Chapter Thirty One

Beatrice glanced up for a moment and her eyes met James' as he left. She raised an eyebrow and he quickly looked away, heading out the shop behind his father.

"So," She stated slowly, looking down at the boy. "Do you have a name?"

"William Turner." He said softly, his gaze still set on the ground.

"James." She muttered, resting her head against his chest. "I love you."

He smiled down at her. "I love you too, Beatrice, always."

James turned away. "I have decided to break our engagement and accept Governor Swann's offer to marry Elizabeth."

She sighed. "James, I will never love you like I used to."


"Will you wait for me?"

Her hands stopped and she looked at James. He was giving her a soft, questioning look. She smiled softly. Leaning forward she kissed him briefly. "Yes, I'll wait."

"I'm sorry, Beatrice." James said quietly. "There was nothing I could do."

Tears slowly trailed down her cheeks. She wasn't sure which pain had caused it, the one from her arm or her heart. "Just go." She didn't care that her voice cracked.

Tia Dalma smirked. "You have only one path left and you will risk everything for him."

"James is dead Beatrice. Jones killed him."

"Will…" She whispered. Her eyes searched for him as her body and mind turned off.

Beatrice opened her eyes. She was floating. Upright. Underwater. Before her was the vast space of the ocean floor. The water was clear, or rather, her vision was. There was no blur. She could see the bottom of the battle at the surface a long distance from her. The flashes of cannon fire, the sounds of their ignition mulled by the water. She watched as the waves engulfed the bodies of the fallen, their corpses being left in the wake of the chaos. She felt a strange pull to them. Her eyes would look at nothing else. It was only when she began to move towards them did she snap out of it.

What the hell? She blinkeda few times to clear her head. Something was off. Why would she get so drawn to dead bodies? She didn't even recognize any of them There were people she knew still fighting and she cared about floating corpses. And she didn't even feel very compelled to return to the battle, even though she knew. She couldn't feel anything really. Her bodily awareness and sense of everything was there, but she didn't give a crap about anything. Except maybe the way the sun shown through the water, alighting the dead in a strange glow.

She shook her head harshly. Her fists clenched and she sunk to the ground in an instant. She blinked again. Everything was off. She took in her physical presence. She realized she must have been in the water for a long time, but there was no burning in her lungs to draw breath. She wasn't even breathing. Her chest did not rise or fall. All that acted normal was her hair, which floated around her in a large mass.

She considered all of this thoughtfully as she took in her torn clothes. Her shirt was ripped. She played with the edge of the fabric, staring at the hole in her chest. If she could feel disgust she would have cringed. There was a hole the size of a fist cut into her chest in a perfect circle. Revealing an empty cavity where her heart should have been.

There was no pain, and Beatrice gave no reaction as she touched the edges gently. Still, she expected…something. Without hesitation she pushed her hand into the wound. She felt a dull pressure. It was cold inside, and felt slick, but it wasn't bleeding and her hand came out clean. There was nothing there to pump the blood.

Suddenly she cringed as a strange sensation hit her. Her eyebrows furrowed and she pushed her hand back in, but didn't feel it again. Suddenly she cringed again and her throat tightened. Something was happening. She pulled her hand out as if it burned, but the new sensation pounded against her chest, causing her to jerk. She recognized the anguish that hit her next and she covered the hole in an attempt to stop it. It did nothing.

With eat hit she could feel a little more. She could almost hear them, beating away at her. Thump Thump Thump. They felt unnatural, but part of her still longed for them.

A whisper reached her ears. "I told ye, death awaited ye."

Beatrice turned so quickly she would have normally gotten whiplash. Her eyes widened in surprise. The Dutchman parked right behind her. She hadn't even bothered to look around when she 'woke up.'

Had it been there the entire time?

Someone laughed and she recognized it immediately. Her chest throbbed again and she closed her shirt over the hole. She effortlessly jumped into a swim towards the deck. She felt much stronger. A wave of emotion washed over her as she reached the railing and she stopped to steady herself. It was as if every bad feeling she ever experienced were trying to force their way into her; calling out to her. She descended onto the deck and tensed when Jones' crew all looked at her at once. She narrowed her eyes and took a step back.

