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Month 234

"Master?" I peeked through the door of my master's room. Slowly but with a little self confidence, I let myself in to Master Shifu's room. Master Shifu was a plain and simple individual. He didn't need any luxuries to make him happy. All he needed was shelter, a bed, spare clothing, simple food, and kung fu; he would have been in heaven already.

I slowly peeked in and opened the door slowly, peering around to make sure that Master Shifu wasn't there. Being feline, my footsteps were inaudible. Thus, I thought I had won a victory by successfully invading Master Shifu's room.

But I was wrong.

"What are you doing?" A strong and stern voice behind me said, and I was so shocked I was sure that I'd lost a few of my feline nine lives.

I quickly turned around to face Shifu while both paws clutched behind my back, "Nothing!" I quickly retorted.

Shifu raised a curious eyebrow at me, thinking that I was up to no good. In fact, I wasn't and I knew that Shifu wasn't going to be easily convinced. The red panda slowly approached as his stern eyes stared at me. Chest heaving up and down with fear, I couldn't hold it any more but I needed to; I needed to do this before it's too late!

"So tell me, what are you doing here in my quarters?" Shifu continued to press upon me.

Before I could say anything, I did what I had to do and quickly raced to the door. I was about to leave but the sudden thought of me leaving without a word caught me off guard. Breathing in hard to regain back my composure, I quickly say what I had to tell. "Not doing anything, just making a visit; bye!"

I swiftly turned and ran away, leaving my master in complete puzzlement. I hid behind the door as I watched him scrutinize his room, when he saw a small box on the table that held his favourite books. Meanwhile, I peered over at the still ajar door, taking a look at what's going to happen.

Shifu gently held the box up and unwrapped it. A broad smile grew across his face and it made my heart soar.


I quickly got up from my deprived sleep as icy cold water splashed down on my incapacitated body, coughing and gagging a little. What little sleep that I had gotten, the bastard just had to take it away. He has been in a foul mood lately and in the event of all that had happened, I knew he was taking it out on me alone. I didn't know what his problem was, but at that moment, I knew he was going to torture me even more.

"Kitty!" he roared.

Couldn't he think of a smarter insult to call me? I'm not that small and hell, I could easily oversize that puny rhino if I had the chance. Just because I'm from a feline family, he has to associate me with the usual cute and fluffy house cats. I am neither cute nor fluffy, thank you.

"Fuck you…" I growled in a low voice.

Vachir smirked a little. "No, fuck you, kitty, let's play. I've been a little... tense, lately."

"Go fuck yourself with the longest stick you could find," I snarled. "Those stalagmites might do the trick."

Vachir couldn't take it any more and clouted my face hard. Despite being the strong and mighty warrior that I am, it still hurt and the pain that surged through my body was real, not to mention effective as well.

The rhino lowered his body and faced me with anger and resentment. It was all written in his eyes. His face had gotten some wrinkles in the past two decades, and his eyes were bloodshot and dark. His breath was so foul I was almost sick. Judging from all this, I reckoned that he hadn't had any sleep for a few days due to the paper work that Oogway had assigned to him.

What paper work, you ask? I don't exactly care. All I care about it getting the hell out of here and killing all of these bastards. How Vachir turned into such a hideous tormentor is beyond me. From what I know of, he was a great and noble warrior and the commander of the distinguished Anvil of Heaven. The proudest and strongest army in the empire, but this…is just insane and—

"The hell!" I roared aloud, loud enough to shake loose some stones from the ceiling. "What did you… just… stab me… with…"

I gasped momentarily as my senses became almost too sensitive, it practically felt like my body was submitting to someone or rather… to something. My whole body trembled as the air wafted with foul smell and caressed upon my grey spotted fur. It felt amazing yet disgusting at the same time, because I felt extremely vulnerable at that moment. Such exposure and feeling on my fur was sending multiple signals up to my brain and before I know it, my pants began to tighten up.

This sick bastard just drugged me… again…

"How are you feeling, Kitty?" Vachir cooed at me while he started to unbuckle his belt. Before I could do anything or rather, voice out, he had completely striped his armour off and his nude frame stood before me.

"Hey, gonna start without me?" A second guard came up. I couldn't see who it was nor do I care. Just get it over with already.

Why… why does this happen to me? Is this all I am to them? Some little fuck toy?

I growled and gasped in between breathes when I felt my pants were being tugged down. Eventually, my throbbing heat stood on end once again, begging for attention. Whatever that was drugged into me, it's definitely making something hard…and…it wants me to enjoy it.

