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Stan did end up staying for the two weeks, and although Stan felt a tinge of awkwardness the first day, Kyle didn't seem to. Or at least Kyle acted that way. The redhead was determined to keep Stan Marsh by his side, and so if pretending that the best kiss of his life never occurred would make Stan feel better, then that was exactly what he would do. He made all the meals and made himself a constant source of entertainment no matter the hour or day; he had to prove to Stan that he was still worth it. He was scared that after their kiss, which Stan had blamed on impulse in memory of his girlfriend, he would run from Kyle. He couldn't let that happen. He acted like it never happened; praying that Stan wouldn't leave him behind; because what he said was genuine. Everything was better when Stan was with him. He could be pushed into a corner, lynched or stoned, but if Stan were there, he wouldn't be scared. However, those horrifying situations were not the ones he dealt with day-to-day and he depended more on Stan to make homework not-so-painful. That worked, though, too. Stan's very presence was a divine experience for Kyle, but he never voiced those kinds of thoughts, because those thoughts would scare away the one light of good in his life.

His parents were strict and cheap, his brother was annoying and nosey, Cartman was constantly plotting against him and he was without a car, money and noted talent. But when Stan walked into the room everything lit up and he was okay. The world could crumble and fall at his very feet, but as long he could look into Stan's gorgeous, azure eyes as he descended with existence, everything would be fine. Really, completely, entirely, sincerely fine.

"You really watch New York's show? That one where she goes to Hollywood, seriously?" Kyle cringed.

Stan laughed out, "Dude, I'm sorry, I just love to see train-wrecks like her destroy whatever dignity she had left! It's too good, man."

Kyle shook his head, "I can't stand it, it's pathetic. She's actually such a mess of a human being that I can't watch her. Everything she does and says is so unpleasant and unrealistic that I feel awkward and uncomfortable for her."

Stan just laughed at his friend; pity that he couldn't get joy out of other people's misery like Stan could. Then again, Kyle was very empathetic and sensitive, much more so than Stan. The charcoal-haired boy had been fairly perturbed by their uncalled-for kiss, but not because it wasn't pleasant. He was actually bothered because of the complete opposite. The issue was that he did enjoy it. Not only that, but his body had experienced something like an epileptic seizure when he kissed him; shaky limbs, racing heart, waves of heat and strange sensations. He had even seen fireworks, felt them. He had never felt anything like that before, and throughout the two weeks he spent with Kyle, those wanting throbs reappeared when Kyle would say something cute or do something out of character. Stan pushed those thoughts aside, though. He blamed it on…well, he wasn't quite sure what to blame it on now, but there must have been an explanation for it all. It was their last day together on their cut-vacation, a Friday afternoon and school was about to let out. He had a date planned for him and Wendy and he hoped that the sight of a beautiful girl would take his mind off his beautiful friend and their beautiful kiss. He was in the doorway, looking at Kyle descending the stairs into the living-room in his towel again, but this time Kyle was holding a smaller hand-towel to his hair as he ruffled his silky locks. He looked to Stan, simpering in the princely way he always did as he quizzed,

"Going to meet up with Wendy now?"

Stan was astounded at the fact that he could be practically mutated onto his friend for two weeks and still feel sad leaving. He even planned on coming back that evening for another sleep over, but the very idea of being parted for even a few hours crushed his spirits. He smiled back, answering,

"Yeah. I'll have my cell on me if anything awesome happens."

Kyle rolled his eyes, taking hold of the railing as he replied, "Nothing ever does."

Stan began to feel that all-too familiar throbbing at the sight of his half-naked Super Best Friend again, so he looked away and told him, "Alright, well, I'll be back in like…an hour or two."

