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Chapter 3,

When Bella got home Charlie was still at work. She went into the kitchen and found a tray of cookies waiting for her. Charlie must have brought them home from work on his lunch break. There was a little note on top.

I picked these up for you Bells, I remember they were your favorite when you'd come here. Try to keep your chin up pumpkin

Love dad

Affection was hard for Charlie. Especially since he hardly knew her. But Bella appreciated the gesture all the same and took one of the cookies. Chocolate chip with vanilla frosting, fresh from Mrs. Cook's bakery. She remembered being a little girl and begging Charlie to buy her one.

Munching on one, Bella went up the stairs to her room. She turned on her computer and waited for it to boot up. Once it had she went to check her e-mail.

She had almost a hundred e-mails. She hadn't checked them in weeks. Not since her mother died. Most of them were well wishes from people at school and her teachers. She sifted through them, deleting most of them without even opening them. Her heart stopped near the end.

Dwyer, Renee Sweetie we'll need to talk

Bella swallowed hard. She clicked on it.


I know I was hard on you last night. You were so defensive over that boy. Bella I wish you would listen to me! I can tell that he is bad for you because you know it yourself! I just want the best for you my dear. You're my only daughter and I love you with all of my heart. It hurts me to see you make mistakes but I swell with pride when I see you overcome them.

I don't like it when we fight and I'm sorry I was short with you this morning before school. My hormones are getting the better of me again. Heavens this little baby is a strong one! When I was pregnant with you it was a breeze! But you've always been a well tempered girl. He's nudging me, just like you did. The children love feeling the belly. Kindergartens are so sweet! I'll see you later, dear.



Bella read the last part over and over again before the tears finally came. She sobbed into her arms, resting them on the desk.

"Bella! I'm home!" Charlie called from down stairs.

Bella ran down the stairs and into his arms. "Dad I miss her so much," she sobbed.

"What happened?" Charlie asked gently, rubbing her back.

"I was checking my e-mail...she sent me one from the day she died."

"Oh honey," Charlie said softly. He kissed the top of her head and rocked her gently. "Are you going to be okay?"

Bella nodded and pulled away sniffing. "Just shocked. I mean...it was weird. She was telling me that he was bad for me and that I was making a mistake. The night before she died we had a big fight about it. I got mad because I felt she was trying to run my life."

"She's your mother, Bells, parents always want to steer their children in the right direction. I guarantee that if you broke up with him before he would have done the same thing. He may have killed you too."

"I wish he did," Bella said quietly, pulling away and going towards the kitchen to make dinner.

"Whoa, whoa hold up kiddo, none of that," Charlie said pulling her back into a hug, "promise you'll stick around for me?"

Bella sighed and nodded into his chest. "I miss sleeping."

"Me too," Charlie agreed playfully.


"So you're quite the phantom," Edward said as Bella sat next to him in Biology.


"I never see you anywhere," he said.

"I don't like the attention," Bella mumbled. Edward rested his chin on his palm.

"You don't look so well," he said.

Bella looked at him with a slightly icy tone in her eyes. There were dark lines under her eyes from nights of no sleep.

"Do you expect me to?"

"I wish you to," Edward answered. "You know I'm sure if you went to the hospital..."

"I'm not sick!" Bella defended hotly.

"Okay, calm down."

"I just don't want to be treated like I'm going to explode into tears at any moment or like I'm made of glass."

Biology passed without another word from either of them.


"I don't know what to make of her," Edward sighed as he leaned against the locker next to Emmett's. "She's just so angry and moody."

"Well she has been through a lot," Emmett said, "remember when dad saw the story on the news? What part of "brutally murdered and was witnessed by her seventeen-year-old daughter" did you miss?"

"I realize that she has been through something traumatic," Edward said, "but she near bit my head off in class today!"

"Well there she is," Emmett said, nodding towards the end of the hall, "maybe she'll take the rest."

Edward looked over. Bella was there. She looked sad as usual. She looked mostly at the ground as she walked, but there was something else. She looked weak, almost sick. Edward saw her make a sudden turn for the girls bathroom.

"Wait here," he said. He ran down the hall and into the bathroom. It was empty. All he heard was Bella vomiting in the toilet. He went over to the stall and found that the door was cracked open. "Are you okay?" He asked, putting his hand on her back. Bella threw it off.

"Leave me alone!" She said angrily before heaving again. Edward didn't leave. He rubbed her back gently and held her hair as she emptied her stomach. When she pushed him away again he stood and left the stall. Bella heaved again and when she was done she sat back. But there was someone there. Someone with a damp paper towel for her head. It was cool against her hot skin. "I don't need your help," she muttered, staggering to her feet. She stumbled and Edward caught her.

