Hey and I'm back this is in Hermione's point of view.

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No, she can't be here not here! She just can't! I was lucky to have gotten away the first time when she-she… "It just slipped out! I'm sorry! I didn't know what they were going to do!" she gave me such a cold look; I didn't think anyone could have that kind of expression. She clutched her head into her hands; I knew something bad was going to happen.

So I ran.

I knew her puppy was dead (those bullies saw to that) already, but when I saw the news that night, everyone at the institution was dead and there was two missing, her and I. I walked to the police station; they would know what to do. That's when I was given to my new family. They adopted me and gave me their name, Granger.

It was nice to have a read family that loved me. I really grew to love them and that's when my letter came. All I could think was when I found magic to be real and not a prank was 'Is this why my birth parents gave me up?'

When I got to Hogwarts, the sheer chaos of my life there, and of course Harry and Ron drew me in. I love them to death, but I know this war is taking its toll on everyone, but on Harry most of all.

I don't understand how people could put their hopes and expectations on his slim shoulders. Ron and I tried our best to help. I just don't like seeing Harry like that.

However, this is war and war is anything but kind.

All I want to know at this point in time is, Albus Why? How?

How do you know her?

How did you get into contact with her?

Why would the greatest figure the Light side has had since Merlin asked this insane person (who really needs help) to help?

I knew from the look in her eyes she was going to kill me.

And I know why.

Even though I was never one of the children who made fun of her cat-eared horns.

She was going to kill me.

Her name is Lucy.

And I killed her dog.


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