None made any moves towards her. They just stood back, watching her, waiting. In front of the crew, Tia Dalma stood apart with a tiny smile on her face. In her arms was a chest. Beatrice's own chest gave a painful twang and she covered the hole with her hand.

"You knew." She said.

There was no trouble understanding her words, despite being at the bottom of the ocean. Taking a step closer, Beatrice's eyes drifted down to the chest. Her longing was growing at an overwhelming rate. "Is that my…"

"Your final sacrifice." Tia Dalma said, presenting it to her. Beatrice's hands shook the closer she came to touching the wooden chest. "Fate must play its course. The Dutchman must always have a captain; dere is a job to be done."

Beatrice took the chest from Tia Dalma without looking at her. With the chest in her hands, the longing dimmed a little. Beatrice closed her eyes briefly as the sound of her own heartbeat filled her ears. It grew louder as she opened the chest. There in the corner, beating softly, was her heart. But the sight held no comfort; instead anger arose within her all at once.

This is not how I want to live! She wanted Jones dead, not to take his place. Her shoulders shook.

"I didn't want this." She said bitterly, staring Tia Dalma down.

Tia Dalma smiled slyly. "There was never a choice. The day you took in William Turner and grew to love him as your own, your destinies intertwined and your fate was set."

"What?" Beatrice was bewildered.

"It would be William dat would take on the Dutchman's duties, to save his father." Beatrice glanced behind Tia Dalma quickly, but couldn't spot Will's father. "Lucky for him, you've always taken on de burdens of de ones you love."

Beatrice delicately closed the chest. "So if I never took Will in, he'd be here instead?"

The renewed sea goddess only smiled wider.

Beatrice's brow furrowed in disgust. "You think that will comfort me?"

"I have no intention of comforting you. You must accept your fate." She said simply. It only made Beatrice angrier.

"You can't possibly believe that I'd be right to take on the Dutchman! That these creatures will listen to me!"

"The captain's crew reflects the captain's nature. When Davy Jones lost his way, his crew followed." The sea witch said softly, bitterness lacing her words. "You were meant to take care of the lost souls more than Jones ever was. Already they shed Jones' influence the longer you are captain."

Beatrice looked closer at the gang of monsters and was surprised by what she saw. They looked more human each passing second. The shells and scales were flicking off like old paint. Some still looked rough, like many of the pirates she met during her time in Tortuga; missing arms, teeth, and eyes, but still better than a sea urchin or lobster. This wasn't interesting enough to keep her attention.

She laughed coldly and turned back to Tia Dalma. "Lost his way? Don't you mean he threw his heart away because you betrayed him after you forced him into the job?"

The distance between them suddenly vanished and the dark woman appeared inches from her. Tia Dalma's hand was on top of the chest, her eyes boring into Beatrice's, freezing her in place.

"He loved me so powerfully he had to break his connection to his own heart and soul. He would never throw that away." A stormy grey bled into her eyes and her nails lengthened as they dug into the wood.

Beatrice didn't back down. "A love so powerful he neglected the job you gave him? Was it that love that made him help the Brethren Court strip you of your powers? " She was pleasantly surprised by how dull her fear was as she tried to suppress it. Even if she couldn't hold onto the best of her emotions, at least she didn't have to feel the worst anymore.

Tia Dalma's eyes narrowed and she breathed a little quicker. With each breath she took her body grew in size until she towered over Beatrice. The water around them grew dark and hazy, closing in on them. Her hand expanded over the entire chest, her nails sharp as claws. She could crush it if she so pleased and Beatrice knew it. Her confidence withered away and the spark of fear returned. Her vision swam and pain suddenly erupted in her empty chest. Her heart was being stopped.

The grey of Calypso's eyes swirled with black like the dark clouds surrounding them like an oncoming hurricane. Her voice was deeper and rolled over both of them like thunder. "I am giving ye a gift, saving ye from a worthless life. Days spent running from pain and bitterness. Take it, or die." She pulled her hand away and stepped back, returning to her less intimidating height. The water returned to its clearer state.

