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The thudding of boots echoed in the darkness. Sounds of cackling echoed and scratches rang clear as a lone figure, a solid white form, ran. Rocks and sticks littered her path, appearing out of no where to hinder her progress. Her foot landed on the ground beneath her, but the strength in her legs seemed to be waning. Another step and she gasped in pain as her ankle gave way beneath her. She fell to the ground, clutching a folded blanket close to her chest in a protective curl. She groaned as her sore appendage pulsed from the abuse it was taking. She sat up, struggling to get up off the ground and to keep moving. The cackles were getting louder and closer. The scratching of the demonic nails seemed to be at her back. She needed to get up, get away from this place. It wasn't safe. Not anymore.

She pushed herself, limping as she sprinted. She had to get to the gates. They needed to be safe, nothing here was safe anymore.

She looked back, seeing the shadows creeping and forming. The darkness was giving way to little demons that reached for her with their shadowed claws. They were getting closer. She was almost there. Her escape. It was so close. It was just ahead. She pumped her legs, ignoring her own discomfort. So much had gone wrong. Nothing was as it was suppose to be.

"Give me those yummy star seeds." A voice, screechy and cold, called from behind. She gasped, turning forward sharply. There it was. She laughed. Up ahead was the one place for them to escape. This universe was lost. As soon as she passed over the gates would seal and these demons would be stuck in the hell of their own making.

"Open!" She commanded, the doors opening and she jumped into the blinding white light. She twisted halfway, watching as the doors shut for all eternity. The blanket with the star seeds was safe.

She looked down at the star seeds that had once known the Silver Millennium. Royals that had died protecting the ones they loved in battle. She would take them to a new world where Destiny would take care of them. That was her mission and she would succeed.

Fatigue began to creep on her and she fought to keep her eyes opened. She held the blanket against her bosom, making her feel secure that it was there and safe. Her time was over, but they would have their second chance. They would know happiness again, those she had forgotten and the ones in her arms now.

"You will be united with them." She whispered, a hint of promise in her voice, "Just remember that you will need to give them time." Her lids were becoming heavy. Her body encased in a white light, shining with the millions of stars that surrounded her. Her destination was so far, but she would get there no matter the cost.

"I am sorry. I had forgotten you all. Each of you and I will make it right," Her voice was strained, becoming weaker. Her form trembled, but her grip on those star seeds never lost strength. And her world went black.


There were some swirls in the mist, just before a garnet gaze. Trickling whispers on the fringes of where she stood. Pluto frowned, feeling these changes more than seeing or hearing them. The trickling water, many colors streaming in a path that constantly flowed, rippled. The colors mixed and she looked at it closely. The colors flowed once more as one, none of them mixing or straying from their path once more. Nothing seems to be different. Maybe it was something that had to be, she mused, fingering her staff. If so then she would let fate run its course. She could not interfere.

"I hope it's nothing to complicate our lives." Pluto muttered, frowning as the stream of Time continued. The past was full of colors, already dictated of the events that have taken place. She could not see the immediate future. The colors, from where she stood onwards, began to run a murky black and leaving her clueless as to what would come.


Up above, only a few stars could be seen from where Luna, the guardian cat to the Moon princess sat. The rooftop usually provided ample view of the sparkling city, but tonight the view did little to calm her. Luna sighed tiredly, even as she pawed at the rooftop anxiously. She had felt this constant buzzing in the back of her head. She felt like she was forgetting something in the grand scheme of things. But what?

"You feel it too?" Luna whirled around, not too surprised to find the white cat, Artemis, strolling up to her with his usual swagger. Luna nodded in greeting before looking up at the half moon that was present this night.

"I just can't help feeling like we are missing something." She admitted. He nodded, nudging her shoulder to let her know that she wasn't alone in her thoughts. She mewed in appreciation at his efforts.

"I know what you mean. The scouts, the princess and the prince all alive. The generals are dead." Artemis began.

"Galaxia has been defeated and Chaos sealed away." Luna continued on from Artemis's sentence, her eyes closed, "And now," She inhaled sharply, "they are women, beginning lives all their own."

