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Wanting you

Chapter 1

"P-Please..." he begged and writhed below Snape.

Snape got a cruel look in his eyes and said, almost whispered:

" I said I'd teach you a lesson and I plan to do so."

Harry looked up sleepily into the shady room and yawned. He felt wonderfuly rested and satisfied. He felt... wet?

"Oh, fuck! Not again..." he groaned as quietly as he could as not to wake his relatives.

He felt ashamed. He now remembered what he had dreamt... He'd had that dream before. It was... weird. Well, he knew that he was gay, he had known for quite a while now. Just look at his earlier relationships with girls. He'd had that awful kiss with Cho and it just didn't seem right with Ginny. He felt for her like a sister not a girlfriend. After a few dates she had actually asked him if he didn't prefer guys more. He was a bit baffled by the question but he realized she was right. She seemed fine with it, maybe a bit sad but that was expected. She asked him for a goodbye kiss and they parted as friends.

He hadn't really spoken to her since the battle. He hoped things would be as normal when they were together. He had also told the rest of the Weasleys and somehow the prophet suddenly knew aswell. Unlike in the muggle world, in the wizard world being gay was quite common. Maybe it was because wizards also could get pregnant that it was more accepted in the magic world. Harry had learned from Hermione (who as soon as Harry told them, looked up everything she could about wizard homosexuality) that only really powerful wizards could get pregnant. She thought it was amazing how their magic could create extra organs when needed. That was why witches and wizards healed so quickly. She had showed Ron the very err... interresting pictures in the books. Ron was mostly grossed out by them. Harry missed them but hoped that they would be together soon.

As he said he'd had that dream before. Afterwards he always felt ashamed, but in the dreams... Wow! He felt so... free.

It was always Snape in the dreams. He didn't know why. Well, in away the tall, dark man was attractive, but it was Snape. The man had always despised him and Harry knew nothing would never happen... But maybe that was why he wanted him so much?

Harry got out of bed and muttered a cleaningcharm on the mess in the bed. Thank god that he was seventeen now and was aloud to do magic or else that would have been a bit awkvard to explain to his aunt and uncle.

It was almost light out and Harry figured that he'd better get on with his chores.

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