The Apocrypha

Because there comes a time when all good things must come to an end, and where all lives are changed, stained or irrevocably lost. The apocrypha of an individual's life is often -but not always- death.

I know, I know. Bad form to have a full page as your author's note, but I'm making up for it by this being the only author's note I write. This story was written as a request from Malaya. Each chapter is successively shorter than the one before it, as per request. Each story is meant to signify a moment in a person's life when either everything changes for them, or they die. This whole story is dark. It wasn't intended to be, at first, but I guess I've just been in a dark mood recently. Rape, and pillage and blood… regardless of that, I must admit that I have been lagging behind in my requests- strange that people send me the requests through email and don't give me them as reviews, but whatever, right? I had been stuck on this story for months as it had been a much lighter story in the beginning, but after reading Novocaine's Vicious Circles Make You Laugh story, I threw out the first few drafts of this and started anew. Typing like a dervish, I might add. I got all six chapters and this foreword finished in two days. For a story I actually liked the end result of, that's not bad.

I must admit to being one of those writers who tries to write through writer's block. But this story just ran aground. Nothing I did sounded or felt right to me, and it made no sense at all to try and continue. So I put it aside and worked on The Oracle, To Kill the Pain, The Itachi/Orochimaru story that I can't remember the title to currently, and on The Little Book Of Poetry instead. But I finally did it, and here it is. The Jiraya chapter was actually more inspired by Pet Shop of Horrors than by Novocaine's work.

I actually wrote the Sakura Chapter first, but the Naruto chapter is my favorite. I think the next thing I'm going to write is a Bad!Fic placed in some random world that I'll use a random number generator to pick. I need a break from all this darkness that keeps seeping into my work, just for a little while. It's actually making me start to feel a little suicidal. But suicide is a sad, sad thing that I don't have the cowardice to do. No, I'll just keep living, and one day, I'll just burn out in a flurry of black rose petals and disappear forever, never having reached any of my dreams. laughs and isn't that just the way of the world? I'm just another drone who tried to break the mold and failed pretty damn miserably. Anyway, this is getting depressing again, so,

There once was a man with a flute,
Who tutored two tutors to toot.
Said the tutee to the tooter:
Is it simpler to toot,
Or to tutor two tutors to toot?

It's a fun little not-quite limerick that my stepdad used to say pretty often, and it always used to make me laugh. I hope you enjoy it, was well as the stories to come.