Beatrice staggered back, the chest still in her arms. She was able to right herself quickly, but her emotions, most of all fear, had almost overpowered her. The witch's words ran through her like lightning struck metal. She set the chest on the ground, and instantly her emotions dulled a little, making it a little easier to process the situation.

She opened her eyes a last, looking over the ship and crew. Her ship. "So…I'm just as powerful as Jones' was?"


She looked at the crew with a raised eyebrow. "And they're going to listen to me?"

"They have no choice. They only live to serve on this vessel."

Beatrice nodded. She walked past Tia Dalma, each step away from the chest lightening the weight over her a tiny bit. It made approaching the crew much easier. A few sneered at her, but their faces were a lot less intimidating as regular men. She had seen them all as far worse.

She was able to reason with herself when she saw a few that gave her no reaction, waiting for her to speak. Most of them were probably forced to be there; the tragic consequences of Jones' corruption. After one more deep breath she addressed them for the first time.

"So!" She began, folding her arms behind her back. "I'm captain now! Your debt to Jones is gone. I will hold you to no bounds and you will be free men again!"

The men glanced amongst each other in suspicion. Beatrice wondered just how long some of them had been with Jones. She continued before they tried to interrupt. "Stay with me to finish this fight and kill Beckett! I have the power to force you, but I won't. I let you choose your own fate! Join me and fight or move on and try your luck on the other side. What say ye?"

There was a muttering among the crew like a buzz, but none spoke out. They were looking for some sort of trick. Searching for the lies in her words.

She needed to push it further. "For every fight you couldn't fight. Every drink you couldn't drink! For every day that was stolen from you, fight for it! Or stay behind and wait for your time to pass. What say ye?!" She yelled, her voice growing stronger. She took another step forward. "Will you fight with me?!"

"Aye!" One voice cried. There was a shuffling in the crowd as he pushed to the front. It was Will's father. He straightened before her in attention. "I will, captain."

Beatrice smirked and nodded to him. She took another step towards the rest. Her voice took on more command as she spoke. "I had no more choice to be your captain as you did to be Jones' crew, but I will not hide any longer! I will face these new horrors, but I need your help! Remember the pain, and the anger. Let yourselves feel again. Take back your humanity! You are monsters no more! So what say ye?! WHAT SAY YE?!"

"Aye!" The crew yelled. "AYE!" Their cries filled her with a new kind of energy as she saw her words affect them. And she did it all without having to control them as Jones did. She trusted them with a choice. Their approval gave her with a new vigor. Something to believe in. To fight for.

She turned to give Tia Dalma a smug look, but the witch was gone. Beatrice couldn't say she was disappointed. She hoped it would be a while before she had to see her again. Her attention returned to her new crew.

"Hoist the sails! All hands on deck! And ready the cannons!" She grabbed her chest and rushed to the helm, feeling a little giddy with her heart in her arms.

She never imagined she'd be the one to say those orders. It was always James, or Jack, or Gibbs, or Will, or even Elizabeth as of recent. But now she was taking command, and she would be the one to end things. She noticed the longer she went without her feelings, the more she was able to get used to their absence.

Beatrice held onto the chest with one arm as she grasped the wheel. She wanted her heart close for when she finished this. She wanted to feel the immediate satisfaction as she destroyed everything Beckett built. Everything he worked for would be crushed, like he tried to crush everything she loved. All those that died by his faulty justice would be avenged. It was only a matter of minutes before the crew had the ship was up and moving towards the surface.

Beatrice held on to the wheel tighter. "We're gonna finish this fight boys!"

The crew cheered and the Dutchman broke the surface. Beatrice smiled.

Beatrice opened the wooden chest and gazed at her heart thoughtfully. She wondered if she would ever get used to this feeling. Her eyes swept over the ship, the remains of the battle, her triumph embedded in the broken wood of a sinking vessel. With a tiny sigh, her eyes were drawn to the horizon. Nothing would ever be the same for her. The thought didn't upset her as much as it would have in the past.

"Orders captain?"

