saviors. We are the only people who are able to fully take on all the wicked people that exist in this city. People think my beliefs contradict themselves. They would be correct. I take the Lord's name in vain for one thing. But seriously I kill people even though God believes everyone deserves life. I just am smart enough to realize that even if killing is wrong and God does not want this done. It needs to be done. People need help every day and if no one is going to help them, then we are. But in our way because it is the only way.

Statistics show that in the past ten years crime rates have increased steadily by eighteen percent. A high percentage by far. Yet this year the same study shows that the crime rate has decreased by two percent. Not a lot, but after a five-year increase, there was a sudden decrease. Somebody was doing something right.

Everyone on my team knows the risk they run. Not just death but the possibility of eternal damnation. But they have all chosen to help the innocents because frankly, we would rather have saved a thousand lives then live a thousand lives in heaven. We also think it would be great to end up in hell with all the people we send there. It would be quite the reunion.

Whether people admit it or not, this needs to be done, but everyone is too afraid to do it. Not us, we have stepped up risking everything to help those. I still believe that what we are doing is right, and that God will reward us in the end.

After all, we are doing his dirty work.

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