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My name is Jaden Yuki. I'm 25 years old and a Pro duelist. I have three best friends, Syrus Truesdale, Aster Pheonix and Emily Heart. We're four friends living in New York. Happy and... single. Each and everyone of us. We've been living in New York for five years. We've all been in relationships but they never last. That's love for you.

"The guy was a jerk anyway," Syrus said patting his best friend on the back. "Forget him Jaden."

Jaden had just got out of a bad relationship with another Pro duelist. Jaden had caught him in bed with another person..His wife. Of course he didn't tell Jaden he was married. "I thought I had found someone special," Jaden sighed.

"Hey, I'm just after great sex," Aster proclaimed.

"But don't you ever want a real relationship?" Emily asked.

"The day I'm in a real relationship is the day Hell freezes over," Aster answered.

Everyone shrugged.

Aster was the kind of person to come and go. He just wanted sex. It would hurt less then not being in a relationship for him. He moves from one girl to the next.

"I can't wait to fall in love," Syrus said looking at the ceiling. "You know, when you get married and have kids?"

Syrus was always a romantic. As he just said he can't wait to fall in love with the right guy. Yes, you heard me, guy. He's gay, much like me. Emily's story she's just happy being single. Since her last boyfriend wasn't the greatest experience, even though it was with Syrus' older brother, Zane Truesdale, a Pro duelist. They hadn't spoke since they were in the academy. Zane went to work and live in Paris for four years, and that was when Emily was eighteen.

"Hey my brother's back in town," Syrus exclaimed.

Emily gasped. Jaden smiled. "Do you know where he's going to be?" he asked.

"Yeah," Syrus nodded. "The Dragon's Galore tonight."

"I say we pay him a visit," Jaden smirked.

"Right, time to go shopping for a new outfit," Emily said standing up.

"Why?" Aster asked.

"I need to look good if Zane's here in town. See you later."

Emily ran off down the down to Doir, fashion shop. "Well someone's off to impress," Syrus smirked.

"Sure is," Aster laughed. "So Jaden, what you wearing?"

"I don't know."

There was an uncomfortable silence. No one knew what they was going to wear to New York's hot spot. "Let's go shopping," Jaden said as everyone stood. "Em wait up!"

That day we shopped till we dropped. And max out our credit cards. Well, they can be paid off with our jobs. We all decieded to meet up at seven. I wore the latest designer jeans with a white open collar top.

It was crowded in the club we was lucky to find the bar. And there they were. Zane Truesdale with a handsome teal man with him.

"Hey bro," Syrus said giving Zane a hug. "How was Paris?"

"It was um-," Zane finished mid-way when he saw Emily. Emily wore a blue dress with tights, a pink rose brooch and blue shoes. "Hey Emily. It's great to see you again."

"Like wise," Emily blushed.

Jaden continued to stare at the teal man. When he spoke the word, "Hi, I'm Jesse," Jaden almost melted.

"Hey," Jaden blushed. "I'm Jaden."

Jesse smirked. "I've heard alot about you from Zane," he said. "Apart from me, you're one of his best rivals."

"Yes," Jaden nodded. "In my freashman year at the academy. He was and still is a great duelist."

"Even when he went though his gothic phase?" Jesse asked.

"I was not in a 'gothic phase' I was just going though a rough patch," Zane exclaimed.

"Face it you were crazy," Emily laughed.

"Well," Zane sighed. "Is that Aster making out with a girl?"

Everyone turned their heads to where Aster was. Indeed he was kissing a random girl. "Ten bucks," Emily said. "Pay up. I bet Aster would starting making out with a girl before ten past seven."

Jaden and Syrus groaned as they handed over ten dollars each. Jesse stared at Jaden. He's beautiful, he thought, actually drooling. I must have him. His body, his mouth and his stupidity. Suddenly a slow song was played. Jesse grabbed Jaden's hand. Jaden turned around blushing. "Would you like to dance?" Jesse asked.

Jaden nodded timidly. Jesse lead Jaden to the dance floor. Jaden placed his arms around Jesse's neck as Jesse placed his arms around Jaden's waist. They began to sway in time with the music. Syrus smiled at the site. "Now," he began. "Is Jesse married or in a relationship?"

"No," Zane replied smirking. "I wouldn't have brought him with me if he was."

"What do you mean?" Emily asked confused.

"Jesse reminded me of Jaden so I thought it would be nice if they met," Zane answered.

Jesse looked deep into Jaden's eyes. "You're amazing Jaden Yuki," he whispered.

Jaden blushed. "Thank you," he smiled.

"Would you like to go out tomorrow night?" Jesse asked.

People come to New York for the two main 'L's. Lables and love. And I think I've just found my second 'L'. "Yes." I think I just found my love.


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