She closed the chest delicately and turned with a smile. "I think it's time to reunite with our friends, Mr. Turner. As your last command, bring us around to the Pearl for boarding."

He nodded, but didn't leave. "I hope that this won't be my last command though, if it pleases you captain."

Beatrice was surprised. "You wish to stay? Have you not suffered enough on this vessel?" She joked.

He stood straighter. "I owe a great debt to you, after everything you've done for my William, I have no other choice but to stay and serve you."

Beatrice's smile faded. She set down her chest on a crate beside the wheel and faced the older man completely. "Everything I did for Will was out of love. You owe me nothing, you are a free man. I will have no servants here. I am not Jones."

He chuckled lowly. "That I can see, and in that case, it would do me great honor to stay with you aboard this ship and help you in your work."

She searched his face for any sign of false intent or regret, but she found none. "Why? You've been trapped here for so long. You deserve a chance at a better life."

He smiled and laid a hand on her shoulder. It felt warm. "Any woman willing to take in an orphaned child with no household of her own has a true heart. You have courage in you that can change lives. That's the type of person I want to take a chance on. I want to see what good you will do."

Beatrice covered his hand. "Then if you're here to stay, Mr. Turner, I insist you call me Bee."

He nodded. "Bill."

She smiled openly "Bill." She noticed movement from the corner of her eye. "Ah, I see the Pearl has beaten us to it. Tell the crew to prepare to be boarded."

"Yes captain, uh, Bee." He winked and hurried off, calling orders to the rest. She assumed he was eager to see Will again no doubt.

Beatrice glanced at the chest briefly, wondering if she should leave it or bring it. She'd want to feel as much as she could while she said goodbye. The hole in her chest gave a dull twang at the thought. This would be the last time she'd see Will and the rest for ten years. She closed her eyes and laid her hand on the chest. Her eyes were already watering. She took her hand off and stepped away.

"How do you feel?"

She looked up, a breath of surprise traveled through her. "Jack."

He looked her over closely, circling her like an investigator. "You don't look any different. No…" He squinted at her face and wiggled his fingers around her cheeks. "Squid face." His eyes darted quickly towards her chest, to the wooden chest behind her, and back to her face.

She smirked. "Yes, thankfully the job doesn't come with the tentacle face."

"So you're going to do it." His brow twitched. "Take on the duties of the Dutchman."

"Yes." She said definitively. "Sorry if that puts a kink in your plans."

He grinned widely, his eyes sharpening. "You should know by now that Captain Jack Sparrow is never one to be discouraged by a kink."

"So, what will you do now?" Beatrice asked, ignoring the quip. She knew there was no way Jack would give up on his goals. Like he said, he would just have to find another way.

She was a little sad she wouldn't be able to see what he had in store, but the feeling didn't affect her as much as it would have before. She unconsciously reached behind her for the chest and let her fingers skim over the wood. She could still remember the feelings she felt for Jack. Her attachment. Before he was taken to the locker. When she kissed him and slept with him. But they were fading. Drifting from her little by little. She felt lighter than ever, carefree almost. It was liberating.

He smiled slyly and took a step closer. "What makes you think I have anything planned?"

"You're Captain Jack Sparrow, you always have a plan." She leaned casually against the crate, and looked at him through her lashes with a bored expression. He stopped within an arm's length of her. His eyes continued to glance every now and then to the chest behind her, but he wore an easy grin.

"Truer words have never been spoken." He said cheerfully, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. There was something else on his mind. She assumed he was more irked not being able to be the new captain of the Dutchman then he was letting on. "But it would be foolish of me to let out too much information too soon."

"Still working on those trust issues, eh, Jack?" She said light heartedly.

He shrugged. "Can never be too careful love."

"What motive would I have in this state to try and foil your plans? Unless it involves Will." She gave him a meaningful look.

He raised his hands in defense. "I have no plans of involving your dear William in any way. He and his beloved can go on their merry way to live a life of peace and love with many little lads and misses running about." He said with distaste. "I have no more use of them."