"The girls have faced so much," Artemis stated, "but it seems like something important is missing. It feels like there is more to all this." The white cat motioned to the brightly lit Tokyo before them. Luna nodded, thinking quietly. A sudden shiver rippled down her spine and her hair stood at the back of her neck. She blinked. That felt…

"I feel a change in the air," She suddenly announced, looking into his eyes.

"I felt it to Luna," Artemis sighed, "but what more could there be? Isn't it enough that they gave up their childhoods? Sacrificed their lives over and over again? They deserve peace." Artemis stomped his paw, agitated with destiny and fate.

"I know Artemis," Luna cooed sympathetically, looking into the window where their princess slept, "I want nothing more than for them to live happily."

"So what is it?" Artemis walked back and forth, pacing. His agitation growing, he could not sit still.

"We'll just have to wait and see." Luna sat there, feeling that so much will happen and it only just got quiet.


A shift in momentum, a change in the atmosphere alerted the sleeping guardian that they, the star seeds and herself, have finally arrived. She opened her eyes, the moon sinking low as a large orange ball began to peak over the horizon. She smiled. She had done her duty. She unfolded the blanket and let the star seeds float below.

"Find them, protect them once more. Fate will never separate you again, this I vow." She whispered before closing her eyes one final time in solid form. Her body floated along before slowly fading into dust. Little lights flew towards the Earth, each with a destination in mind.

'Protect.' the lights pulsed, splitting up. One bright shining ball of light came swooping down. It's descent slowing before landing on a pillow in an old shrine, next to a slumbering girl with raven locks and fair complexion. The second shot through an open window to an apartment, settling it's self in the kitchen of a beautiful Amazon. The third shining light landed in the bathroom of a relatively small house, where a blonde Goddess of Love resided. The fourth crashed into the bushes outside of a complex, where a blue haired genius lived. The fifth star seed landed in the rose garden of a mansion of a wealthy violinist, race car driver and their little firefly. There they stayed, forming and growing in their respective resting places. Waiting to be found.


Minako woke up that Saturday morning mumbling and cursing as she got out of bed. Her blonde hair slightly rumpled from sleep. Minako's movements were sluggish as she rubbed at her tired eyes. The blonde's baggy pajamas were in disarray as she stood and stretched her arms high above her head. With her eyes closed she made it through her bedroom, stepping over piles of clothes or boxes and to the bathroom. Her bare feet padded along cold, blue tile as she reached in the white cabinet. Minako blindly felt around for certain necessities she needed to get ready for the day. She found her tooth brush and began to brush her teeth, eyes still closed. She could hear a very loud siren. She spit into the sink.

"They need to turn that down." She muttered, reaching for a wash cloth and scrubbed her face clean. Feeling more refreshed she opened her eyes. The siren was getting louder. Brows furrowed, she looked out her bathroom window. Wait a minute. She blinked. The noise wasn't coming from outside. She froze. That wasn't a siren. She turned around slowly and looked down inside her tub.

"What the bloody hell?"


Makoto groaned as she rolled over and out of bed her large, comfy bed. She wanted to sleep in, but, she and the others were meeting up at the shrine today. With a moan and a scratching of the cheek she stood, throwing a t-shirt over her sports bra as she made her way to her moderately small kitchen, rubbing her eyes to wake herself up. Her slippers shuffled along the beige carpet that covered the whole of her apartment. One hand outstretched to touch the red walls of her hallway and then to the crème colored walls of her kitchen area.

She smiled, grabbing a hold of a steel skillet. Some breakfast would do me some good, she thought happily. She set the skillet on top the stove and made her way to the fridge. Rummaging through it she got out the eggs and bacon. She set them down on her counter and went to the sink to clean her hands in preparation. A sudden noise startled her. Makoto looked down.

"How'd that get here?"


Rei hit her alarm clock, brushing away locks of hair out of her face. The clock read 9 a.m., an ungodly hour according to Usagi. The priestess was use to these early hours though. Today was slightly different as she had no chores to attend to this morning. She had enough time to lie around before she actually had to get out of bed. Rei yawned, rolling over; snuggle deeper beneath her white comforter and closing her eyes. She reached out and grabbed for one of her pillows. Pulling the smaller pillow closer she hugged it close to her chest.