"Hey Eddie, is everything okay in here?" Emmett asked.

"Lord," Bella mumbled. But her stomach jumped and she just barely made it to the toilet.

"That doesn't sound good," Emmett said. Bella came back, and Emmett passed her a paper towel. She wiped her mouth off and Edward guided her to the sink, she awkwardly brought water to her mouth and spit. She did it a few times before the taste was at least softened. She stumbled a little and yelped when her feet were swept from under her. She found she was in the arms of the massive teenager.

"You're in no condition to walk," Emmett explained, "we'll take you home."


"We aren't going to take you home," Edward said. Emmett gave him a look. "We're taking you to dad."

"I like that plan," Emmett agreed. Bella knew it was pointless to argue. She was too weak to argue. "Do you mind if we drive your truck? I'm afraid my siblings ride with me to school."

"Fine, whatever," Bella sighed.

"You going to be okay Edward?" Emmett asked as they reached the truck. Edward nodded and after he secured her in the front seat Emmett left with Edward's keys to take his sister and girlfriend home.

Edward took the drivers seat and started the truck. Bella rested her head on the back of the seat and sighed.

"Are you going to be okay?" he asked.

"If I say yes will you leave me alone?" Bella asked.

"I can't do that yet," Edward said, "you're sick and I won't feel better until I know that you're okay."

"Why do you care so much?" Bella asked. Edward shrugged.

"I know things have been hard on you lately and I don't want it to get worse by being sick."

Bella didn't say anything else. Her stomach stirred by beyond that she was feeling fine. But there was something about the way Edward was so eager to help her that was strange. For no reason at all he was taking time to drive her to the doctors. He was always so friendly to her and she didn't sense an alternative motive like with Erik or Mike. They wanted to get her to like him so they could date. Edward was just being nice.


Carlisle Cullen was too attractive to be in his early forties, of that Bella was sure. But she saw a strong resemblance between the two. While Edward's hair and eyes were different, they both had the same kind face and calm manner.

"What brings you here today?" Carlisle asked as he came in.

"She was throwing up in the bathroom."

"I see," Carlisle said, taking a blood pressure cuff from a hook and wrapping it around her arm. He pumped it and Bella winced. He took her blood pressure and jotted it down. "A little high, but that's to be expected. Okay I need you to turn around and lift up your shirt so I can check your breathing."

Edward snorted and Bella mumbled as she turned and pulled her shirt up.

"Holy crap!" Edward gasped.

"How long ago did you get this?" Carlisle asking as he eyed the long cut.

"He did it," Bella mumbled.

"It's healing fairly. I'm going to look at a possible infection."

"Fair enough," Bella sighed.

"Okay, deep breath," Carlisle instructed. Bella obeyed. She took another on command and he took more notes. "That wasn't so bad was it?" he asked. He took a little rubber hammer and tapped her knees.

"How many times do you get kicked doing that?" Bella asked.

"Less than you'd think actually," Carlisle said with a smile, "but at I still stand to the side just incase. Now I'm going to take some blood to do a few tests. Your father sent me a medical record when you came here. You're overdue anyway. I'm suspecting that it's just a bug but it's better to be safe than sorry."

"I suppose..." Bella mumbled. Carlisle turned to the plastic box he brought with him. He pulled out a few tubes and a long thin one. He took her arm gently and held the stethoscope against the bend. He handed her a squeeze ball and ordered her to keep squeezing it. It took him a moment but he found it. He marked her arm with four purple marks around it. He took a cotton swab and rubbed it with alcohol and then took out the needle.

"Now," he said, "on the count of three I'll insert the needle."

Bella nodded, trembling.

"Are you okay?"

"I hate needles!"

Carlisle chuckled. "Okay, one, two..."

Bella jerked her arm away.

"If you do that I could end up hurting you," he said gently, "now, again. One, two..."

Bella jerked away again. "Sorry, I'm just nervous!"

Edward snorted and Carlisle shot him a look. "Okay I'm going to do it again. One..." it didn't make it to two before he pushed the needle into her vein. Bella yelped and Edward laughed. Carlisle filled a few tubes with blood and put them in the plastic box. "Now, do you want blue or pink?" he asked holding up two bandage rolls.

"Blue," Bella mumbled bitterly. Carlisle chuckled and wrapped her arm. He went back to his table of supplies and handed her a cup.

"Fill 'er up," he said, patting her shoulder.


"Aw that's it?" Carlisle sighed when Bella returned with half of a cup. "That's fine. Now I'm going to ask you some questions."

Bella nodded. Edward stood up and left to give them privacy.

"Remember nothing will leave this room unless you want it to," Carlisle assured her. "Now, do you know any diseases in your family."