She smiled, relieved, and looked over the deck for Will. She spotted him with his father. They stood close, arms clasped in the remembrance of an embrace. Elizabeth was standing close by, smiling.

Jack was watching the group as well. His expression was blank. She would have liked to believe that Jack would leave Will out of his plans because he cared for him, but she knew better now. She could see Jack for what he was, and she could see what drew her to him. He was incapable of giving anyone his true feelings. It fit well with her inability to let herself love anyone but James. There was nothing to lose with Jack. They filled a need for each other

"What will you do with the chest?" He asked, not looking at her.

"Like I'd tell, hate for that valuable information to get out." She said sarcastically.

He caught her eye and raised an eyebrow. "Now who's the distrusting one?"

Beatrice laughed. "Why so curious? Would you want to keep it safe for me?"

"Oh no, I got my fill holding onto your heart putting it into that chest." He shook his head, his face scrunching up in slight disgust.

"You did it?" She was legitimately surprised. She straightened, facing him completely. She assumed it was Will or Elizabeth who did the deed. "Why?"

He seemed surprised as well. "I must say love, I'm a little insulted by your surprise."

"I'm sorry. I assumed you'd be upset you didn't get to put your own in." She said. "Especially since it was my heart that took its place."

His eyebrows rose. "I may not trust you, Beatrice, but I'd never wish death on you. Especially by Jones' hand, er, claw."

She didn't know what to say. There was nothing really to say. This didn't change anything. It was just a simple thing. An instant reaction to seeing someone you know die. To carve into another's chest, put their heart in a box, and send them into the abyss with a monster crew to become one of the mightiest creatures of the sea. Right after a powerful sea goddess, ready to bring order back to the waters, was released from her human prison. And just after she found out the one she loved with all her being betrayed her. No, that was not something Jack would overlook. "I thought you said I wasn't meant for this world."

He was silent as he reached for her right arm and grasped the sleeve, pulling it up to her elbow. His thumb traced the faded scar on her arm. The 'P' looked completely healed. She knew it had something to do with her rebirth. She couldn't think of it in any other way. Everything felt like she was renewed. Nothing hurt, or ached, or even itched. Though her body could still feel and react to Jack's touch. It was warm where he touched her. She looked into his eyes expectantly.

"You're not in this world anymore, love."

She rolled her eyes. "Is that the best you can come up with? Just tell me why you didn't stab the heart yourself. Why give me this burden? You're the one that wanted to be immortal, not me."

"Because of just that, the burden." He dropped her arm. "I knew you'd do it. It all seemed to fit into place. The moment Jones stabbed you…I saw no other choice but to let you be the one to take over. I couldn't watch you die there, I'm not heartless, Beatrice."

She laughed quietly, secretly pleased by his confession. Maybe she didn't see Jack as clearly as she thought she did. He still had the ability to surprise her. "No, that's me now."

He remained silent, his gaze drifting to the chest. He seemed conflicted, like he didn't know how to put words to what he was feeling. If she didn't know better, she would thought she saw regret in his eyes. She knew she was laying it on kind of hard, but she didn't actually think he'd feel bad. She didn't need to feel completely to feel a little touched. Unless, she rationalized, he was actually upset he couldn't be in her place.

"Will you ever regret putting in mine instead?" She asked.

"No." His gaze lingered as they stared off, but disappeared quickly as his usual smile split his face. "I'm not one that can be tied to one commitment for long. Freedom will always call my name, and I will chase it down with the Pearl at hand. You'll do a better job than I ever could. Better obedience skills."

She said nothing, not really listening to his recovering jibe. She was glad he said no. Her hand seemed to raise on its own and she lightly caressed his cheek, taking in his face considerately. She wondered how long it would be until she saw him again. Once she began her duties she wouldn't be able to come to land for ten years. She'd only see him again if he died at sea, and she couldn't picture Jack letting death take him without a fight. She would miss him, strangely enough. He brought out things in her no one else ever could.

His smile faded into a tiny smirk as he watched her examine him. His hand came to rest on her hip in response. "See something you like, love?"