She frowned, eyes still closed. The pillow was oddly warm and not as soft as she liked it. And, she gave it a small, awkward squeeze, it felt odd. She shrugged, not caring so much about it and focused more on her sleep.

"As lon-," Rei's eyes snapped open wide and her sleepy mutterings died on her lips. The pillow had just moved, cuddling even closer to her. The miko looked down, blinking a few times. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Oh hell no!"


Ami, the blue haired girl with sparkling light blue eyes, was already awake that morning. She hummed happily, eager to get the day started as she threw on a yellow skirt and white blouse. She quickly ran a comb through her hair as she padded down the hallway of her apartment. Her mother was sitting in the living room, reading the paper and relaxing for once. The hospital not needing her mother as of yet. Ami was very eager to get to the temple and hang out with all her friends. She kissed her mother good bye as she slipped on some flats and walked out. She smiled as people entered and exited the elevator while on the way down to the main entrance.

Downstairs, in the grand, posh lobby, she checked the mailbox, looking everything over before she stuffed them in her brown bag. She would open some of them when she came home later in the evening. Opening the grand oak doors and stepping outside she sniffed the fresh morning air.

"It is such a beautiful day." She commented. The sun was out. No cloud in sight. The birds were singing and the bushes were rustling.

Wait. Back up. Ami stopped dead in her tracks. Bushes don't rustle without something being in it. Ami curiously looked at the rustling bush, some leaves falling off. Maybe a cat, she shrugged it off but then a small cry alerted her that it was anything else but a cat. Rushing over, Ami quickly looked through the bushes until her hands came in contact with something warm, small and definitely didn't have fur. Lifting it Ami's jaw dropped.

"Who would put this here?"


Hotaru smiled, sipping her tea as she walked outside the back door of her home. The Outers all lived there, a large family in the grey stoned walls that was warm and comforting inside in contrast to the cold, outer shell. Michiru-mama and Haruka-papa were away for an anniversary concert, over in China. Setsuna-mama was keeping watch at the Gates, as usual, and needed to be there since she had found something odd. Hotaru was left alone at home to her own devices for the time being. She glanced at her dainty watch, noting she had enough time to go through the garden before she would leave to go hang out with the other girls.

Hotaru hummed to herself, strolling down the paved path as her purple dress swiveled around her slim legs. With sparkling dark eyes, she surveyed the flower beds and the trees she had planted with her mamas. Every thing looked good so far. She unraveled the hose and went through the garden, spraying water overhead, and letting the droplets of water fall upon the petals and fertilized earth.

"Wait a minute." Hotaru dropped the hose, seeing something under the bed of lilies. Getting on her hands and knees Hotaru pulled the object out. She panicked.



"Rei will have my head," Usagi breathed heavily as she ran up the, very familiar, temple stairs. Usagi mentally groaned, not wanting to get into it with the Senshi of Mars right now. It was too early by half right now for anything like a fight. Whoever thought of hours before noon aught to be shot now shouldn't he? Luna and Artemis were sleeping at her house today after staying up most of the night for some time. Usagi woke up to find them snuggled together and didn't want to wake them. The two just looked so cute that she dressed in her shorts and t-shirt quickly and left. She had slept in though, which was the reason why she was late.

"Finally!" She exclaimed, resting at the top of the stairs of doom, her hands on her knees. She rested there, hands on her knees as she caught her breath. The beating of her heart was slowing, allowing her to hear normally and pick up on bickering that was taking place not too far away. The voices sounded like her friends, alerted her that everyone was already there and the hang out was in full swing. Straightening, Usagi walked to the entrance of Rei's room, fully rested.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late" Usagi swung open the door and stopped. Her eyes wide, mouth hung open. All her friends got quiet and they had something in their hands.

"Um, guys" Usagi looked at her friends with wide, questioning eyes. She pointed at the group, her eyes on what each of the other five girls were holding, "why do you have babies?"