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5th month

Five months has passed…

How'd I know this? The dark and eerie prison that was heavily guarded by one thousand worthless rhinos has never shown any day or night to me. I managed to catch a glimpse of one of the prison guard's diaries on a page. It had stated that they've been guarding one convict in one worthless prison for over five months. That long……

"Wake up kitty!" Vachir roared at me.

I disgust this shitting guy. I thought to myself.

"What to do today?" the rhino circled around me with my body chained down by the heavy turtle shell that had paralyzed all of my vital points so I couldn't move. What more could I do? The only body parts in my body that can barely move was my abused up tail and head. I dread every single day this bastard came here to so call 'play' with me. When I get out of here, I'll kill him first.

"It's been five months that you are here," The rhino bent down and looked at me. "Any suggestions? Shifu didn't even visit you anymore, not even little ol' cute Tigress. What a shame."

I spitted at the rhino's face and gritted my teeth. Foul Beast!

"Shut your crap." I snarled at him

The commander wiped away my spit from his face and he punched my jaw. "That's for wasting my whole precious time keeping an eye for you. Stupid criminal."

Vachir walked away after saying those words and my head hung low to the ground.

Tigress, I'm sorry. Forgive me.


10 months later.

For every move, there's a consequences. Never make the first move in battle. With the first move your opponent made, you are always ready for the next move to retaliate. If you have to make the first move, make sure you plan your next move immediately before your opponent counters you back.

The sound of the gates was slowly rolling up so that one the guards can come in. What do they want with me? Leave me alone, and I won't touch them but they still insist in coming. Ridiculous beast. Hmmph..

I continued my thoughts again. Every single attack has a solution. It's like a lock and a key. The lock is your opponent's attack. All I need is a solution or key to either evade it or counter it. It's simple as that.

"Here!" one of the guard slides a tray of food towards my face which was facing the rock island floor that had chained me down.

The rhino bent down as he spoke, "Stale beard and water. We are here to make sure you're alive. Heck, I don't even think that they'll be concern with you anymore if you died. Once a criminal, always a criminal."

"And once a warrior, always a warrior; regardless of the warrior's position in life." I muttered to myself.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Is there anything else that you wish to give?" I said to the garrulous guard.

"You, disappoint me." And he walks away, leaving me alone to tend to my third class food.

"How fascinating." I smiled.


30th month

Shifu, what was the most incredible thing that you've done? As far as I remembered, it was tutoring all of the thousand scrolls to me before the time when I was supposed to be appointed as the Dragon Warrior. I smirked to myself.

What memories. Hmmm…wonder what Tigress is doing now? Must be training as hard as I can think off. She was always the feisty little girl. Still, I can't believe that a female can join in to learn kung fu. What a joke.

The gates of the prison opened once again and I didn't care much about it. I realized that it was stupid to even try to know who was coming. However, this time, I didn't hear hoofs pounding on the ground while walking. It was more like a pitter patter soft sound.

I looked up and made a big smile on my face. The first ever smile I've ever made after years being in here. How long? If I'm not mistaken, two years and a half from one of the guard's journal.

"Hello master." I smiled.

"You are not my student anymore." Shifu slowly spoke.

"Then why come? To see how horrible I am? To see how pathetic I am!" I forced a scream but couldn't; due to the fact that the shell has pinpointed a part of my nerve to roar.

Shifu stared at me with a deadpan look. "No. I came because somebody insisted that she wanted to see you."


"I didn't approve at it at first," Shifu paused. "But I have to show her that what you did was wrong and spoilt." Shifu gestured behind him and a cute little tiger peeked out of the red panda's side.

Tigress looked at me with sadness and disbelief. "Brother Tai Lung?" she finally spoke and slowly approached me.

"Tigress?" I replied. She had grown a lot from before and the last time I saw her, she was still knee tall; now, taller than before. Black stripes ran along her body indicating that she is maturing enough to become a young adult.

And I wasn't even there to see it. I laughed top myself.

"Why'd you come? You wanna talk? I have time, lots of it." I smiled generously at her.

She touched my face and rubbed my head tenderly. I purred with delight at her soft touch and wanted more, but Shifu pulled her away.

"Enough," Shifu lifted my chin. "This is the last time I'm ever coming here. I have two new students and they are going to be destined for greatness. I'll never repeat history."

The old master took Tigress's paws and dragged her away to leave me alone in the horrid prison.

"Destined for greatness huh?" I muttered. "What about me? Wasn't I destined for greatness? Or was it just to show that I'm just a slab of meat for you to show that you did train a warrior as great as me."

Everything I did Shifu, I did to make you proud.


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