She smiled teasingly. "I was just wondering how age will affect you once I see you again. It'll be a long time from now once I begin my work to clean up Jones' mess."

Humor dropped completely from his face. "What makes you think you'll see me age?"

Her fingers toyed with a piece of his hair. "You can never be parted from the sea for long. I assume I'll be there to bring you to the other side now. Maybe I'll let you join my crew."

His face twitched in displeasure and he leaned closer. "I control my own fate, love. It'll take more than time to stop Captain Jack Sparrow."

Beatrice laughed. "I expected nothing less from you Jack." She looked into his eyes and let her gaze linger. There had been so much she wanted to know about Jack, but was too afraid to let herself get too close. Fear of the inevitable rejection had weighed over her, but not now. She stood straighter, the hand on his hair traveling to rest on his neck. There was nothing to fear from him anymore. "Thank you for getting me here, Jack." She said earnestly.

"You got yourself here, love." His thumb traced the skin beneath her shirt. "But can't say I wasn't happy to have you around."

She smiled and closed the distance between them slowly, never closing her eyes. He didn't look away. She kissed him softly. He responded with vigor, pushing her firmly into the crate. She had to be the one to pull away first as his hands began to roam. She laughed at him, glad he could still respond to her as he did before. She pushed him away. It was easier than ever before.

"You're something special Jack." She said.

He smiled confidently. "I wish more people shared your wisdom."

"Hmm, not likely." She easily turned away from him and grabbed her chest, holding it between them. "It'll be a while before we meet again, but I look forward to that day."

"Don't hold your breath love."

She raised an eyebrow. "Like I can." She leaned towards him one last time and kissed his cheek. "Goodbye Jack."

Before he could respond she slipped by him, descending onto the deck, her eyes locked on her next target. She never looked back, and he didn't follow. On the deck Will and Elizabeth were still talking closely with Bill. They stopped when they saw her. Elizabeth smiled, but there was much sadness in her eyes. Bill was able to greet her with the right amount of informality, but her eyes were on his son. Her William.

He didn't look her in the eye until she addressed him. "Come ashore with me?"

He glanced at his father, then back to her. His jaw was set and he nodded. "Of course"

She nodded to Bill and Elizabeth as she looped her arm through Will's and lead him to a longboat. She called orders to the crew to prepare the vessel for their departure to the other side while she ventured to shore with Will. In the boat Will grabbed the oars before she could and kept his eyes on land as he rowed.

The journey was a silent one. Beatrice watched him; the chest safely nestled in her lap. She didn't know what he was thinking. She didn't want him to despair over this too much. He had a new life to live now, one free of pirates, but free of her as well. It hurt more than anything. All her time with him didn't seem like enough, there was so much more she wanted to see him do.

It wasn't until all the chaos with the medallion wrecked havoc over their lives that they even ventured that far from each other and she realized how important he had become to her. He was there for her when her father slowly slipped into his drunken disease. And kept her strong when the man she loved betrayed her. She didn't know what life could be like without Will.

The boat reached the shallows and Will climbed out, pulling it far enough ashore for it to stay. Beatrice tucked the chest under an arm and took Will's offered hand out of the boat. She didn't let go of him when she was safely planted, but slipped her arm through his to stand by his side. They began to walk. Neither spoke for a while. Beatrice wasn't sure how to start. How did you say goodbye to someone you never wanted to leave?

"Beatrice." He said first. His voice broke, like something was caught in his throat. She grabbed his hand and held it tightly, giving him an encouraging look. He closed his eyes tightly for a brief second, his fingers tightening over hers. "I'm so sorry this happened to you."

She smiled sadly and pulled him towards a collection of boulders just off shore. She pulled him down to sit beside her; putting the chest aside to take both of his hands in hers. "Will, it'll be okay."

"It's not okay, Beatrice!" He said angrily, trying to pull away. "You were never meant to get hurt in all of this."

She held on tighter. "Don't blame yourself. Never blame yourself for my choices."


"But nothing William." She snapped. "This was something you could have never foreseen. You could have never stopped me from protecting you. There is no use thinking of it any longer."

His head bowed. "I don't want your life to be tarnished by a fight that was never yours."