Stan closed the door and sighed, watching his breath form in front of him. It was especially cold that day and he wondered if it was an omen of more bitchiness from Wendy to come, but thoughts of Wendy tended to make his head hurt, so he moved onto more pleasant memories of Kyle. Kyle was a wonderfully giving person. He was diabetic, so he was always concerned with what he was eating, but he had baked cookies and awesome desserts for Stan all those nights. Stan would, from time to time, lure Kyle into eating some of his delicious treats, but for the most part he was very stubborn. Stan loved that, though. He loved the way Kyle would cross his arms and slant his pout and furrow one brow at Stan in blatant disapproval. He even loved the way Kyle would hold his own waist like a girl when he would criticize Stan or yell at him. He wondered if it was just his air, if Kyle himself was just a completely perfect human being; an oddity that Stanley Marsh just fortunately stumbled upon. At remembering his kiss with the boy Stan could sense the feeling of Kyle's semi-conscious kiss on his thumb. Before his thoughts could get any stranger he finally entered the ice-cream parlor where he promised to meet Wendy. He spotted her in a booth and sat across from her, greeting,

"Hi, Wendy."

"Hi, Stan. How are you?"

There was a heavy layer of discomfort between them, as their last interaction resulted in a weird argument. Stan resolved to answer in the most basic of forms,

"Alright. You?"

"Ugh, you don't even want to know! I had Bebe over this weekend—remember how I told you on the phone that I had her over?"

"Yeah, I remember." He answered despondently.

She rolled her caramel eyes, "Yeah, well, she came over and she was totally being a bitch about me always talking about you. And I was like 'He's my boyfriend, what do you expect me to do?' and she was being totally unreasonable! She just would not shut up about how it's so hard for her to hear about my great love life while she doesn't have a boy friend and she's totally…"

Stan felt like he was being talked at. It was frustrating, but he decided he wouldn't entirely listen to her gab on about her and her melodramatic friends. He smirked at remembering Kyle's accusation that Bebe secretly pined after his girlfriend. He began wondering if Kyle was right; after all, Kyle was normally right about everything. He slumped his face in his palm, muting Wendy's voice out as she ranted and raved while talking with her hands. Stan thought about Kyle's hands and how insecure and elegant they felt against his shoulders when they kissed. He thought about how silk and warm and world-changing the kiss itself had been. His heart started racing again at the very thought, his face turning a slight shade of pink as he stared blankly at his furious girlfriend. He could almost see Kyle replacing her, almost hear his voice over hers; and then, he saw it. Slowly Kyle's pretty face took over Wendy's and her small arms were replaced by Kyle's athletic ones. His voice covered hers with things he always said or inside jokes or funny stories; Stan wasn't sure, he wasn't entirely paying attention because he was so consumed with thoughts of Kyle.

He wondered then, why was Kyle everywhere? He felt worry fill his blood-vessels as he realized all those thoughts he pushed aside were flooding his brain and forcing him to confront them. The first thought that rose against him was that of an angered Kyle; his blush deepened at the image in his mind. He loved it when Kyle got angry. His stomach twisted into butterflies again as he knew that he loved it because he loved to see Kyle want his attention, he loved it when Kyle wanted Stan's eyes to only be on him. The next thought was that of his foreign, physical reaction to finding his friend half-naked on his parents' bed. His brain simply answered him; It's because you want him in your pants.

He blushed furiously, his heart pounding as clarity finally washed over him and he knew, then; he knew why Kyle seemed so perfect. He was perfect to Stan, he was perfect for Stan. He knew then, why Kyle was in his first thought when he parted with Wendy; it was because he would rather be with Kyle. He knew why having a fight with Kyle never meant feeling uncomfortable like it did with Wendy. He knew why Kyle was so much fun, he knew why his revealed body made his heart jump into his throat, he knew why Kyle's feminine side caught his attention, he knew why Kyle was the only one he needed. He knew why Kyle's kiss was monumentally breath-taking. It was because that was how a kiss was supposed to feel. However, he had spent all those years running after Wendy and chasing after Wendy when the one he loved was beside him all along. He hadn't even noticed he loved Kyle, even while Kyle wore the name-tag that proved he was Stan Marsh's and only Stan Marsh's; the very word that wrapped up his feelings for his Super Best Friend. It was one syllable, one meaning, and could never be renamed, re-used or replaced, it was as elementary as the simple fact that Kyle was prettier than any girl at school and it was as warming and securing as an atomic bomb in reverse. It was the very thing Wendy had feared.