Just when I've gotten comfortable with in my current position, I felt two fingers moving in and out through my tight asshole. Teeth clenching hard in my jaw, I felt the fingers moving in and out of me. Pain surged through my brain because I've never had anything inside of me till now. Now, someone is finger-fucking me and it hurts, not a little, but a hell of a lot!

When will it stop? my mind screamed.

As if my prayers were answered, the fingers were removed from my now open tail hole. I breathed out a sigh of relief at that moment but it was short lived. Just when my exposed tail hole was opened up again, I felt the excruciating pain shooting up to me once more. This time, it wasn't a finger or even two but something much thicker and longer. The fucking bastard just shoved his cock right up my ass and it hurt, gods, this pain!

"Oh yeah, this kitty is tight," Vachir said momentarily after shoving it up inside of me. "Dammit, if this keeps up, I'll be blowing sooner than I thought."

The other rhino stifled a guffaw at him. "After you're done with him, I'm next. Now, this kitty has a delicious meat that I would like to savour." With that said, he bent over under me and instantly grabbed my cock without a second thought.

"Beautiful, just beautiful." He admired at my shaft for a brief moment before sucking in hard, making grotesque wet noises in the process.

My body responded in both pain and pleasure as one fucked me from the back while the other sucked me from the front. With teeth clenching hard, I tried not to give in to their personal pleasures but my body betrayed me. A wad of pre shot through my slit and the rhino moaned in pleasure. Taking it all in, he gave the head of the shaft a lick before going over to my heavy orbs.

As I got a blowing of my life from the front, the pounding wasn't a walk in the park either. Vachir was relentless and unmerciful as he pumped in deep and hard inside. "Hrm… let's see if kitty loves it with a whip."

My eyes shot open instantly when the crack of the whip resonated.

I'm not a weakling. I'm a strong warrior. I can withstand pain. Getting whipped is nothing compared to a few broken bones.

And that was where I was wrong. Vachir lashed out his whip and strike it at my ass, roaring in response when the pain registered to my brain.

"Kitty knows pain." Vachir gave me one hard hump as he thrust his cock deeper into me, hilting over until his ball sac slapped at my abused rump. "Does it feel the same way when you rampaged through the valley 19 years ago?" he hissed in my ear. "I'm going to enjoy this every single day for the rest of your fucking miserable life."

He cracked the whip and it landed hard with a loud snap at my ass. I trembled in pain but somehow my cock responded differently. Instead of the pain, my own shaft felt indescribable pleasure as it coursed through my body. Amazing as it felt, another strand of pre shot up to the rhino underneath that was sucking on me.

The rhino was relentless and he lapped at it like a hungry hound, wanting to lap and licks at my precious seed that I'm about to release. He finally got what he wanted for when I started to pant and moan aloud. I didn't want to do this but the feeling was undeniable and with one ragged breath, my cock erupted with feline seed when the whip lashed out on me again.

Floods of white cream filled the rhino's hungry mouth and he gulped it down greedily. As I burst my load away, my ass muscles tightened hard around Vachir's erected member and he gave in to his own pleasure as well. Volleys of rhino seed soaked my innards. The feeling was unimaginable and for gods' sake! I can't believe that I'm actually enjoying this, but I am. Whatever they drugged me with, it's making me delirious.

It felt like time had slowed down a tad when none of us spoke or did anything. After a long while, I was the one that broke the deafening silence. "Go to hell… Vachir… Go to hell…"

And that was the last sentence that came out of my mouth before I passed out.

"Tai Lung," Master Shifu called out. I turned around to face him after retracting my kick from the sand filled dummy.

"Y-Yes master?" I stammered, afraid that I was being punished for doing something I wasn't supposed to do. Without any reply from him, my master hugged me lovingly. He actually hugged me and…I thought for a moment that someone just replaced my master with somebody else. I was about say something but refrained from doing so but instead, hugged my master back.

We held together for a long time before Master Shifu held me in an arm's length. "Thank you, son…"

I blushed hard at his words. He must have seen the present that I gave to him. It was his birthday present, but I couldn't afford anything fancy. So, I got him something that I could probably make myself, since Oogway had taught me everything to know about carving.

"I-It's nothing, Master," I said. "Happy Birthday."

Master Shifu nodded firmly and gave me a warm smile. "I will never leave you out in the cold, I will never leave you, and I will never forget what a wonderful son I have, even when I'm old."

I nodded back in return.

If that is so, why did you leave me here..? Leave me here to rot and be tortured and humiliated in front of many. Master, I will never forget what you did to me…never.

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