"Your fight is my fight, Will." She said softly. His hair hung over his eyes. He wouldn't look at her. "Tia Dalma told me you would be the one to take Jones' place had I not interfered. To save your father."

His head shot up. "Is that why-"

She took his face into her hands. "No, I was told after, but had I known I still would have found a way to stop you. At least this way you can live the life you've always wanted with Elizabeth knowing your father is safe."

"I wasted your life with my selfishness, and it brought you to your doom." His eyes closed, tears slipping out of the corner of his eyes. She brushed them away with her thumbs.

"And you could live with yourself leaving Elizabeth behind? I would regret letting you become that man more than anything else. I did this for you as you would have for your father. Respect my decision as you would have me respect yours." She brushed his hair out of his face. "You have a life to live."

"So do you."

"I've lived my life, and there's nothing left for me back home. You were the closest I've ever come to being a mother. The only time my life has had any meaning, is the time I've spent raising you." Will closed his eyes and tried to shake her off, but she pulled him closer, wrapping her arms around him. "I would give up my life a hundred times over if it meant giving you a life you deserve."

He didn't try to pull away again. His arms tightened around her. She could feel his shoulders shaking. "Beatrice…"

She could feel tears prickling her eyes. She wasn't even touching the chest, but she could still felt her sadness engulf her. There was so much she would miss. She knew she would see him again, but the thought of not being there for him killed her. He wouldn't need her anymore. It was more than she would be able to handle if her heart stayed in her chest.

Despite the powerful wave of emotions running through her empty veins she was able to keep her voice strong. "I'm happy with this. I can live knowing I have a purpose. My life won't be a constant battle to prove myself. Don't blame yourself Will, and don't pity my outcome. I'm freer now than I ever was with my heart still in my chest."

She felt him shake his head, but he said nothing. They stayed like that for some time, relishing in each other's presence. Beatrice watched as the sun sank lower towards the horizon. She was beginning to feel the pull of the ocean becoming stronger the darker it became. She closed her eyes and rested her head on Will's shoulder, soaking in everything about him. Taking in everything she didn't want to forget. Hating that she had to leave, but knowing it was inevitable. But she would stay until the last possible second.

"What about the chest?" He asked, pulling away, but keeping her in contact. "Where will you hide it?"

She glanced at the box over her shoulder briefly. This was something she had been mulling over since she accepted her fate. There seemed to be only one good solution. "I'm keeping it. Jones failed to do his duties to the souls lost at sea. He was ashamed of how he felt and hid his heart away. He lost sight of his humanity. I won't make that mistake." She smiled softly up at him.

He attempted to smile back, but it looked more like a grimace. His eyes were glassy. The golden light of the dying day reflected in them. "Very smart. I know you can do a better job than Jones ever could."

She laughed and pulled him back into her arms. "Thank you." She blinked quickly, glancing at the end of her time. "I have to go." She whispered. The sound of the crashing waved roared in her ears, calling to her. The rising moon was pushing her back with the current.

"I know." He pulled away and smiled again, this one a little more believable. "I'll miss you, Bee."

She grinned, but couldn't hide her sadness. "I'll miss you too, I love you very much Will."

She stood and he followed, giving her hands a firm squeeze. "I love you too, Beatrice. Be well, and please take care of my father for me."

She nodded. "I will." Beatrice wiped her eyes and put on a cheerful smile. "I'll see you in ten years."

He smiled sadly. "We'll be waiting."

The first step away from him was the hardest. She never turned her back to him her whole walk towards the sea. Will chuckled sadly and waved. She glanced at the Dutchman when she felt the waves brush against her boots. It felt so familiar and her longing grew, but she called to Will one last time. "And I wouldn't be too disappointed if I came back to a couple grandchildren either Will!"

Will shook him head in amusement. "I'll be sure to inform Elizabeth."

Beatrice laughed and let out one last farewell as she turned to the sea. The water lapped at her in excited waves as she walked in. Her fingers skimmed through the water, but she felt no resistance. She closed her eyes as her form melted into the depths like she belonged.


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