"It's not that I don't mind, really…it's just that…it's always better when I'm with you."

"You can always do that. You see? That's why I don't need a girlfriend, cause you make my heart feel like it's bursting already. It's gay, but being around you fills me up to the brim and a girlfriend would be a waste. I'll leave the girls for the boys who still need them, cause having you is more than enough."

"I said nothing. Nothing can compare to you."

Stan felt his lips spreading into a confident grin, it was all so clear now that he allowed the thoughts to linger. The puzzle pieces all fell together; he knew, then, that Kyle didn't mind his nickname because he wanted to belong to Stan. And Stan would see to it that Kyle would. He abruptly stood, causing Wendy to pause in her fustian and melt back into herself as she asked, "…what?"

Enlightenment had dawned on his face as he looked down at her and announced,

"I'm…I'm sorry, Wendy, but…but I can't be your boyfriend anymore."

Her face shrank into horror; her popularity-fed ego in disbelief that someone was breaking up with her, especially the boy who had longed more greatly for her than anyone else for so long.

"W-what? What are you talking about?"


Her pupils dilated in disgust, "What?"

"Kye, you…you were right about him. And you were right about one other thing; you said that I had to make sacrifices for the one I loved the most. So, I'm sorry, Wendy, but I've got to tell him what I've given up for him."

With that, he left the frantically disturbed school-idol speechless in the parlor and ran towards the route to Kyle's house. He raced as fast as he could, his legs burning and chest inhaling frigid but charred air as the butterflies that had taken residence in his stomach must have melted into his back and given him wings to rush his speed. And just like his enamored blood, his speed increased by tenfold and he was in front of Kyle's house in just minutes. He reasoned that Kyle probably wouldn't open the door and would instead have decided to nap on his parent's bed again. He climbed up the tree and fell into his friend's window again, landing violently on his face, but he shook it off with a wide grin taking up any room for a hint of a frown. He sprinted into the master bedroom and lo and behold, the redhead was sunken into the comforters again, but rather than the first time Stan had found him in the identical spot, he was quite awake. He cocked a brow at what must have been the look of madness across Stan's excited face, but before he could even sound out the first word to his several questions, Stan had stolen his lips in a furious kiss. Kyle's reaction was delayed and shocked, but eventually his arms wrapped around Stan's neck as the ebony-haired boy lowered him back down onto the swollen blankets that had exported waves of feathers when Stan jumped onto the boy. His sizable hands ran over Kyle's still moist chest and neck, cupping his cheek as his other hand held him over the boy. His eagerness took over, though, and he let himself collapse onto the Jew completely, both of his hands holding fast to his jaw as the sparks flew and their hearts beat in synchronized thunderstorms against each other.

They broke away, gasping for air before Stan demanded, "Quick, give me a nickname!"

"Wh-what?" Kyle stammered.

"A nickname! Call me by a name only you can call me by!"

"Uhm…uh…uhm…doesn't Stan count? It's just your name shortened…"

Stan blushed more deeply as a smile spread across him again; Kyle was so in sync with him.

"Yeah. As long as I belong to you, Kye. As long as you're only mine, okay?"

"What are you talking about? You're not making any sense…"

"I love you."

The redhead's face filled with red, eliciting a chuckle from Stan as he leaned forward, lightly kissing him before ordering, "Now say it back, Kye. I know you want to."

"I-I-but…Wendy? Wendy, what about Wendy?"

"Forget her." Stan smirked, "She's not worth our time. I'll leave her for Bebe, who really needs her. Why would I need her when I've got you? So go on, Kye, tell me you love me."

"I…I love you, Stan."

"You know, Wendy said that all the time, but somehow…" Stan kissed him again before finishing, "…everything's better when it's with you."