"High blood pressure on my father's side and heart problems on my mother's side. Although they were horribly overweight."

Carlisle wrote the answers down. "Do you smoke?"



"Once but I didn't like it. That was about a year and a half ago."

"Well alcohol doesn't stay in the system that long," Carlisle chuckled. He looked down his list. "Are you sexually active."

Bella hesitated. "Not anymore. I've only had sex once."

"And how long ago was that?"

"...about two months," Bella mumbled. "It was a one time thing and he wanted to go again but I didn't like it."

"Have you been feeling off lately?" Carlisle asked. "Aside from the vomiting."

"Just the usual PMS," Bella said. "My period has been off because of stress but that happens every year. Usually every three months I skip a month or two."

"So you're irregular?"


"Hm. What PMS symptoms?"

"Irritability, cravings, my breasts are tender and I'm having hot flashes."

"Is this unusual for you?" Carlisle asked. Bella shook her head.

"I've been really stressed out lately," she said, "I haven't been sleeping well."

"I can't imagine you have been," Carlisle said, "I was very sorry to hear about that."

"I was very sorry to see that," Bella said. Carlisle patted her shoulder.

"That's all the questions I have for now, I'm going to go take these back to the labs."

Bella nodded and he left. Edward came back in with a bottle of water. Bella scooted up the butcher paper covered bed and laid down. Edward came over to her and put the bottom of the cold bottle on her forehead.

"You're sweating again," he said. Bella sighed.

"I'm sorry I've been so rude," she said, "you're so kind to me."

"I'm worried about you," Edward said. "I know that situations like this can cause stressful problems later on. I hope you just have the flu."

"Me too," Bella sighed. She turned her head and looked at him. "I finally checked my e-mail. It was strange. It was overflowing with well wishes."

"That usually happens," Edward said with a shrug.

"There was an e-mail from my mom. She was telling me how she didn't like Kyle and how she was scared to let me grow up."

"Was Kyle..."

"My ex," she said, "he killed them."

Bella looked at her greyish white ceiling and felt tears in her eyes again. She wanted the nightmares to end. Not just for her sake but for Charlie's. He was so tired. He was going to bed much earlier and waking up with difficulty. The nightmares were always the same. She was running through the neighborhood and Kyle was chasing her. When he caught her she screamed.

She wasn't aware of how long she was daydreaming until Carlisle came back in with a folder. She sat up and Edward looked over at his father.

"Is she going to be okay?" Edward asked.

"After your answers I had another test run," Carlisle said.

"Should I go?" Edward asked.

"No, no you're fine," Bella said.

"Bella, you're pregnant."

Bella leaned back in shock. Pregnant? How?! She and Kyle barely had sex and she made him wear a condom.

"No, no there must be a mistake. I only did it once and I made him wear a condom."

"It may have broken then," Carlisle said, "because without a doubt you are pregnant. I'll have to have you come with me to our gynecologist so she can give you a checkup."

"The condom didn't break I made him wear two!"

"The fact still remains that you are pregnant, Bella," Carlisle said, taking her hand and helping her down.

She went numb. Carlisle led her down the halls and Edward took her hand to help guide her. More for comfort than anything. She didn't remember every detail of that night but she remembered making him wear a condom because he didn't want to. He was so annoyed with the idea that she had him wear two. Everything was going great.

Then he stopped. She hadn't thought of that before. He stopped halfway to readjust himself and he fumbled with himself for a moment. He had come down and kissed her right after as he pushed in again. It had felt a little different but not enough for her to notice. She had never felt a naked penis in her before so she didn't know there was much of a difference in the way it felt.

"He took it off," she mumbled.

"What was that?" Carlisle asked.

"He took the condom off."

"Be happy that it wasn't something worse," Carlisle said gently, "that he didn't have an STD."

"What could be worse than this?!"

"Lots of things," Carlisle said as he led her into the next room. A woman was waiting for them. She smiled and introduced herself as Lisa. She had Bella change into a gown and sit up on the table.

"Okay now put your feet in these," she said, helping her. Edward turned away.

"I should go..."

Bella grabbed his hand before he could get too far. She didn't say anything but she didn't let go. Lisa prepared her tools and turned to her. "Okay you may feel a little pinch but it's nothing to worry about."

"What are you doing?" Bella asked.

"Giving you a checkup," Lisa said. Bella felt weird and a little embarrassed as she poked around. She looked up at Edward and he was a little pink.

"Now we're going to see what's going on in there," she said. She turned on the monitor on Bella's other side and an image came up. Black and white for the most part with a throbbing center. "See that?" She asked, "that's your baby. Yep you're at about seven maybe eight weeks."

"Wow," Edward muttered.

Bella started to cry.