Knight Errant 5
A Will Like Iron

Three is a legend, known to only a select few, of a warrior who's willpower and courage surpass that of the Gods themselves.

Once, or so the story goes, there was a world, far separated from most of those who bare life, that found itself under attack by a nameless enemy from beyond the known stars. They fell upon the peaceful people without warning or mercy, crushing all resistance. Even the sectors Green Lantern could not turn the tide, and the world was too isolated to expect reinforcements in time. Driving back to the point of extermination, the people of that would turned to their scientists, their sorcerers and their priests, for any slither of hope. Working with the dying Lantern, they used the Ring of Power to search all of time and space for a warrior who could save them from the darkness.

And, in the far depths of one possible future, they found their salvation. A being not in flesh and blood, but in metal and flame, but more powerful than any who had walked upon that distant world. Bonding with the Ring of Power, it became something more, greater than any would have believed. With a will like iron and a code of honour as unbreakable as the heavens, it purged the world with the very breath of stars. None who stood against it lived to tell of it, as The Warrior crushed entire armies beneath it. Without fear or hesitation it flung itself at at the very heart of the beast and battled it to a standstill, never once backing down or thinking of its own survival.

When the other Lanterns arrived, they found a world devastated but free, a people saved from extinction. And on the field of battle, surrounded by countless slain foe, stood The Warrior. Its once gleaming metal skin was cracked and broken, its weapons melted to glowing slag buy the fury of battle. But still it stood, defiant and unyielding, ready to return to the fray at a moments notice. Thought veterans of many battles, the Lanterns were still moved by its courage and suborn nobility. As one, and without consulting the Guardians of the Universe, they recharged its Ring of Power, allowing it to repair the damage it had taken.

To this day it stands in silent vigil on that distant world, its tireless eyes forever watching the darkness for any more threats to its adopted home. And the Green Lanterns know that, if ever the day comes when they needs its strength, Unit HRC-4853 Of The Line stands ready to assist them.

Although, he prefers it if you call him "Heracles"...

The End
(Bolo/Green Lantern)