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Yuuki was on her way guarding the area and she would always pass by the night dorms. This was her favourite part of duty: to pass by the large window of Kaname senpai's room. She is usually at the night dorms in the day time fighting off girls from crowding around, but when she is on duty she gets to see the place that Kuran Kaname resides all by herself.

Tonight though, tonight was different. She looked at the building that has the victorian historical aura emitting from it. Tonight though, tonight it looked different.

The building looked so lonely.
Even with the moonlight beaming onto the roofs giving it some sort of life...

As Yuuki was about to keep walking, she caught two shadows stirring...

"Kaname senpai..." Yuuki hoped.

"Ruka, stop it. You've been driven mad." Kaname said calmly.

"You wanted to drink my blood before Kaname sama... why not now?" Ruka spoke softly as she placed her fingers on neck and lightly pinched it until blood trickled down.

"Your blood does not fulfill my desires, Ruka."

"Why are you always so calm? I can't stand it... it's been four years Kaname! Four years I waited for you to bite me again... to mark me permanently yours... Why..." Ruka said as she walked closer.

"Ruka." Kaname stared at her with a hint of seriousness and concern mixed in his eyes.

"You call out her name so casually! That pathetic human!" Ruka yelled as she pushed Kaname back, exposing his figure at the window.

"Why her? pure bloods--" smack

Ruka looked up to the man who slapped her.
"Do not speak of Yuuki that way. You know nothing."

Ruka placed her hand on her flushed cheek and smirked.
"Is she a witch I don't know that has casted a spell on Kaname sama? Or has she allowed herself to whore herself to--"

Kaname held Ruka by the neck as her feet started to lift from the floor.
"I am losing patience with you, Ruka," said Kaname as he cut his eyes at her while his grip got tighter around her neck.
"I am glad you haven't spoke her name yet because it would've left a disgusting tone to such a beautiful name such as her's."

Ruka's eyes that was once filled with sorrow and jealousy were slowly being dominated by the look of fear.

"Kaname senpai... what are you doing?" Yuuki whispered looking from outside.

Immediately, Kaname felt Yuuki's presence and turned around to look out the window.
Yuuki got startled by his sudden action and didn't know what to do but stare at him.

'Yuuki...' Kaname thought as he let go of Ruka.
Her body fell limp onto the floor as he paid his full attention to Yuuki.

"I'm sorry!" Yuuki quickly yelled and started to run onto her line of duty.


'I'm the one who is sorry,' thought Kaname as he lifted his palm onto the cold window pane as if it would allow him to be closer to her.

"You still only call her name..." Ruka weakly said as she got up.

"Get out."

"Yes, sorry to have bothered you... Kaname sama." Ruka said quietly. We walked out and quietly closed the door behind her.
"Kaname sama, when will you understand my feelings?'

Kaname remained looking out the window to see the running figure disappear into the distance.


'What were they doing...? Him and Ruka senpai... are they... together?'
Yuuki just kept running and it was the first time that she never wanted to look back to the night dorms.

Tonight...was definitely different.

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