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"Executed?" Kaname stated.

"Yes, it is very much against the law of spilling a pure blood's blood.

The fact that he spilled the blood of Kaname sama cannot be forgiven. There were over forty nobles who saw you get shot by Zero's gun."

"I don't want to do something that makes Yuuki unhappy."

"But, Kaname-sama--"

"So, all those nobles were not completely covered by their thirst and lust for Yuuki then?" Kaname asked rhetorically.

Aidou just looked at Kaname's turned back. He was already returning to his room.

"I will tell them there will no action taken yet. We'll deal with this when the council comes."

"As you wish, Aidou. Goodnight." With that, he disappeared into the dark.



He walked back into the room and saw Yuuki, clenching the bed sheets and at peace. He enjoyed the very sight of her.

Her hair was perfect to him, although it was heavily ruffled and tangled from the wind and the activity they performed earlier.

Her body was slender and toned, but it looked limped at the same time under the blankets. Her slight smile on her face may be still holding up, but her body does not lie. She was exhausted. With small body marks left by Kaname's harsh grasps and embraces left her looking rough.

Yet, this was the Yuuki he loved. The dirty, polluted and adventerous Yuuki. Yet, innocence stay lied underneath her body and he loved that.

She was willing to comply to whatever he wished to do to her.
The thought of that made Kaname smile.

He then turned his attention to the still open patio window, the entrance they took just a mere hour before.

They were not alone.
Underneath the balcony laid hungry vampires, whether they were noble or not.

They were drawn to their sweet scent of love making as of earlier.
Yuuki's blood was also luring them for a taste.

He hissed and felt the crowd that he could not see, whimper and lower themselves as they felt a wave of anger.

He closed the doors and looked up at the moon.

'Dawn will break soon.'

He paid his attention to the now soundly girl, no longer clenched and looking exhausted.
She was already recovering from just moments of looking beat.

The blood still ran within her, allowing her to regain strength and spirit.
It was her mind and memories that were blocked from her heart; in her blood lay the very secrets of allowing her to know the true existence of herself and of him.

"No, Zero! Don't shoot!"
Kaname snapped out of his daze.

She was dreaming...of him again.
She was reliving what just happened in the rough evening prior.

"Yuuki, wake up." Kaname said gently as he approached her.
He laid his hand sweetly on her cheek as her eyes fluttered open.


"Mm. You were having a nightmare, Yuuki."

"Sorry, did I disturb you?"

"Shh, no Yuuki. I just don't want you to dream of terrible things.
Go back to sleep, and only promise me that you'll dream of sweet things."

Yuuki blushed at his comment.
"Ah...hai, Kaname sama..."

"You still blush, after all we did?"

Yuuki turned even more red at Kaname's piercing statement.


"I am just teasing, Yuuki. Go to sleep, guardian."

"The patrol-- I completely forgot!" Yuuki shot up as the sheets slipped off, exposing her naked upper body once more.

"Are you trying to taunt me, Yuuki?"
Kaname asked with a serious expression.

"Ah!" She quickly covered herself up and wrapped the material around her body.

"No one is...out there patrolling, I've got to get back!"

"Relax, Yuuki. I am sure Rima and Shiki are already out there.
They were present when Zero's shot went off."

"...Zero...wher---where is he, Kaname sama?"

"He is safe, Yuuki. Now get some shut eye before I fall asleep and I won't be able to protect you anymore."


Right then, Kaname, like usual, cuts her off and tugged the sheets off of her.
She was completely exposed this time.

He pushed her down gently onto her side as he unwrapped himself from his robe, exposing his skin.

Their skin touched and it was something that Yuuki cannot explain.
It just felt right for their bodies to be touching, intimate, just like this.

He then wrapped his robe around both of them, engulfing her back to his bare chest.
He hugged her from behind and swiftly pulled another layer of sheets over them.

"Let's just stay like this, Yuuki. You had let me do too much to you without letting me sleep beside you tonight. Please, do not tease me much further."

With that, he nuzzled his head behind hers and shut his eyes.
Yuuki was puzzled and surprised by Kaname's sudden tenderness.

Her gaze softened as she felt safe. For once, she was the one being protected.


'Still thinking about him?
Oh Yuuki, the torment I've been through.
Seeing you forget everything, forget me.
Seeing that half human touch you and drink your blood so easily.
You are too kind, Yuuki.
But soon, those unnecessary feasts will be ended.
Soon, you will not longer fight battles of your past and who you truly are.
You, are destined to become my wife.'


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