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Aster walked into the hotel, not impressed at all by the scam. A scam to get more companies interested in sponsering him. A gay, lesbien and bi convention. Just what he needed. Aster walked into the hall. Great, he thought. Let's see.. Is there any bi girls. Just then a naughty thought came into his head. That'll work, he thought devilishly. He worked over to the food and drinks table, ready to get himself a cocktail. A tall, pale purple haired man came up to him grabbing a drink. "Good choice of drink huh?" Aster laughed. "Cock-tail. Well I thought it was funny."

"I'm Satorious," the man said. "Pleasure to meet you Aster Pheonix." He took Aster's hand a gentley kissed it. Aster blushed. Oh god, he thought. I'm blushing over a guy. "Didn't know you are gay."

"Nope," Aster simple said taking his hand back.

"Bi?" Satorious asked.

"Nope," Aster said.

"A secret lesbien woman?"

"God no!"

"He.. You're funny. I'm surprised."

"Fuck you."

"I'd like to fuck you," Satorious whispered huskily in Aster's ear. He slipped something in Aster's pocket before walking off.

So as Aster finally realised he was blushing over a guy, he felt like slapping himself silly. But I on the other hand, wished I was out instead of waiting for my boyfriend to come. Should we really be like this? Waiting for your lover, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend? Sitting at my couch I was surprised that Jesse hadn't called me since I - well - said those three little words. While on the other side of town, Syrus was on another date with none other then Bastion.

Syrus clung to Bastion's arm. "You know you're different from last time I saw you," Syrus said as if he was in a daze.

"Well that's what happens after seven years of not seeing each other," Bastion laughed. "I really like you, you know. You' have changed alot."

"I like you too, Bastion. You know we've been together for a while now."

"Yes, I do. About um-"

"A month," Syrus said happily. "A month tomorrow."

"Well I think we should I get you a gift," Bastion smirked stopping in front of a jewlery store.

Turned out Bastion bought him a ring thw size of England, and wow, could he show it off. We met that afternoon, and at least three of us was miserable as usual.

"So what's got you guys all down in the dumps?" Syrus asked.

"Jesse hasn't called in a week," Jaden answered bluntly.

"This guy I met wants to fuck me," Aster blurted.

"I can drink again," Emily said as if she was going to cry. "I lost the baby last week."

All the boys stared at her. "Damn it," Jaden yelled. "Except for you Syrus, we are all upset."

"So is that why you didn't come out of your apartment for that week?" Aster asked.

"Pretty much," Emily shrugged.

"You don't seem all to upset," Jaden stated.

"I've used up all of my tears," Emily said. "On the other hand, Zane is still in denial."

"That's not like him," Syrus said worriedly.

"But in my note, what am I going to do?" Aster exclaimed. "This guy wants to fuck me! A guy!"

"Oh at least someone wants to fuck you," Jaden yelled. "My boyfriend hasn't called me in a week ever since I said I loved him."

"That's terrible," Syrus gasped. "Why don't you call him?"

"Too embrassing," Jaden pouted.

"Well on the bright side, Bastion told me he really liked me," Syrus cheered. "Not long until he says he loves me."

Everyone looked like they wanted to vomit. "Can I kill you?" Jaden asked. "My boyfriend won't even say that!"

Emily snapped her fingers, calling the waiter. "Three Sex on the Beach please," She asked. "And one coke. Please hurry, before my friends kill each other."

"Right away," The waiter nodded.

Aster sigh shoving his hand into his pocket. "What the-" The said getting the card Sartorious left. "Damn him. He really must need a fuck."

"For goodness sakes just fuck him already," Emily begged. "You sound like you need a fuck."

"But a guy?" Aster asked.

"What are you trying to say?" Syrus and Jaden yelled.

"Give it a go," Emily shrugged. "Never know, you might be bisexual."

"I guess," Aster sighed. "I do keep talking about him. So I could give it a shoot."

"Three Sex on the Beach and one coke," The waiter stated putting the drinks on the table. He leaned down to Emily and pressed his lips against her ear. "And please retrain from using the word' fuck.' Unless it is an order. The drinks are on the house." Emily blushed as the waiter went off.

"Hey, Emily got us free drink," Jaden cheered. "Handy to have a straight woman around."

Emily smirked high fiving Jaden.

That night made me wonder, was it worth having a man or woman, when you have great friends like I do? It couldn't hurt. But that night as Emily walked through the door to her apartment, she met a very different Zane then what she was used too.

"Hey you," She greeted with a small smile and a doggy bag in her hand. "Want some cake?"

"Go a head," Zane muttered, sitting up. "How you feeling?"

"Alright," Emily said sitting next to him. "And you? You haven't been yourself. I'm worried."

Zane grabbed hold of Emily."Tell me, did you want it?" Zane asked.

"Believe it or not, I did," Emily cried. "I've been alone too long now."

"Not anymore," Zane assured. Zane turned Emily around and kissed her deeply.

That night Zane and Emily became a couple again, but there was still the question of weather Jesse was ever going to call me! But little did I know there was going to be at my door.

Jaden opened the door to reveal his tall blunette. "What?" He asked.

"I'm sorry I haven't been here for a week," Jesse said getting on his knees. "Forgive me. Please."

Jaden stood there thinking for a moment. He could forgive him or make him suffer. "What about if you don't see or call me again for week?" Jaden asked with a smirk.

"I'll buy you whatever you want," Jesse answer rasing an eyebrow. Jaden just stared. "Don't tell me you want to be on top?"

"I wasn't thinking that but that's an idea for next time," Jaden smirked giving Jesse a kissed. "But right know I want to have you in my bedroom along with some rope and the edible hot wax Aster gave me as a joke. But now it has a reason."

Jesse ran over to Jaden bed, stripping on the way. Oh I'm good, He thought suductively.


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